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May 04, 2007



Glad you are okay and had your mom close by to watch your boys! Chris


Feel Better Soon!! Hope you are OK...sending Hugs!

Leslie Miller

Oh, my goodness! I'm glad you're okay! That's scary!


Oh gosh.. how awful! I hope you are feeling better!


Oh Julie! I hope you are OK - that is so scary! Rest up.

Stefanie A.

Sorry to hear about your accident! Glad your home and safe. Whishing you a speedy and complete recovery!

susan hatch

i am so sorry to hear about your accident. But altho you say you are OK and will be able to get some sleep, sadly be prepared for aches to come later. I was in an accident when i was 17...and I know of what I speak.

Prayers are with you. Stampings aren't going anywhere...they will faithfully await your return.


lois lane

So sorry to hear about your accident! I hope that you are ok and feeling much better today!


I hope you get better soon! I used to live in the country and it's amazing how many stop signs were stolen out there!!! I never had anything happen as bad as what did with you though! How terrible!!! Feel better soon!

Linda McClain

Sweetie - Hope you're feeling better soon. Get lots of rest, your nurse, Linda

Queen Mary

Julie, so sorry to hear about your accident! I thought missing road closed signs only happened in movies -- the scarey kind! Thank goodness you are home from the hospital and the RM is taking care of things for the next driver!


I hope that you're all right! You didn't blog at all if you were injured, so I'm hoping that you're not. How scary. Get out there tomorrow and take pictures of the site. What a mess!


So sorry to hear about your accident but so glad that you were not seriously hurt. Take care of yourself.

Karen  (Karen Stamps! on SCS)

Julie, such awful news. I hope you're on the mend quickly. That must have been so frightening. Best wishes for a swift recovery.


So sorry to hear of your accident!! Sounds like the "Dukes of Hazzard". Did you ever see that old 80's TV show? Their cars were always "flying" over dirt ramps, etc. Not so fun IRL, huh! Praying you'll be feeling much better soon. Rest up. Blessings - Becky.

Jackie R

Glad to hear you are okay.. take care of yourself and let grandma have some fun with the boys.
Feel better soon!


Yikes...thank goodness you are alright...wishing you a speedy recovery.


OMG Julie, hope you are OK and that you are feeling better soon.


Sorry to hear about your accident! I sure hope you have a speedy recovery! I always look forward to your stamping creations!!!!

Julie Mutch

OMG Julie, that's terrible. I hope you're ok, other than just being shaken up. Feel better soon and get some rest!

Lisa (crazycatstamper)

YIKES! Or should I say, "HOKEY DINAH!"

Glad it wasn't more serious! Feel better!!!!


how terrible! I will surely keep you in my prayers. Get plenty of rest and WATER this weekend! See a massage therapist right away or the kinks may come in a few days. take it easy on your body. God bless.

Jan Scholl

Bad road! sleep well.

Angel R.

oh, i'm glad you're ok and get some rest!!! you've got to take care of yourself!! {{{hugs}}}

A-M (ambouth)

OH NO!! Hope you recover quickly! Shame on the municipality for not taking better care! {{{HUGS}}}




So sorry to hear about your accident. Glad to hear you are okay. At least you sound okay. I hope you get some well deserved rest. And give your mom a big hug for taking care of the kids for you!

Leslie Springer

So sorry about your accident. Thanks goodness your hospital stay was a short one! Hope the police can strighten this out. Keep us informed.
Now lay back and rest and let your mom take care of you. Think of you!!


I hope you are okay!!
Take care of yourself!!


OMG Julie!!! I'm glad to hear you are OK. Please take care of yourself.

Beth F

It sounds like you are GOOD? Thank goodness. You rest and we will see you tomorrow. Blessings,

mollymoo951 (Melissa)

Oh my gosh! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Beth M

(((HUGS))) Here's to a speedy recovery!

Sherry Cheever

{{{{{{{{Oh Julie}}}}}}}} I hope you are okay and your car wasn't too damaged! You have to be exhausted -- get some rest girl!

Angel W

Sorry to hear about your late night adventure. Maybe something good will come of it... say a cool scrapbook page? Just a thought. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Diane Lapointe

Oh my Julie,thank goodness you're ok,it could of been so much worse!!! Hope the police will do something about that!
Take care,wishing you all the best in a speedy recovery!!

Pam Clay

Glad you weren't seriously hurt. Get lots of rest and you'll have those creative juices flowing in no time!

Erin K

I hope you get to feeling better very soon! I'm glad to hear you have family there to help.


oh no Julie!! wow - scary! Glad you are home from the hospital now and yes - get some rest and try to take it easy. You're probably exhausted too, plus stressed out. Glad your mom is coming to help out. Please keep us posted and we'll be here when you're back on your feet. Hang in there sister!!

Beth (mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)

Peggy Maier

How nice that Mom could take care of the kids! Hope you're better real soon. We also live in the country & there's always something, so I know what you mean. Take care & get lots of rest - I know you'll probably be sore for awhile.

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

Many blessings for a speedy recovery.
Use the "fallow time" to design in your head. I love doing that!

Lois Michael

Goodness Julie, At least you weren't hurt seriously where you had to stay in the hospital longer. Take it easy and get better.

Melissa Banian (SCS: stampin_melissa)

Oh my Julie! So sorry to hear of your accident. Get some rest then give them a call and share some well thought out ideas with them!

Gina Wrona

OMG! Take it easy, especially if your mom has the kids. FB

Terry Molineux

Sorry to hear about your accident hope you didn't get banged up too much and all is well....keep us posted. Rest up so we could see those creative juices flowing...

Tandra Boyer

Oh Julie thats awful! Did your car overturn? Any bones broken? Take a nice hot bath and sleep!! Hope you feel better quickly!!

Mo Moss

O I am so sorry about your accident. We do live in the country and have dealt with some of that stuff. We have a road near us that has been closed since the winter. One day not too long ago, the sign was down so we drove up that road. Well, after three or so miles, lo and behold there was the bridge still not fixed!!! this was in the daylight. If it had been at night, I bet you know now what would of happened. So I feel terrible for you and hope that you are doing better after some sleep. On our way to a Gaither Concert. Get well. God bless.


Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. Thank goodness you weren't hurt more seriously. What a blessing to have a mom to come help! Take care and feel better!


Oh my gosh, Julie, that's awful, I hope you are feeling much better today. Take care and let us know how you are doing, OK :)

Chris Hauck

OMG! I hope that you'll get better, quick! WHat an awful thing to have happen. I'm so sorry. I hope the County gets their "Game On." Sounds like they'll be answering to someone very soon.


How awful for you! Take good care of yourself, so glad you have some support so you can get some rest....sounds like such a crazy thing to happen!


Holy Moly! Spend some time taking care of yourself!

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