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November 04, 2013



Hope to still see your posts in my inbox - enjoy the freedom Julie. There is a time and a season for everything under heaven. Blessings to you and your lovely family. Keep inspiring us please! xx

Jeannie Barron

I am so sorry to hear you are no longer with Stampin Up! I started following your blog years ago for your cards but then became interested in your family stories. Best of luck to you and your family!

Kim C

Very sorry to hear that. I hope you will continue sharing your beautiful creations. You have inspired me so much since I began following you. I believe there is a reason for everything and God must have a different plan for you right now. Take care.

Laurie-Ann Grant

Ah Julie, Huge Hugs to you! Seems we were done on the same day! As of October 31st I was no longer a demonstrator, packing it in after 9.5 years. It was an hard decision to make- place an order, or walk away. I decided to walk, life is taking me in a different direction right now, and struggling with minimums is not in the future. I realized as I am sure you do too, the only thing we are really removing from our lives by leaving is that quarterly minimum- we can still stamp with friends, have fun, shop for cool supplies without being bogged down about the $ we spend that isn't being purchased in SU!- as much as the thought of leaving was causing high anxiety- it became BLESS and Let GO! -and at 12:01am the freedom started. Hugs to you!!! I LOVE your blog, I don't get to post much to you, but I have been following along,Keep stamping- I can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)


So sorry about your leaving SU but hope you still post your beautiful cards.

Michelle K

As you know all things happen for a reason, whether we know that reason or not. Just because you are no longer a SU! demonstrator doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you. We enjoy you, not just the fact that you sold SU! products! Wishing you all the best as always, hope you find time to do what makes you happy. :-)

Terry Schultz

I am a hobby demonstrator (I'm my own best customer!) and I keep telling myself I'm going to quit at the end of the upcoming quarter. Then some new item or special comes around and the hoarder in me says I must have it! Anyway, good luck with future endeavors and please keep on blogging.

Kristi Azar

I feel your pain! As of the beginning of November, I'm no longer a demonstrator as well. We move about every two years with the Air Force, and this time around my husband is a commander, so finding customers outside the social circle on base with enough folks to make minimums has been impossible. It really sucks but I'm going to use this time to work on cards for Operation Write Home and other groups so that I can still get my craft on! Now you can get to all those crafting projects you always wanted to do but didn't have time for because of workshops. Hang in there and hopefully we'll both be able to jump back on the wagon before too long!


If it is the Lord's will I'm sure we will continue to see your stamping creativity but if not best of luck to you in your next chapter of life. We will miss you!!!

Cheryl Fillers

Julie matter what please keep posting I enjoy seeing u and your blog and your creations .your family.. I love your recipes too,,no matter what company ..U are using You r a very sweet talented person...will u please keep posting .we def dont want you to dissapear .
I look forward to your blog more postings.....please dont forget us...
.bring on the Christmas creations. Im ready ...Cheryl in Tenn


Sorry to hear that, hope that doesn't mean you have quit making cards.... Love this design for a quick pretty card!


i missed your e mails the past couple years i have only received a few...i would join you if i were closer...wish you well and all the best for your future endeavors from Welland, Ontario.....


well, I wish you the best. BUT please keep posting about your life and loves. And now you can use all those other stamps you have been buying. Best of luck to you, Julie.


So sorry to hear it. Wishing you the best!

Janine A

There is a reason for everything! Can't wait to see your art from other companies!


Sharon Robrahn

But, please don't stop posting about you. I feel like we are friends as we prayed for you many times and rejoiced along with you, also. I stopped being a demonstrator for simular reasons. I still attend stuff from someone else, but could not keep up the minimums in our retirement stage. Please keep me on your list of friends who care.


Hi Julie,
So sorry to hear you not a Stampin' Up! demonstrator any longer. I hope that doesn't stop you from sharing your creativity with the rest of us! I always smile when I see Paper Pleasing Ideas in my inbox! Hopefully this will just allow you to freely explore even more avenues of creativity. Please keep sharing your ideas and talents with the rest of us.

Melissa Smith

Sorry to hear that you are leaving SU. Hope you continue to share your creations with us. God bless and keep on being creative.


Actually change is a good thing. I enjoy looking at different products and then look at what I have and how can I mimic that creation with what I have. Explore the other hidden gems on store shelves.


Julie, thanks for many years of beautiful cards and sharing your life with us. You were the first "card blogger" (?) I ever subscribed to and I could hardly wait to receive one of your posts.

I once was a SU demonstrator but could not attract enough customers. After buying the minimum myself for too long, I finally said good-bye and don't regret it. There are so many other fabulous companies.

Best of luck and enjoy the time you have with your boys and husband.



Julie I will miss your posts, I hope we will see some of your creativity posted every once in awhile.


Lots of luck Julie on your future endeavors.

Account Deleted

So sad to hear you had to retire from SU! Please do keep posting cards and tidbits on your wonderful family. Wishing you all well!!


Sorry to hear this, but it is so understandable for sure...Take care, and hope to see you around the craft world still!


Erica Fields

Aw, I pray this does not mean we will no longer see you blogging. I've been subscribed for quite a while too and enjoy your cards, your tutorials, and your boys...not necessarily in that order.
Remember that there are hundreds of on-line companies producing great stamps too. I've been an SU hobby demo twice and at the end of this year, I'm leaving too. It's a tough sell with the economy not improving all that much. I wish SU would take that under consideration and lower our monthly minimums and I've written to tell them on several occasions. Well, I'm rambling a bit. Julie, don't be a stranger.

Cyber Hugs,

Shirley Baker

Yes, you are very creative and I would still like to see your cards posted!. They are very inspiring.

Blessings to ya,

Nancy Lund

So sorry that you are leaving SU, but the times are rough right now for folks to commit to their crafts and hobbies. When times get better, they'll be back.

Mary Frances A.

I have enjoyed your creations for years, I do hope you will post your future cards for us to view. I've learned a lot of nice techniques and ideas. Thank you for letting us into your life, wishing you many blessings in the future!

Fran Bosse

Sorry to hear this, Julie. I loved reading your blog and loved seeing your gorgeous cards. I, too will no longer be a demo as of Dec. 31. It's time to concentrate on other things, like quilting. I've reall6y missed that. Good luck in whatever you choose to do and keep making and showing those cards!!


I too hope that you will continue to make those awesome cards. Life changes and I think that with the changes comes better things...

Diane S.

Hi Julie. You did the right thing--when sad, make a card! LOL Your site was the first site I subscribed to (years ago) and still love to hear what is happening with you and LOVE your cards that you share with us. Please keep sharing! :-)


So sorry to hear this. I do hope you will continue to inspire us with your awesome cards and projects. please keep your blog!! Think of the possibilities!!! HUGS!!!9

Holley McCree

I hate to hear this also but am not surprised when you moved a long distance and it sounded like it wasn't well populated ( out in the boonies we call that here). I hope you do continue to share your cards and your life with us. There are some people who make good money selling card kits on ebay. Maybe that would work for you? Holley In Mn

Joey Tipping

Ditto to all of the above. Your cards are inspiring and I hope you'll keep posting your creations SU or no SU. Love hearing from's like hearing from a friend. Hugs.

Lisa W

some times one door has to close for another to open. or with all the new changes that have been opening maybe this needs to close. you have been an inspiration both with your cards and the story of your life. hopefully you'll still stamp for fun!!

JoAnn B.

Pretty cards. I know how you feel, that is why I gave up being a demonstrator.

Lynne Hurlburt

oh no, so sorry!! Hope you still keep up with your site and making cards. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne P.S. How are the boys??

Marie Louise

I hope you will still continue to make cards and share with all of us. It really doesn't matter what products you use. It is wonderful to see the cards and ideas you share.

Joni Stoneking

Same here, on no longer being a demonstrator. Thanks for sharing these cards you made - they are lovely.

Peggy Parenteau

please keep sharing your wonderful cards. How freeing to explore ALL options for cardmaking.


I too am no longer a SU demo as of 10/31! While I love the product, now we are free to explore all the other wonderful products on the market. I hope you continue to share your creations!


I hate to hear that, but sometimes the timing just isn't right. BUT, we still expect to see samples of cards and other paper goodies posted! LOL You are very creative and the time will be right again some day.

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