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April 24, 2007


Shelley Davis

Beautiful card. I share your sentiments. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Jan Scholl

Thank you for saying what so many are feeling. My son had a horrible time in school and the fact that he grew up pretty normal and was a police officer and now is with an investment company and is well liked and loved-is incredible. He has absolutely no contact with anyone from his school and says he never will-they are a whole other life to him.

I often wondered about the ones who teased and bullied-what is their lives like now? Maybe the shoe is on the other foot?

I do wish the press would stop comparing CHO to his older "successful" sister tho. Every child is unique and special and to now have one marked good and one bad over and over is so sad. Cho had some good in him somewhere and I believe that of all people. When you have mental illnesses, the good sometimes is so buried and it doesnt know how to get out.

I keep thinking of the song One Voice-singing in the darkness. If only one more voice had joined in and reached out, would this have had another ending. As a mom, I have always had an open ear to anyone who asks for a minute-even if I am too busy. All of us need to do that. It only a few minutes and may make a big difference.


Julie, you have really captured what I have been feeling. I ache for the families of those killed, but I also ache for a boy who was in so much despair that he felt that this was ok. His poor family, they must be in complete and utter pieces. It must be so hard to feel like they have the right to grieve, even though they do.

dawn burnworth

This is stunning. My heart too aches for this family. I have a daughter who has been bullied and made fun of at school too. It wears you down and drags you to the lowest points. Please everyone forgive him in your heart. Keep his family also in your prayers.
Dawn B.

Cindy McVey

Having suffered through clinical depression and coming out on the other side, I am in a unique position to understand what this poor young man must have been feeling. I was never suicidal or even remotely close to wanting to hurt others, but I do remember the pain of understanding how someone could not want to live anymore. I suffered my first bout of serious depression when I was, myself, a student at Virginia Tech. I also know a little something abou the Korean community, and I know that there is a certain amount of pride that forbids them from seeking help for mental illnesses. His parents have been harshly criticized for not "knowing" that he needed help, but these were not well-educated people and they were probably not even aware of what help was available, even IF their beliefs allowed them to ask for it. Sadly, the mental health facilities, legal system and social services are all overloaded with cases and people like Cho fall through the cracks every day. A loophole in the gun ownership laws in Virgnia allowed him to have a gun - something which our state legislature is already working to fix. Rather than blame the killer, the parents, the school, the security folks or the store who sold Cho the gun, I hope to see our entire nation learn much-needed lessons from this and make sure it doesn't happen again. Blame never helped anyone. Let's give our condolences to EVERYONE involved and more forward from here.

Julie, I applaud you for having the courage to post this. Thank you.

Sharon in NE

Even the pictures of him holding the guns, you could imagine what he looked like as a little boy...the heartache for all is so overwhelming. Thank you for sharing and letting us share.

Michelle R

As a parent, I can only imagine what the boy's parents must be feeling. It is sad beyond belief.

I appreciate the position you are taking, and I couldn't agree with you more!


What an enlightened viewpoint! I wholeheartedly agree and think this is what it is all about. If we could all evolve to this level, boy what a wonderful world it would be!!!


What a sweet gesture!

I can imagine feeling so hopeless and wanting to end it all, but I can't imagine taking it to the level he did. Very, very sad.

Your card is beautiful and I think you're doing a wonderful thing. ~Jenn


I have you on my favorites, because you are a compassionate writer as well as a wonderful card maker. Thank you for sharing your talent. This tragedy affected the whole nation. I live just outside Killeen, TX where before this unbelievable tragedy happened their was the Luby's incident. I knew so many people that were killed in Luby's that day! Thank you for your compassion, it has no bounds. You truly are a remarkable soul! Chris


Julie, I so agree with your thoughts about this tragedy. It's heartbreaking for everyone involved, and thank you for expressing your sentiments! Let's continue to pray for everyone -- all who lost so much that day!!

Jana Weaver

I agree with your sentiments 100%!! I think our society is so busy trying to find someone to blame, that we forget his family has lost a great deal during this tragedy as well as the families of the other victims.

Beautiful card! I love the simplicity of no layers!!


What a beautiful card! I, too, have thought of the family of this seriously troubled young man. I hope that they are getting some sort of trauma counseling. Thanks for sharing what I'm sure many of us are feeling.

Marie - mariemc

This is beautiful and I'm sure whoever ends up being the recipient will appreciate it. We all just need to imagine if it was our child that did what that young man did. I intend no justification, toleration or understanding for what he did, but just imagine if you were his parents. TFS!


hey babes!

you said the words that I wanted to say, but was afraid to because of what reactions I may get.

Very lovely card, and it definitely served its purpose, a simple, elegant yet sympathetic card.

great job on the card, and kudos to you for expressing what many others wanted to say!

now I must sleep, Im sicky..



I don't think you will be flamed for showing compassion for a person who felt like he had no answers in his life. I also feel for his family who has to grieve for their son's death and also live for the rest of their lives with his actions. I don't know how or if I would be able to handle that. Beautiful card and thanks for sharing your thoughts-- and to hear the feelings of your other readers too!


what a beautiful card! I, too, have thought of the boys family. My heart goes out to his parents.


Beautiful card and a beautiful sentiment from a beautiful person.


Great card. Simple but very 'powerful' and detailed. TFS! Too bad it had to be made for such tragedy...

Mary Anne Meier

Beautiful card and feelings..I am a parent, and when I sympathize with all the parents who lost children, I include the Cho family..they too, lost a child, but will have to grieve alone..what a terrible thing to go through and live with. I'm glad you posted this so that we could see how many people have feelings for the family, and their son.


I too feel for his family. They must be going through hell right now trying to understand why their own child did this. I only hope that people reach out to the family of this troubled and challenged man and help them deal with what they have to go through. For them, the pain will never end since it was their child who committed such a crime.


Julie, how nice of you to think of the boy and his family, too. I was thinking similar thoughts this morning when I saw a card that had been made using 32 stars, and it was a LOVELY card and this is no way is a reflection on that stamper, but my thoughts were "there were 33 that died, though!" It's easy to forgot and hard to understand how tormented that poor boy had to be. God bless you for thinking of them, too. Do you have an address to send this to? If so, would you share it? Thanks!


Very thoughtful, and well said!


Julie, I applaud you for your decency on this situation. I myself cannot be so forgiving to Cho, but do sympathize for his family. The horror and pain they must be going through. I also agree with you how bad could it have been that he felt that this way his only way out? Although, if his initial idea was to kill himself, he should of done it and not hurt those innocent people. I don't know...I'm not saying suicide is the answer, but what he did is unjustifiable!

Just my two cents worth...

Mo Moss

As usual, your card is beautiful and the sentiment that goes with your card is admirable. You said it all with your heart and that is why you remain one of my favorites. GOD Bless.

Erin K

No flames from me either.
It is a lovely card.

Julie Mutch

Hi Julie,

I think it's admirable that you made a card for him and his family. I've thought about them a lot, wondering myself what he was going through, to be so hateful and feeling that was the only way out. Those poor people, the terror that they must have felt. I'm sure we can't comprehend. This is a lovely card that you made and it was very thoughtful of you.

One of the teachers had actually taught my friend, Catherine, here in Nova Scotia, so it's hit home here. Sad to hear about someone who was such a good person and has had her life taken away from her like many others there for no reason. Very sad.

Congrats by the way for being chosen for the last Featured Stamper Challenge - You so deserve it, Girl! You do awesome work and you can really tell that you love what you're doing. It's such a wonderful hobby, isn't it? :)

Take care,
in Dartmouth, NS


Nicely done...and I'm sure your sympathies will be appreciated.


Beautiful composition!

Carol Moore

I applaud the stand you took. It was a grevious happening for everyone - the dead and their families, the killer and his family, our entire nation, the whole world. I too have been thinking about Cho's family. What an event to have to live with. Your card is beautiful. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work.


Linda Mcclain

No, sweets, no flaming from me. Cho was obviously was very ill, and it's often hard to separate the disease from the person. I think this is a very compassionate act of you. Linda


I thought about that boys' family as well. I heard they both had to be hospitalized. I am not sure if that is true or false. But they do deserve sympathy! No flaming from me.

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