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May 07, 2007


Cindy Hopkins

Congrats on all the hits! I just stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!!! You have some beautiful artwork and are very inspiring! As for sets I'll be sad to see leave, there are a ton!! But I'll really miss Happiest of Holidays with the co-ordinating wheels, Snowflakes, and Autumn Leaf Prints. I can't wait to see the new catalog though! Since so many are leaving I'm sure there will be even better ones to replace them. Thanks again for your awesome site. Hope you are recovering well from your accident!


Love the card keeper kit. It would be great to keep your favorite cards organized. It would be a fun project to do for some lucky winner. (fingers crossed)lol I think I am saddest to see French Script and Natural Beauty being retired. They've both been on my list of must have's and due to budget restrictions I haven't been able to get them. Now even though the budget still doesn't allow it, I'm going to have to somehow squeeze them in it as I know I wouldn't forgive myself if I missed out on them.


What a great idea for toting around a persons card samples. Love what you did with the cover. Great candy! It's so hard to pick one set from the retiring bunch. I'm partial to the christmas sets and am surprised they are getting rid of a basic like french script! More wonderful things to come in the new catalogue though!


I sure wish in full bloom was not retiring. I just purchased it, & now it is retiring. I thought it was suck a pretty set. :(



Hey Julie I enjoy your blog everyday, so thanks! For your sake I am gonna say that I wish Roses in Winter was not retiring! Pick me k?


That is such a cool project. I am really sad about Roses in Winter retiring. That is such a nice set for so many things.


Congrats on hitting 80,000!! I love reading your blog! I am sad to see the french script background and Roses in Winter. Sad! With so many sets going, there has to be good ones coming! :)


I wish so many were not retiring, but if i have to pick one i would say the french script. i really have used it more than i though!

Jan Scholl

What a neat idea for storing cards. have been using photo boxes with indexes for themes. I will probably lust after the one set I forget to order when I place my last one for this catalog in a few weeks. I think I wont like one and then see tons of ideas for it. I just wont know which one it is until later this year when its too late to get it.


I love the card keeper! Your stamping group is lucky to have you for inspiration as are we all! I think I'm sad that French Script is retiring. I just think that background is completely timeless and add so much to projects. I always enjoy seeing projects with it and have never purchased it. Now, I'll be forced to bite the bullet and make the investment. Congratulations on 80K

Toni W

I have, or will soon, all the retiring sets I wanted, so I really can't say I'm sad to see any of them go. It just means more new ones! I'm not a demo, so I'll still use my favorite retired sets. If I had to choose though, I'd pick the hostess sets. Its a little harder for me to come by those!
Love your blog- I have it in my google reader!


pick me pick me!

hahah great work babes.. always fun to stalk you... er.. i mean your blog..

the one set I hate to see go is french script. they better have an itallian script or russian script to replace it.

heck, I'll even settle for egyptian hieroglyphics


I just love your work. You inspire me. Thanks for all you do.


^5 on all the hits!! I've contributed! LOL I love the card keeper too! I can't narrow it down to just one set that's retiring that I'm the most sad about--definatley "Love Ya Bunches", the Red Hat Lady stamp set is another that will be missed (wonder if we'll get an even better one? hhmmmm)


Congrats on 80K!! That card album is lovely. It sure would make bringing my cards to a workshop much easier. LOL. The set I'm going to miss the most would have to be French Script followed very closely by Petal Prints.

Sarah Pineda-Scott

Congrats for hitting 80000!!! The set I'm going to miss the most is "Just Chicken In"... Although I'm not a SU demo so it doesn't effect me as much...although my friend is one and over 1/2 of her stamps including ones that she just bought are on the list.

I feel for you all!

Sarah Pineda
Angel #3653


I just wanted to thank you for all of the WONDERFUL tutorials and samples that you have posted! Being a new demonstrator, I have found you to be an excellent resource!!! While you must be very delighted (as it IS a big accomplishment), I am personally not surprised that you have reached 80,000 hits!!!!! Best luck for the future, even with Petal Prints and French Script retiring!!!!! (Yes, I know that is technically 2 stamp sets, but French Script is just a background stamp and it is the reason I became a demonstrator! I just loved EVERYTHING that used it and am so sad that it is going away!!!!!)

~ Rachel ~


Congrats on all the hits and I hope you are feeling better after the mishap!

The binder is a great idea! I have a binder for paper (tells you how little I have!) but for cards is great! You can look through it/brag without causing damage!

As for the set, I think it's Rose in Winter. I am debating ordering it though, I wish we got a grace period between the new catelogue and the old one!


Melissa Duncan

I'll miss best of cluck the most, although, so many of the great sets are being retired. Hate to see them go!

Julie Mutch

Oh oh oh, what a beautiful little album you made! I've been looking for something better to keep mine in. I find with regular photo albums that hold a 4 x 6 photo, the cards keep sliding out. This looks like just the ticket! lol :)

I can't believe they're retiring Watercolor Garden. It's one of my all time favourites! Ah well, room for more great sets, I guess.

Hope you're doing ok after the accident, you haven't updated us, yet! Take care! :)

Jenny Wrona

I forgot to add that I wish In Full Bllom was not retiring! I have made so many great cards with that set!


Wow! So many of my favorite things -- organization possibilities, CSI (ha), a great blog, and a chance to win something. My "unfavorite" thing right now is that Flower Filled Boots is retiring. Since I'm not a demo, I will continue to use it, but the retiring list means I need to get a lot of sets ordered. Thank goodness I just got my tax refund!

Gina Wrona

Congrats on the hits!
By the way, how are you feelin' since your driving episode?
I guess I'll probably miss In Full Bloom, but since I'm not a demonstrator I don't have to dispose of all my sets that are retiring. I can just keep on stampin', kwim?


Oh to become so organized! Great blog!!! The set that I wish was not retiring is Petal Prints.


Congratulations on your 80,000+ hits! I really enjoy your blog. You have a great spirit!
I can't believe that they are retiring so many sets! There is IFB, French Script, Roses in Winter. They are so popular!!! I think I will have to get the cheesecloth background. I have been admiring so many cards that have been made with it.

Lois Michael

WOW 80,000 congratulations! Love your card holder. I do not want French Script or Cheesecloth to retire. They sill have many years left in their life. They would look great decorating the card folder you are offering up too! Glad you are feeling better too!


I love what you did with that card keeper! I have seen them but don't own one - yet :-) I wish they were not retiring In Full Bloom - now I am under a deadline to get it. I am way too good at procrastinating, it seems.

Leslie Springer

Congrats on the 80,000 mark!! I just bought fishy Friends and can't beleive it is retiring. I only made one card with it so far! Watercolor garden is one of my Favorites. I was thinking of buying cheesecloth, now it is retiring. So do I buy it or wait. Oh what to do!!


Yay, 80,000! That's awesome! Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration. I love getting your updates each day, you are so creatvie! Love the card keeper, what a great idea. I had no idea such a thing exsisted!


What a great blog RAK! I am so sad to see Petal Prints and
French Script go... 2 of my absolute FAVOURITES. Congratulations on 80,000 hits!

Sandy Kay

Glad you're back up and running again! There are lots I will miss, but one of my favs is Snowflakes - I think those could go on forever......
Great blog candy - keeping my fingers crossed!
Sandy Kay

Jen Guarino

Wow, what a great idea! I love it!
For retiring sets, I am going to miss Best of Cluck, Roses in Winter and Petal Prints the most. I really cannot believe they are on the list, and I really hope that there are some amazing new sets in the catty.

Bev S.

Love your Card Keeper!! I've been meaning to get a couple of
those for ages!! The sets that I will miss the most are Sketch It
and Treat Yourself. Every time I find a set with popcorn in it, it
gets retired. Treat yourself is perfect for making gift card
holders for movie theaters!!

Stephanie (steffie1027)

Congrats on 80,000! Love your blog--thanks for the great tips! The stamp set that I really wish was not retiring is Roses In Winter. It is such a versatile set--I love it!


Hi Julie - hope you're feeling better. What a great give-away - I'd love to have one of those. Never seen a kit like this before. I'm sad about Roses in Winter.... along with many many others. but i'm trying to put on a happy face and think about all the great new sets that will be no doubt coming out!!!

I enjoy your blog - thanks for sharing all your creative ideas - love the altered coffee can you did yesterday and can't wait to see what the secret stamp set is!!

Beth (mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)

lois lane

Congrats on the 80K. I love your site and come here often for inspiration and ideas! Keep up the great work!!! I am saddest to see the Hostess set Basket Full of Fun go. I never got a chance to earn that one. Maybe they will have it in the regular line stamps someday!!!


What a great way to keep your cards. It's so cute! I wish Petal Prints wasn't retiring and I don't even own it. I hate to buy a set that I know is retiring. I don't know if I'll use it much if it's not a "popular" set. Sad, but true.


Great blog candy! - I will miss Roses in Winter and Fishy Friends the most I think. Ida


Just Chickin In - I'm a farm girl and hate to see that one go.

Mo Moss

What a great offerering. I really think the card keeper would be a great thing to have. I guess that the only reason that I would be sad to see some of the stamps that are being retired gone is because I won't see them demonstrated anymore. I am fortunate to have those that are being retired that I really will miss. I will miss seeing Petal Prints and In Full Bloom being displayed. I can't believe some of them are not going to be in our next catalogue. I don't remember when they first came out, I think some have been in their a long time!!!!

Clara Rubalcaba

WOW! Congrats on the 80000+ hits!! That is *super* exciting. Maybe I'll get there, too ... one day!

There are two sets that I am extremely sad to see leaving - Mixed Bouquet and Gorgeous Grapes. Mixed Bouquet was such a unique and different flower set - I loved it and Gorgeous Grapes was so versatile - it could be casual, elegant, masculine, feminine, young, old, modern, vintage, etc. I'm very sad to see them go!


I have been so meaning to get one of these kits!! How timely!! This would be a great opportunity to make samples of the surviving sets. Thanks, Julie, for the opportunity and a special thanks for sharing your awesome work. (Set I most hate to lose: It's a toss up between Watercolor Garden and Best of Cluck)


This is so much better than the shoe box I keep my cards in.LOL Congrats on the hits. I am going to miss Peace be unto you. Such a pretty stamp.

Jenny (penelopepitstop)

Wow! You are certainly Miss Popular--with good reason, your schtuff is da bomb, baby.

I'm so so sad to see Roses In Winter retiring. I know it's been around forever, but, I totally love it. I'm also completely bummed that French Script and Cheesecloth Big honkin' backgrounds are goin' too. Oh, and then there's Balmy Breezes and Do The Hula and Still Life Stems and....

O.K., O.K. I can't pick just one or two. I'm sad to see a whole slew of them going.


Congrats on your hits! Shows how great your blog is. TFS! I will miss Pines amongs other great stamp sets...

Nancy Grant

Congratulations on so many visits to your site! I check-in often. :-)

Balmy Breezes and Bundle Up are the two sets that I'll miss. They were my first SU! sets.


Angel R.

Hi Jules! I know that many (myself included) will say they wish Roses In Winter wasn't retiring, so I'll also add Do the Hula. Have a good one!!


Congrats on 80,000! Your Card Keeper looks great! I'm so sad to see Petal Prints and French Script retire. They're two of my favorites!!

Jennifer Weide

Congrats! and that card keeper is COOL!!!! I will miss In Full Bloom, Best of Cluck & Friends are Like Flowers the most.

Jen M

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing it on your site! I really wish that Best of Cluck and Fishy Friends were not retiring, but I will live...I guess... :) Great site, love coming here! :)

Lisa C.

wow, congrats on the kit, I simply adore your book, it is so totally awesome! I can not believe Roses In Winter is retiring..OMG, I so *heart* that stamp set and just got it this past year, what was I thinking?? I will surely miss that one a ton!


Great so deserve the 80K with those creations you post! I am sad to see French Script go...I am kinda happy that some are leaving us since I had a good excuse to go buy them!


Very cool card keeper!! What set I wish wasn't retiring?? LOTS...but guess I"ll say Baby Firsts! I've had that set forever, and just LOVE it!! Congrats on getting to 80k!!

Sue R

How cool is that Blog candy!!First I have to say that I love receiving your updates everyday - so much that I will usually read it before my other emails, even if there is two in one day.
As for the SU retirement list, I am really sad about Roses in Winter. I just got it a month ago and have used it so often. The others I would say is In Full Bloom and French Script which I used all the time as well.
Way to go on 80,000 hits too!!

Karen  (Karen Stamps! on SCS)

What a neat card keeper! Congrats on 80,000 hits! That kit is a really neat idea for blog candy. Which set do I wish most wasn't retiring? I would have to say it's a tie between Petal Prints and Natural Beauty. I've also just fallen in love with Cheesecloth as a background so I'm going to miss that one too.

Debbie Fisher

what a great project! I love cking your blog everyday and see what you have been up to. Ü

Lori Turner

Love the card keeper! Very nice!! I'm very upset to see In Full Bloom go....I honestly didn't think it would go!!



Woo.. congratulations on the hits.. That's so awesome.

I so wish Roses in Winter was staying. But I think I just worked out a trade for it which makes it all good..



Great job on the card keeper!! I am very sad to see roses in winter retire and french script.

Cindy A

Congrats on 80,000+ I look forward to your updates EVERY day :-) I am sad about Spring Garden - I just started using it...


Fabulous choice for celebrating your 80,000 hits! Congratulations! I'm bummed about Roses in Winter going - it's such a staple in my stamping!


Congrats on the success of your wonderful blog! I read it daily to see what great ideas you have come up with. I love your card keeper! You did a great job on it. I am most going to miss Roses in Winter when it retires. I love this set and will continue to use it.

Judy H.

Wow, that is beautimous! I'm really really sad that Best of Cluck is on the retired list. How can they possibly let those cute chicks go??? Judy H.


Great idea! Love the card keeper!! I wish they were not retiring flower filled!!:( I love that set! Glad to see they are finally retiring Nice & Easy Notes... although that was my first set!


Love this book! Really simple, but beautiful! I've been needing to think of a cute way to store some of my cards that I just can't let go of. Great idea! Hope I get picked! :)


Congratulations! Wow! 80,000 is alot! What a beautiful card keeper. I just love the recollections paper, don't you? Great candy,thanks for sharing.

Angel W

I agree with Bernice. Roses In Winter is leaving prematurely!

Bernice D

I am new to SU but just saw the rock & roll technique with Roses in bad the good ones have to go...You have a great blog & I am learning alot...Thanks!

Erica T

Way ta go 80,000 not surprising to me, one awesome blog happening here, TFS. I am going to miss many... French Script, Just Chicken In... and manyu more. TFS the awesome blog candy


In Full Bloom, Petal Prints and French Script are the ones I will miss. Great blog and treat.

Kelly Elliott

Very cute project, like all of your stuff!

I wish Fishy Friends was staying around.

Heather Leech

I'm really sad about French Script retiring. I'm hoping they replace it with some other script kinda' background as it was always my 'go to' background. So versatile!
Congrats on the hits!!
Heather L.

Gail Owens

Oh my I have over 60 sets retiring. I would have to say I will miss Balmy Breezes the most.What will I do without a palm tree. I love your card binder, I really need to make me one of these. Maybe I'll be the lucky winner. Enjoy reading you blog everymorning.


Congrats on reaching over 80,000 hits! I'm mourning the loss of Petal Prints. Such a classic! And Roses in Winter :-(. BUT, hey, something new WILL coming just around the corner! Blessings - Becky A.


Congrats on the 80000 hits! I love your blog for inspiration! I'm most sad about Do the Hula retiring, then maybe Treat Yourself and the All Year Cheer sets - I use them all the time!

Dana Vitek

oooooh, how fun... I'm really sorry to see Natural Beauty retire... it's so versatile! Congrats on 80K!

Pam Clay

Congrats on 80,000 hits, but I'm not at all suprised cuz' your site is awesome! Can't believe that French Script and Roses in Winter are being retired. And oh yeah, pick me!, pick me!


Roses in Winter *sigh* I'll miss that one! :(

Val S

Congrats on the 80,000. That is so awesome! Of the stamp sets that are being retired...there are so many that I will miss, like In Full Bloom, In the Wild, Love Without End, Kanji and French Script, to name a few. I'm looking forward to seeing what the stamps in the new catalogue will be like!


Love, love the card keeper!! What awesome blog candy (please pick me!!!) OK - what stamp set do I not want to lose. Can't belive the French Script background is going, anything Girlfriends (Accessories and Totally Cool), Watercolor Minis, Snowflakes (use is scrapbooking all the time!), Baby Firsts (someone is always having a baby and how cute are these guys?!?!?), Fishy Friends, Living Large - these ladies only just arrived! I could go on and on! Just hope the new catty has some totally awesom stuff to replace all these favorites that are going!!!!!!

Chris Hauck

This looks so cool! I hope I'm lucky enough to get picked. (Fingers crossed) Anyway, I think the set I'm most sad to see leave is Natural Beauty. I do own it, but I just think it's so pretty. There are others that I don't have that I'll consider buying, but not a lot.

Beth M

Wow, love the idea of putting my favorite cards in a cute binder! Your binder is adorable! Hopefully I will win and get make my own. As for retiring, I'm sad to see Roses in Winter go!


This is the most awesome blog candy ever!! I am so sad that Treat Yourself and Roses in Winter are retiring. BooHoo!

Tara Macfarlane

Oh my gosh, that is a great project! Congrats on the 80000+hits! I for one am going to miss In Full Bloom! and Fishy Friends......they didn't retire the wheel? hmmmm Thanks for letting us play!

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