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August 24, 2007


Kimberly S.

Can you tell me why you have to sand the block down first before mounting them? Does it stick better that way? This is the single most impressive idea I have ever heard of!!! Thanks for being soooooo smart!! We ALL LOVE you!!!


You are a genius!

Crystal Wessley

This is awesome and I will be doing the same. Just curious as to why you sanded the white part before you mounted? Thanks for the great idea!


Awesome!! So cool. I can't wait to try this. THANKS!!!


OMG - This is amazing - brilliant - you are a true friend to share this with us! Thanks so much!!!!


You are a GENIUS! Thank you - what a great idea!

Jenn H.

Awesome!!! Thanks so much for the clever idea!


Wow ..i'm impressed !
Thanks for sharing...pretty clever.


FAN-TASTIC!!!! Thank you for the amazing idea, I just got this set and have not done anything with it yet!!! Now I am excited to use it!


FAN-TASTIC!!!! Thank you for the amazing idea, I just got this set and have not done anything with it yet!!! Now I am excited to use it!


FAN-TASTIC!!!! Thank you for the amazing idea, I just got this set and have not done anything with it yet!!! Now I am excited to use it!


FAN-TASTIC!!!! Thank you for the amazing idea, I just got this set and have not done anything with it yet!!! Now I am excited to use it!

Shannon G

That is a very clever idea. May have to do that one!


How clever! I may have to give it a try. Necessity really is the mother of all inventions, huh? As always, your inspiration and insight astounds me.

Gina K.

Brilliant! I just got this set and haven't cut it up yet! Thank you!!!!
Gina K.

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Well, aren't you so stinkin' smart! :) You're right.......we DO heart you!

Now I wish I hadn't mounted my set already! Where were you about 2 weeks ago?? ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Debi Hammons

Wow, perfect timing. I just ordered this set today and was wondering how I was going to use it. This is perfect. I even have dominoes that nobody uses any more. Thank you. And YES I do love you.

Debi Calandrelle

I just added ANOTHER set to my wish list!! It provides so many more uses for this set! Thanks for the great mounting idea!


Soooooooooo right girl.
I love ya!
This is a terrific idea. Wonder how many other double mounted sets this would work with?!?! (I do NOT like double mounts. JMHO) Anyway....this is great!
Now, If I could only find something to put my monogram negatives on. I need something LARGE for that!



Wonderful idea. I was gonna do the jenga blocks but this is far better. Love the clean look to this and that it fits nicely in the box. Gonna have to go get me some dominoes.

Lynn Mercurio

You already have so many comments about this post, but I wanted to say THANKS for sharing this great idea. I immediately when and unmounted my set and re-mounted them on dominos that I had sitting around. You ROCK!


Awesome idea! I know a gal who mounted hers on Jenga blocks!

Julia Diane

Julie... You are a genius!! And I do *heart* you... I immediately dug out my dominoes - yes, I have a stash, too - and got to work. Now I can use these great stamps with ease. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Hugs to you for sharing!
Julia Diane

Jan Hunnicutt

Cool! Who'da thought dominos other than one of us silly stampers! Nice job...


What a great idea! Thank you for sharing this after you figured it out!!!

Sharon Harnist

Great idea, Julie -- my set just arrived this week and I was wanting to cut it up . . . perfect solution you have! Now if I can just find those small dominoes I've had for a few years . . . :D


This is the best idea I have ever heard. You are a genius!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! - Now I am off to the dollar store to pick up some dominos.

Jody Rosedahl

rats! I just mounted mine today....I waited till the last minute. I needed it for a workshop tomorrow.
LOVE your idea! you are SO super smart!
: )

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

Yeah, Baby! You are so right about this... off to email a link to my buddy!

Roberta Noddin

Dominoes are wonderful make for blocks. I can't believe that you are magic to make stamps.


Are you kiddin' me?! You rock Julie~


AWESOME!!!!!!!! You rock!!! I have been wondering how to cut these up and mount them - this is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

Karen (stampin3)

OMGoodness - I am SO going to get this set with my next hostess bennies!! I passed on this set because I wasn't sure I would use them each as 1 stamp. LOVE the option of cutting them and mounting on dominoes!! TFS!!

Joyce Munro

OK... 1st, place a $150 SU order to get the level 1 stamp set, and 2nd, go to mall and buy set of dominos! Cut/mount as shown... YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL!! I DO [HEART] YOU!


You are so clever!Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea!


What a creative idea!!!

Mo Moss

You are something, girl. I like this idea. Do you stay awake at night to come up with these ideas. You only have 24 hours a day for this stuff. thanks

Jen Guarino

Brilliant! I'm so glad I have not mounted mine. Had it for weeks but was not sure which direction I was I think I do.

{{Heart You!!!}}

Mary Jo Price-Williamsm

OH MY GOSH! I always thought you were incredible but now I know for sure! I am on my way to my studio now to do this! Man am I ever impressed. I was gonna buy those small clear blocks but I don't even have to leave my house for this! Great thinking.


What a GREAT idea! I liked this set but wasn't tickled with the idea of just coloring whatever line I wanted with a marker. It will be SOOOO much more useful now!

Lisa C.

outstanding, I just ordered this set and debated on mounting it on easy mount, but will be going with this idea now, as this is much better and the dominos fit into the case..LOVE it!!

Genelle Collins

Great idea and no you can alter the Dominoe tin when you make the last seven!

Queen Mary

You are a genius! I love you! Now I'll maybe even order the darn set! It's so cute, but I couldn't figure it out and you are so right about packages of dominoes! Woo hoo girl you rock!


This is an awesome idea!!!


There's another demo in my group who's hubby cuts wood block and sells them - but hey, this is cheaper and no waiting! You're a genious! Thanks for all your inspiration!


Oh my gosh! I DO heart you! I have a box of these just sitting around and haven't mounted that set yet! SUPER!



YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!!! I have already mounted my set, so I will have to see if I can take them off the block and steal the kids dominoes, hehe!!!! Thanks for sharing your brilliance with the rest of us:)


THANK YOU!!! I had just ordered that set and was wondering how to mount them individually!! You are a life saver. Now, on to buy dominoes! :)


Oh my gosh... what a great idea... .I love it.. now I have to unmount mine to do this but so worth it.. thanks for sharing.. what a great idea..


Southern Stamper

U sooooo smat!!


I DO love you! What a great idea!


What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing :)


You are correct! You are THE BOMB baby!! Ingenious! Thanks so much for sharing!


Julie! I couldn't have found this at a better time! My set came in yesterday and I was trying to figure out how to mount this set to get all the sayings separated (I just hate to use markers on one part of a stamp because I always get that ghost of an image from the unmarked part!). You are truly amazing and I will be grabbing those dominos tonight and sanding and mounting this set! Thanks bunches!



WOOOOWWW! I bet everybody has dominoes in their stash waiting to do something with it...and BINGO...Julie got a Lightbulb idea!
I will surely pass this on...

Tandra Boyer

I wanna Kiiiiisss you, I wanna huuuug you....!!! LOL Awesome, and you rock!!


I cut mine apart but instead of mounting them, I just put them on cling film stuff and am using them with an acrylic block

So much more useful cut apart!


Simply and truly brilliant. For sur, I'll get a domino game today teehee!
Thanks for all your amazing job!

Krista - austamper

OK NOW I want this set!!!!!!!!!!


Lordy, Lordy, you deserve an award-y! Seriously, that's just pure genius! Thanks for sharing with us!


THAT IS BRILLIANT!!! I cannot believe how cool that idea is!! :) Way to go! :)


I bow to your greatness, Oh Clever Stamper!


Oh, thank-you for sharing!!! My set has been sitting there unmounted as I pondered the best way to mount each saying separately :) I've got dominoes in the closet and a free half hour this afternoon!! Woo Hoo!!!

Robyn Manar

Yep, you are a genius. I think that is the best idea I have seen in a long time!! Thank you very much for sharing, and I may get that set now!!!


that is my favorite movie, and that is a brilliant idea!

Donna Baker

neat idea, Julie! I took Lauren Meader's idea & put cling mount on them & stuck to a clear case (just have to read it backwards, but it works too)! I love having the versatility of all those sayings now


I really wasn't interested in cutting up this set and mounting the separate phrases on jenga blocks, but this is awesome. I may have to rethink my plan of keeping the stamps together.


Totally fabulous! Where was this idea like two weeks ago? Bwahahaha! Way to use the ole' brain, too cool;)


I did not want this set at all (or any level 1 set) until I saw your genius idea! Thanks so much!

p.s. we have the same glasses!


What a genius. I have been waiting to mount this set until I could figure out the best way to do it and now you have solved my dilemma. THANKS FOR THE AMAZING IDEA!


Wow, this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!! to sneak some dominoes from my boys! LOL!!!


Now that is impressive! If I send you mine will you take care of them for me? LOL!



This is ingenious!! I too have been hoarding dominos for a few years and now you've inspired me to make good use of them! Thanks for sharing your brilliance!

Terri Earley

I wasn't even interested in this set until you showed this! I LOVE IT!! Thanks again.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Lisa (crazycatstamper)

Ooooo... and I bet those blocks that are left are the perfect size for my new Bellas too....... THANKS JULIE!!!!!!


Wow. I think you have an abundance in the creative mind department!!!

Lisa (crazycatstamper)

You're 100% right. I LOVE YOU!!!! I got this set last week and haven't mounted it yet as I was puzzling over how to mount the separate lines.... YOU ROCK!!!!!! Off to WalMart in hopes of finding dominoes......

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