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September 19, 2007


Barb C

There are lots of nice stamps here but I do like the SILLY GOOSE stamp. Something fun and could be used for a lot of different cards.

Charlene Austin (SCS - Willow01)

WOW!! Great stamps. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I just had a look through the Christmas stamps and the Round Snowman Ornament really caught my eye.

Chris Hauck

Well after browsing the whole catalog I would have to say this is a tough decision. Ultimately though my favorite would have to be Follow the stars. It's the one where the young eskimo boy is riding on the polar bears back with a star to lead them for inspiration. Love it!!!

bonnie janzen

They are all so nice! They remind me of when I did Folk Art painting.Back to the question,my favorite.... I would have to say
Country Garden and another one Shephards Awe.

Connie Conlon

I love these stamps. My favorite is small guard duty Rudy. Just perfect for the season. Thanks for the offer.

Joanne Bates

At this time, since having recently lost my husband to a sudden heart attack, I very much like The Group Hug Bears. Simply said: I miss his hugs.

Tammy Marks

Love you blog!! The two stamps that caught my eye were Bubba Skeeter (just cracks me up when I look at and Precious Cargo. Love the precious cargo as all my children are adopted:)


Jennifer (jkincolorado)

I've never seen stuff from this company -- they have cute stamps!!!

I LOVE the "Snow in Love" couple. They look so cozy and happy, awwwww.....

Your blog is awesome!! :)

Char in So Cal

Call me crazy, but I just keep going back to the Carrot Corner stamp:

It is soooooo me and paired with the any one of the adorable bunny stamps, like this one {wink!}

I would make some FAB, super cute creations!

Thank you for your great blog and the chance to win some really YUMMY candy!

Char in So Cal
[email protected]


I almost forgot to comment! I absolutely love the new Guard Duty Rudy scarecrow! He's just so adorable and you can mix & match the sentiments for the post which is so clever. Ida

Melissa R.

I'm so appreciative to you for doing this contest:) I received a card in a swap with the Dancing Ellie image. I loved it so much and have been wanting that stamp so badly but haven't been able to find it. Now I finally know where to get it!!!


THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS¤cy=1&returnto=/catalogue-pages.php?page=3+season=winter+currency=1


Connie G.

I just love snowmen EVERYTHING!! So.... my two favorites are round snowman ornament and " snow in love. I also love the greeting stamp "Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled." Wow - what a cute sight - thanks for bringing it to my attention!!!


Chopper's Easter Gift! It really was hard to pick just one..... Oh my, now what have you done to my checkbook?...LOL I had never seen these before now... These are just grand!...:0)


Oh goodness! Those are too cute. My favorite that I have found (so far) is Good Clean Fun! I have pictures of my brothers and sister and I in the tub (when we were little of course) so this stamp would be perfect for that scrapbook page.

Ilene B.

The wacky duck & verses I really liked and the Henrietta chicken backside with verse guess what, chicken butt, reminded me of when my sons were younger and would love to show them to my little granddaughters, but don't think mom would appreciate it!!! Thanks for the awesome treat! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Ilene B

Pam B. (4Hounds on SCS)

I collect Gingerbread men...and their Gingerbread boy/man stamps are SO adorable!! I'd heard of this site but hadn't taken the time to look around yet...thanks for the push to do just that!!! (Like I NEED another place to spend my $$$...but if I win a certificate, my hubby won't cringe too much!) Thanks for the chance to win & love your new hairstyle---you're a beautiful lady! Take care! Pam B.


I think Poppie Porcupine is my favorite :o)
So cute

Angie Warren

I think it is called "Snow Love". It is 2 snowpeople hugging in a large circle. Very cute! I also love the fun holiday sayings for food giftables.

Janet Allen

CUTE! I really love this company. My next purchase is going to be Georgette Ballet Mouse:)

Melissa Wohlers

What a great idea to get people to check out High Hopes! I have never heard of them, but what adorable stuff they have! I will have to blame you when DH sees the checkbook! Lol! I love Posey's for Ewe. So cute! If I don't win I am definately ordering it!


I'm totally in love with HH stamps... Tina would vouch for me i'm sure! LOL!! My fave so far is the Delia Angel with the animals.. it's SO precious!!!! Love it!! I have most of the angels.. they're wonderful stamps! :) Thanks for the chance!!


What great stamps! My fave is Ice Cream For Two. What little boy doesn't need a puppy to share his ice cream with?


My favorites is the "Follow the stars" and "Bear-ly warming up" stamps:)


My favorite has to be "Wee Three Kings". :)


Wow! I didn't realize High Hopes had soooo many cute stamps. Thanks for sharing the link to their catty Julie. It's really hard to decide which I like the best but the Toboggan Joyride is absolutely adorabe with the little beaver hanging on for dear life as they are swooshing down hill. :)


My favorite stamps there are definitely the angel motifs . I like the "Bethany angel" and "Ronda stamping angel" too much; they are too cute.
But until now I haven`t tested this rubber stamps. Perhaps I should do this.
Greetings and a wonderful day for all.


I love the baby stamps and *Barely Sittin* is so adorable! I like this one because I can see myself, cutting out a photo head of a baby and putting it on the babies head. I think it would make a cute shower card.

[email protected]


I really like the Flower Bouquet on page 8 in the Spring section. I have been wanting one like that.


I like Skating Mudsie today. Y'know, there is not much better than a skating Moose!! ;)

I love her coloring and stamps--my favorite changes frequently!!

Tami Grandi

Ooh! I haven't looked at these in a while but I really lik the Shepherds Awe stamp. Absolutely gorgeous!


Impossible to pick just one favorite! High Hopes stamps are positively toooooo CUTE!! I don't own any of their stamps yet, but have had MANY on my 'hope for' list for quite some time. Two that top my list are Cowgirl Candice & Cowboy Kenny.
Love your new 'Do'; looks great on ya!

Jen Ofiana

My fav is Froggy Gift because it's so my son. He looks for frogs everyday at a park by his school. I'd love to win so I can get that stamp!!!

Pat Jandacek

It has to be The Love Bandit...he sure stole my heart!


pinkin posies is really cute . Can be used for so many cards.


They definitely have some cute stamps. I like Wingin It ... that little duck doing a one-armed handstand "quacks" me up. I also like Ice Cream for Two.


mary puskar

I love everything you have darlin! And I especially like the new hair do!!!

chris robinson

Cupig gets the blue ribbon prize! I am from Iowa and when I lived in Houston, TX my boss decided I had to love pigs. She went on lots of trips and would always try to find me a pig related gift. I have ones from Neiman Marcus and very expensive ones as well as the cheap ones. Then we tried to find pig related XMAS cards and birthday cards and the whole bit. So, I could make her a valentine with the stamp since I have moved back to Iowa. All the sentiments would be great too like Valenswine, When Pigs Fly, Love is in the Air etc. Just too cute and I think a lot of my Texas friends would get a laugh out of that too. When pigs fly is also super favorite - just because it fits so well! I did a ballerina pig stamped valentine and put that you are "Tutu Sweet" on it. She thought that was so funny - she "squealed" with laughter so hard she had tears and then she decided the tears were because she missed me! So, it is hard to top that, huh?!?! Thanks for a great blog and I love looking at all the fun stamps but had never ordered from there no sure about the exchange rate and all that...


Mudzie's Predicament ( is my favourite, although there are many that I like. I seem to be drawn to the "stereotypically Canadian" ones like the mountie, the northern lights, and Roasting Marshmallows.

Debbie Fisher

Thank you for sharing the link. This is the first time I have heard of this stamp company. Oh so many cute stamps it's hard to pick just one. I like Country Garden, because I like birdhouses, Miss Marissa, because I love daisies, Grillin Joseph because we host a BBQ here every 4th of July, Pumpkin Patch Pete, cuz I LOVE fall and pumpkin patches, Potted Snowflakes, cuz it's just toooo cute!, and all the stamps that would coordinate with the above. Ü (yes I did go thru the whole catalog-cute!)


Thanks for sharing a new-to-me stamp site! As plain and simple as it may seem, I like the single balloon stamp! Many possibilities!


Okay, that's an impossible task to pick out just one favorite. Can I say I love them all, but I especially love the Summertime Teapot! Crossing my fingers for luck - I've never won any candy before. Here's to hoping I break that streak ;-)


There are so many cute stamps in the catalog!! I think my favorite would be Clarabelle and Riley. I can just picture this on a little kids bday card.


OK, picking one was very difficult :o) My favorite is "He Lives" on p.26 of the catalogue. I have been looking for a religious Easter stamp and really like this one - cute, but not too cute! Thanks for the chance to win!


I love the "Cindy Snowmom" stamp, too cute.
Thanks so much for your fabulous designs and all the inspiration that you send our way!

Pamm Bonn

Oh wow!!! What great blog candy!!! I love their stamps! (But what stamps don't I LOVE???)


Kim Muhl

I can't say all of them? LOL I love the chicken butt sentiment one..everytime I see it I crack up!


Hi! This cute penguin is my favorite from High Hopes...¤cy=1&returnto=/catalogue-pages.php?page=12+season=winter+currency=1

Check it out!

Regina D.

Those are adorable. I'd have to say that my favorite is Baby Sittin'. I love the way the stork is bent over the baby for protection.


I've been considering Jolie's Friend. It reminds of my DDs. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

Cindy Keery

This is fun! My favorite would have to be the round snowflake frame! There are lots of others I like as well!


Hanna's Heart is my fav! Too cute, all of 'em!


I love "Bubble Fun" What a cute baby - and bubbles are one of my favorite things. Just can see this used on baby cards, baby birthday cards - or how about just a relaxing bubble bath day :)


I'd have to say that the raccoon "Love Bandit" is my favorite. Too cute!!! --Amy

Laura Albertson

Well, I totally cracked up, I mean, ROTFLMBO, when I saw the "Guess what? Chicken Butt!" with the Henrietta front and Henrietta back stamps. I absolutely have to have those-lol! So I guess those are my fav's. I am ordering the September special, too- it's adorable. Thanks so much for sharing this site- I even sent the link to my LSS owner. If the shipping from Canada is not too much, I'm hoping she'll pick them up :)

Sorry so long-I love your blog- hope I win!

Cindy Vernon

I really like so many but if I have to pick one it would be Clarabelle and Riley. So cute!!


So many to choose from!!! I love so many.

But my favorite for today is:

"Mudzie's Predicament"

Linda Palmer

There are way to many to just pick one. One of my favorites is Under the Sea. It just makes me smile. I also love Cowboy Kenny and Cowgirl Candace. I can just see Birthday cards for my Grandkids out of these two. Country Garden is beautiful and I really have it at the top of my wishlist.

donna calamari

What i love is the Themes. I make gifts so the school theme is great for teacher gifts. The sports theme is great for boys. It is great to decorate a clipboard or picture frame with a collage of theme related images. Great Site.

Gretchen Sheridan

Oh my goodness! I've never been to this site and I found so many I like. The one that cracked me up though is on page 27 of the catalogue; the chicks with Hat-iude!
I live in KY and a group of girls all go together and of course we have to find the coolest hats. We have made them, bought them, redone them, etc and have such a great time doing this each year. I have to get this stamp and the one that goes with it to send to my "peeps"! hahaha
Thanks for sending this site, I subscribed to your blog and I get a kick out of it most days. Thanks for spreading your joy to others!

Gretchen Sheridan


Well took me a while and now I want so many stamps it's not even funny!!! But I love, LOVE, LOVE (did I mention LOVE!) Mudzie's Predicament and Oliver Oops Bear.

I saw a card Allison made with Mudzie's Predicament but didn't check to see where she bought it from!! Thanks for the site and I am keeping everything crossed hoping I win!




I have yet to buy ant of these, so would love to win! I have alot of favs one of which is Mudzie's Predictiment. I think a few people have actually done this.LOL Thanks for the chance!


As the mother of 2 boys, I think my favorite is "Guess what? Chicken butt!" I have heard this too many times! And it makes me laugh every time!

Beth M

Pick just one? . . . If I have to then I would go with Snowy Slopes (s-072) on the last page of the catalog. I love cards with scenes but I cannot freehand them so this would be a wonderful stamp to have to enhance any character stamp (like the tobogan or any snowman or the little kittie in the santa hat or go funny and put a summery character in the scene). Such possibilities!

Love your creations! Keep 'em coming!


I love "Catching Flakes." It reminds me of what my grandkids do when they're playing outside in the first snowfall of the year - sticking their tongues out and catching snowflakes. This would be a great stamp to use on a scrapbook page featuring kids playing in the snow.


I like "Ice Cream for Two". I think it's so cute for my boys!


Andria aka. prairie mom

Hey dude!
So, my fave is that scarecrow that you did on that card! Wow! Have a good one!


You are SO right! They have some cute stuff! I like the Golf stamp - G is a golf cart, O is a ball, L is a golf club, F is a flag! VERY cute!

Nicki Lundeen

I like Catchin Flakes...that is adorable..Many cute stamps, it was really hard to choose!


Pick one, lol, I have been wanting pumpkin patch pete and the scarecrow stuffin sign for a couple of months. I have a huge scarecrow fan and he is adorable.He would be so much fun to color! Happy Thursday! Chris


Thank you for sharing this website I have found so many I NEED ...hehe I love ice skate snowman and snowlove .THere are really to much too list .....My husband wont like me finding this site ....Thanks for the chance!!!!


The potted snowflakes are catching my fancy today!


Wow, after downloading the cattie & going through it, they sure have a lot of 'must haves'. lol
I love Milton Moose & Bubba Keeter. They have such personality!


I have to pick just One???? Next to impossible.... They are just too darned cute! I love all the whimsical bugs.... the bees, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs.... I guess that really narrows it down hunh!? Anyway thanks for introducing me to the site, this was my first visit but I will be back....

[email protected]

Cheryl Sims

I love so many of these stamps but the angel guide stamp sticks out and also "Guess what, chicken butt?" makes me laugh. Thanks for a fun time looking thru these stamps.
Cheryl Sims


Oh my, to pick just one!? I have been eyeballing them ever since I saw them here and trying to decide which one(s) to get. I was thinking I would download the catty but geesh...... that is a lot of trees! So, to pick one- I am going to go with Mudzie's Predicament- it is just hilarious and who has not tried something like that with their tongue? Come on, admit it! The door handle, car handle, yeah- you know you have! It just makes you giggle!


My favoire is a toss up between Anthony James and Time Well reminds me of all the great times spent at our cabin. Thanks for continuing to inspire and sharing!


Angela H.

I am a sucker for snowmen, Love the give me a hug snowman here!!! Cute stuff!!


I had fun lookin at those stamps. I like the heart butterflies. And there are some scriptures that were good too! Great giveaway, Julie! Thanks for a chance!

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

First impressions just hit hard -- and "I Dunno Ducky" just keeps coming back at me! I love how he is just so _useful_ for all sorts of cards, and so freakin cute... and I think I saw a neat tutorial using him, once... so he just stays with me (and I would REALLY like him to stay with me, so I hope I win ;^)*


I couldn't narrow it down to just one. I love so many. I really would love the Picket Fence - as I think that would go with so many of the people stamps. Frog Gift and Anthony James are also up there on the top of my wish list, as is Golfer Rudy.

Lots to choose from, lots to choose.

I also recently got a nice little bundle of stamps from there a couple of weeks ago - but it hasn't really shortened my wish list. LOL. I just want a ton of stamps from High Hopes. Any help with my addiction would be super appreciated. :)


My first favorite is one of the "HOTP" ones. It's the word stamp next to the chickens (which I really like and have to get one of to go with this other one....) It has the words that my daughter thinks is SO FUNNY! "Guess what ... Chicken Butt"! I had to laugh out loud on that one! She's 14 and if she can still laugh at something that simple - I'll take it! LOL! My next favorit is a toss up between two, Liberty and Belle or Sammy and Patriot! I would have a tough time choosing so would have to buy both ;o) I think these would be perfect for cards to make and send my brother who is leaving for Iraq the beginning of December! Thanks for the invitation to look at the great stamps!


I have just recently discovered High Hopes and I absolutely love them! They are great designs and they ink up and stamp great!
I love the Inuit stamps. My next one I want to get is "catching snowflakes"
Thanks for this opportunity! I am so excited!


Ok, that was tough!! But I love all the Moose stamps!! My husband declared last night that my Patronus (from Harry Potter) would be a Moose!! Anyway, I think Mudzie's Predicament has to be my absolute favorite because it makes me think of growing up in Maine, and the movie "A Christmas Story" all wrapped up!

Thanks for the fun, and getting me to go look. Gotta order me up some Moose!


Wahoooooooo......these stamps are so cute!
I just got some stamps a few weeks a go and I'm really in love with them! And....Tina is great!! She has a good service so I will place many more orders in the future.
Right now at this point I'm into Angels! I already have got 2 angels but I really love to have Kathy Quilting Angel in my collection! She is so sweet, making a quilt for those cold days which are coming now...brr...!

Chelsey Navratil

I love the one of baby jesus hugging teh amb. its such a precsious image and can be used on baby or Cmas cards.


I love all the beaver stamps - they are too cute! Plus I grew up in the Beaver state (Oregon!)

Linda SS

What awesome blog candy - I love High Hopes stamps. My Best for Him is one that I hadn't seen yet & it's sure cute. I also love the tap dance girl.

Melissa Roth

They are all so cute. A couple of my favorite newer ones are Winging It & Silly Goose. I'd be thrilled if I win:)


SOme cute stamps there. Always good to check out other suppliers to see what they may have - enjoyed the stroll through the catalog. Think my fav. is Ocsar Alley Cat - my daughter is in LOVE with cats and this would tickle her pink to have. Also liked the Large Fluffy Ewenice.


The boy with the frog on page 7 is the cutest thing out. That would look great on a birthday card for boys.
Here's a few more that caught my attention
Q-012 Irish blessing pg.10
M-003 United in Love pg.11
M-001 Better than one pg.12
r-057 He Lives. pg.26 this one I'd LOVE to have. add H-137 and you've got a great card.

J-057 Better Quickly pg.64 (too too cute!!!)
Q-019 Valerie's Nurse Angel pg.66 (this would go well with the Better quickly for a great card)
Everything on page 84 to 87 has me drooling!!!!
Pg 93, 94, 95 I'd LOVE to own ever one of those!!!
pg. 103 Labor of Love is seriously cute!!

Thanks for pointing out this wonderful site! I'm seriously thinking about those Christmas stamps now!!! Hope my list didn't overwelm you.


You have some amazing goodies!

Great catalog too; I browsed and found many that I like, but I really like Raindrops Ribbit! It is so cute.

Thanks for the chance.

Josephine Paolillo

Toboggan sledding is my fave!

Rachel V.

So many cute stamps, but I just fell in love with Mudzie's Gift T-030 on pg J-4!! Thanks for the chance at this generous PIF.


I love so many of the stamps. I don't have any yet, but hope to get some. One of favorites is the MOOSE! How sweet for you to share with your readers this sweet giveaway. Thanks for a chance.
[email protected]

Donna Baker

ooh - awesome giveaway, Julie!! My favorite is the Meowy Christmas, I love that the kitty's santa hat is bigger than its body! too cute

Heather B

My favorite has to be Henrietta's Backside and the Guess What Chicken Butt saying. So many of the stamps are very cute but these two put a smile on my face.
thanks for a chance to win.
Heather B -stampingpsycho


Funny! I just placed an order with High Hopes yesterday -- my favorite that I *didn't* get yet will have to be Sm. Guard Duty Rudy (S-078). He's so cute!!

Thanks for the chance to win!!

Amber Callahan

They are adorable. Hard to pick just one. although there are many I do think Snow Angels and Aunt Marge's Garden, but there were many others. Thanks for showing us that website.

Melanie aka Batgirl

ok I loved Sweat Saviour and Follow the Stars! so cute! I also love that they are a Canadian companey!

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