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October 22, 2007



These stars are wonderful- but I want to try making the Moravian Paper Stars that use paper strips and create a 3D star suitable for ornaments. My Norwegian grandmother dipped the finished star in melted parafin and sprinkled with glitter. Is there a better product available to stiffen paper than parafin? My online search led me to your video- I'm glad because we'll make 6 pointed stars, too, but I want to recreate grandma's craft and I hope you can help me.

term paper writing

The good thing about your information is that it is explicit enough for students to grasp. Thanks for your efforts in spreading academic knowledge.

Gwen Mangelson

I hate to admit I have dial up and no time to watch your video but I would love to know what to use to "stiffen paper"


Connie Collins

Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!


OMG!!! you did such a great job for a first timer. now i understand how to make those beautiful stars. thanks.
i do have a question though. is there a way to attach two together. maybe like leaving a flap or something to attach with sticky tape?

Sandy King



Julie, your videos were precise, clear and professional. Please continue to produce them as I think you could be our own star. Webisodes?? what webisodes? Lets visit Julies Blog!!!

Carole Beath

GREAT video. Very precise and crisply clear. Thanks...

Norma Davenport

Great tutorial. Now to go get paper and make those 6 pointed stars. Much nicer than the 5 pointed ones. And like you show so much less waste.


Wanda Vinson

I love your tutorial!! Please keep them coming. Now I'm off to make some stars!!


Great video- I tried to follow the print instructions but kept goofying up on the attaching part. Watching the video clarified for me!! I can't wait to show these to my customers at the Winter Wonderland workshop in a few weekends.

Sandy in NH

I think that was one of the nicest videos seen in a long time. Nothing got in the way of your hands and made it look so easy, which I'm sure I will have trouble with. Will have to watch a few more times! Thanks!



Thanks so much for this tutorial! I tried making one on my own without your step by step instructions and had a hard time. I still haven't figured out what step I was leaving out but this was very helpful!!!! That is awesome!


WoW thank-you for that awesome and explicit video, i did it along with after my first watch, you are the best, never mind the lisp.

Pam Conner

Julie....I loved this and I agree, the six point is much prettier!!!

Great video...keep them coming please!

Pam (from Splitcoast Stampers forum)

Lucy G. Henson

Wow, I am going to make a six point star right now. I like it better too. thanks for sharing, Lucy G


Wow! Thankyou so much! I rally appreciate you taking the time to do this video. Please do more,k?

Kathy Marvin

This was an excellent tutorial! Thank you so much! I will be telling everyone to check it out! I appreciate the time & effort you put into this to share with us... You ROCK!


Thanks so much! This was very nice and I would love to see more


This is a great tut!!!
Thank you so much. Now I have some confidence to try this star......I LOVE IT!!!
Can you tell?

Diane Lapointe

Wonderful video's so much nicer than a 5 point star!!! Thanks for the tutorial!! It's a TEN!!!!

Darlene Castor

It was great, good clear instructions, I would love to see more of these...thanks!


Great job! Thanks for taking the time to put this on video, it was so very worth my time to watch. Thanks again.


Thanks for the video! I am a "visual learner", so this really helped me understand the directions much better Now maybe my stars will look more like stars!


Thank you so much - great video!


Great tutorial! Congratulations on the first video tutorial.


This is way too cool! You are a gem when it comes to the video! I hope to see more! Thanks


OMG! How awesome is that? It's priceless!

Anne McIntosh

Julie - Great job! Would never have guessed it was your first attempt. I now have a much better idea on how to do both stars. Think I prefer the 6 pointed one now that I've seen the waste! Thanks again

Sue Ann

Great video Julie...I made some of the 6 point stars last year they are really nice hanging from a chandelier. I took the little "waste" triangles rolled them into little tubes and put them inside of glass Christmas ornaments. I'll dig them the ornaments out of my Christmas box and post a photo on my blog so you can see them:
So don't trash the little triangles!


Please make more vidoe tutorials - very, very helpful! Thank you

Jessica SCS: Jessicafawn

GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!! I will be making them now... I honestly thought it would be much harder. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


Thank you so much for taking the time !! This is a great video -- that is not what I imagined your voice to sound like !! The star looks so beautiful!

Darlene Cope

I have enjoyed reading your blog(I so appreciate your creativity)and I wanted to tell you what a nice job you did on the video! The instructions were very precise and your enunciation was very clear. Keep it up! You have a gift!

Darlene Cope

I have enjoyed reading your blog(I so appreciate your creativity)and I wanted to tell you what a nice job you did on the video! The instructions were very precise and your enunciation was very clear. Keep it up! You have a gift!

Darlene Cope

I have enjoyed reading your blog(I so appreciate your creativity)and I wanted to tell you what a nice job you did on the video! The instructions were very precise and your enunciation was very clear. Keep it up! You have a gift!


Loving the S's Julie...reminds me of the beaver from Lady and the Tramp.


Love the video! It is always so much nicer to see it being made than trying to figure it out from the written least for me! Thank you so much for the tutorial!! :0)

Betsy Z

Way to go, Julie! You'd never know it was your first sounded just great! And the French manicure was beautiful, lol! Very impressive...I'm so glad you did this.

Thanks so much for a great, easy-to-follow tutorial!

Mo Moss

Julie, you did a great job. I love you work and your dry humor. It is always fun!!! Thanks

Barb g

Hi Julie, I love the video...thanks so much for the great 'visual'.
Barb g


EXCELLENT! Thanks for showing us how easy it is to make something so classy looking. The only thing I wish was different is if you had put the dimensions of the paper you used in the text of the blog. I was so focused on the tutorial that the details of size of paper got.

Karen (aka Karen Stamps! on scs)

Wow! What an amazing tutorial. You really make this look so easy. I'm not great at following written instructions for this kind of thing, so the video really helped. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to make this video and post it. And I have to agree with you about 5 vs 6 point stars.


Thanks so much for this tutorial Julie, it's perfect! I had quite some oooh and ahaaa moments;o)


Great tutorial- I could have used this last night as I pondered this but i got it anyways. Love these!


What a great tutorial! I have to make this beautiful 6-point star later on today!
Don`t hesitate to do more video tuorials!!! It is great!

Bianca from Germany!

Yvonne Carruthers

Awesome! Thanks very much. This is so clear Julie!


I LOVE this way of teaching! I am a very visual person so your idea of taping how to do these stars are way awesome. Thank you for taking the time to have a mini class on your blog. BTW, I am new to your blog. You can thank Debby M and Gwen M for sharing your site with me.

Helena from Spain

Thank you for your great video !!!!!!!! I understand now all what you explain in your older post. Thank you again for sharing
Marie-Hélène à Madrid

Angie Warren

I loved it!!!

Angie Warren

I loved it!!!

Angie Warren

I loved it!!!


Thanks for doing this video. You did a wonderful job. Especially for all of us who need visuals. lol I love to see a blog that has learning videos and shares with the rest of the creative world out there. You did great for your fist video. Ü


Love the tutorial, awesome job!!!

Jen Guarino

That was amazing! I am a total visual learner so that was great to be able to watch!

thanks for your hard work on that.


That was awesome!!!! I've totally gotta try it!

NancyS (momsnack)

Great tutorial - when I read the written instructions I wasn't sure exactly in what direction the staple went - Thanks so much for your excellent directions.
NancyS (momsnack)

Pam C.

Way cool video!! You did an awesome job!


WOW - thanks for the great tutorial - you make it look so easy and fabulous. Will look forward to seeing more "live" tutorials.


WOW - thanks for the great tutorial - you make it look so easy and fabulous. Will look forward to seeing more "live" tutorials.

Pam Schwartz

You're tutorial is great. Very concise and easy to understand. It was so helpful. Would love to have more of these. Thanks a bunch.


Super-duper! Thank you soooo much!!!

Diane K

I'm So Impressed!! I agree with ALL the above comments. Also, it's wonderful to hear your voice, to go with the picture and the wonderful posts I've been enjoying for more than 9 months. It'll now be like you are talking to me when I read your blog. Yes, please do more!


Great tutorial! More videos please :)


You are a blessing with a video which is outstanding and directions which even I can follow and not feel challenged in a craft endeavor! Thank you and do more.

Joanne... the holy mackerel-er

HM! What an awesome teaching technique that you have. It was perfect and I love the sss's! I think you did that on purpose to help disguise your voice..LOL!!


great job with the really helps make things more understandable! keep up the great work!

Melinda Brein

Wonderful video! Thank you for showing how to do that .... I have been trying to figure it out .... you rock! I'm going out right now and trying it!!!!


Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making this wonderful video tutorial. I just want to say how much I appreciate it. I'll be trying out the 6 point stars, they are gorgeous! THANK YOU!

Melissa (SCS: stampin_melissa)

Wow, great job Julie! Thanks for putting this to video! You make it look so easy! LOL!


Great video, Julie! I think it adds a lot to see something made, step by step. The only thing I would change is that I'd rather see your face in the beginning as you talk than watch your hands gesture to nothing. It sorta made me think of a disembodied head! ;-) lol Anyway, thanks for showing us the stars. Great addition to your already wonderful site.


The video was sooo worth my time. I had printed off your directions and was going to try it with just those, but now I'm going to sit right here and do it along w/the video. Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks Julie! Your video tutorial was so easy to understand. Great resource, and I'll be back. Please make more :-).



The Oscar goes to . . . well, anyway it is a great tutorial. Easy to understand and follow along and I felt I understood the process better than when I try to read the instructions.


Julie, that was totally awesome!


Great video! :) Thanks!


Wow, Julie!!! Great job!!! Very easy to follow and a perfect tutorial. Please make more!


I LOVED the video!!! You made the directions seem so easy. Definitely liked the 6-point start better! Thanks so much!!!

Joan Hajek

Wow Juwie this is gweat! You wascawwy wabbit you! I want to make a bunch to decowate my house fow Chwistmas!!!!

(this is me talking in a Elmer Fudd lisp!)

Diane Cooper

Great video! Well worth it!


WOW Julie! That video was fantastic! Thank you so much! PLEASE make more!! I think that you went at a perfect pace and I could hear you clearly and you gave just the right amount of instructions not overdoing it and not underdoing(is that even a word!!) it!
Thanks again!

June Ferguson

Way to go Julie! You get a 6-point GOLD star for your very first video tutorial! It was excellent, and I hope to see more!
Thanks so much!

Jana Weaver

Great tutorial Julie! Not sure if it was just my internet but seemed to take a while to load, but once loaded it ran perfectly and you did a phenomenal job of explaining! Thanks!!

Chris Mott

10, 10, 10 Julie this is an awesome video. i know when my stampin up lady gave this demo, i was not sure I could do it again...Awesome job. I am saving to try this later. Love your tutorials!!!! Chris


This video was VERY helpful, I'm a very visual learner so this was just what I needed for them. I honestly thought before the video that they were more complex than this but now I see I could whip these up in no time! Thanks so much!


I really like your video tutorial, it compliments the written instructions so well, and now I have actually seen the process I will definately attempt it myself, the 6 point star is lovely :-)


I think it was great to see one made, I too had never seem it done... It makes it nice to see it... TY:0)



Thank you so much !
Great video


Fabulous tutorial Julie! I had never seen one done before. I agree, the six point is much nicer and classier, and actually easier in my opinion. Thanks! Now off to make one! :-)

Cindy Keery

Great video tutorial!! I love it! I'll definitely give that star a try now that I see how it is made. I find it much easier to follow a tutorial if it's on video. Plus it's fun to hear your voice... it's a lot more personal than just reading a blog. Thanks for doing that for us!!

Cheryl Sims

Julie, What a great video and it was way worth it!! I hadn't been able to figure out how to make the 6 point star so really, really appreciated you taking the time to show us how to make it. Thank you.

Julie Lohr


I love the tutorial, it was clear and precise. Thank you.



Thanks for the video. It is really nice to see it actually made. I had a customer asking about the 5-point star that is pictured in the catalog so I now I can show her both the 5-point and the 6-point stars. Thanks.

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