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October 08, 2007



Thanks for the tutorial. I've been looking for this info for a few weeks, and finally got it on your blog. I am forever grateful!

Lois Cooper

How did the cards compare? I have been using the crayons but not the markers.

Sonia Jones

Great tutorial. I do not have copics but i do have promarkers and i also use watercolour paper 230gsm's for these. I don't have SU's either but to be honest not sure what these are either. Soniaxxx


Thanks soooo much for this great tutorial!! I can't wait to try this out, and see if I can get the same look! With all the money you just saved me, I plan on loading up on LOTS of watercolor paper :)

Hetty Jones

This is GREAT!! thank you for sharing and for showing the step-by-step process. I thought there had to be a way of getting colour gradation with SU! markers, but you have saved hours of trial and error frustration. YEAH! Now I will be experimenting with my markers for the next little while.

Literate Housewife

Where has watercolor paper been all of my life????? Thanks for saving me so much money! You can get the whole set of SU markers for the cost of one copic set. Great value!

Kris Gilbert

Holy Cannoli, you just convinced me to invest in some watercolor paper!!!! BEEEEAUTIFUL!

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More & more people know that blog are good for every one where we get lots of information any topics !!!


Thanks so much for this tutorial. I can't wait to try it out. I already have all the SU markers/stamp pads and refills and don't plan on buying Copics - except for some of the skin tones for coloring my Magnolia stamps... thanks a bunch!

Donna MacDonald

Great tutorial. I am always practicing my watercolouring technique - you are right - you get better the more you practice! I don't have Copics either - I often think about purchasing them, but because they are so expensive, will stick with my S-U markers for now.

Karla Reader

You are my hero. I love your work and this tutorial was so helpful to me. I am often drawn to the cards done with the copics, yet felt I could never do them. Now I can try. :) You are a very talented individual. Thanks for generously sharing your amazing abilities with us.


I have got to try this....thanks for sharing it with us!!


I finally tried this! Took me months but I never got it out of my head. Mine didn't turn out as well as yours and I'm new to shading. Thanks for the tutorial. Since I can't shell out for copics, this is the next best thing :)

I appreciate you.


Great job with this tutorial. I don't have copics either and doubt that I will be getting them - for quite a while at least

Kerry P

Thanks for such a great tutorial! I've been pricing Copics for about a week now and it was on my to buy list, but now I can save my $ for a rainy day. I have everything but the water color paper! Mahalo!

Teri Tapay

What a great tutorial.I have SU markers I bought and now I want to learn how to color with them, how do you know where to shade.Is their a book that shows how to color simple objects and shade correctly?

Angela (SCS monkeymama)

Fabulous job with your tutorial! You really make it look easy, but I have it in my head that I "can't" color. I will have to give it a try! Thank-you!


Wonderful tutorial. The pictures and the text make perfect sense. Thank you for giving me another wonderful way to use my SU! markers. I do not ever plan to purchase copics. It's nice to know I can continue to expand my horizons with what I have. Fantastic job and thanks for sharing!!!

Karen W

Thank you SO much for this great and detailed tutorial! WOW - you do a fantastic job with your coloring! Just beautiful. I found your site via SCS. Thank you for the effort you put into this tutorial. Sure appreciate it!
Thanks - Karen (aka klwco on SCS)

Cindy C.

Misty, your comment was uncalled for. Julie has put so much effort into this tutorial and everybody appreciates it. Not everybody has $500 to pluck down for a set of Copics for the sake of "vibrancy." Many want their bank accounts to stay vibrant. Thank you Julie for a great tutorial and helping others to work with what they have.


That is a great tutorial but there is no way you get the vibrancy as you do with copics. Yes you get the shading, but the copic quality gives you a much better result. Water based ink plus water makes the color watered down.


WOW... Absolutely amazing. My stamping budget is tight tight tight... This will make what I do have go a long long way. Thank you so much.

Jaunice Minor


this is great, I wonder if the results are similar to the sugerloaf/whispers markers?

teresa kline aka  va.sunshine

Thank you for this wonderful info. I am about to order some copics. I want the colors that match su in colors. It is such a bummer that su does not offer the in colors in the markers. don't ya think? Thank you agian, Teresa*~*

Michelle NH

Thanks for the lesson! Your web site is terrific! Found it via SCS.

Alison Shiloh Wear

thanks for the tips, Julie! I have recently joined a marker club, and now I'm looking forward to trying out my Many Marvelous Markers on watercolor paper.


this is great! thanks so much! :)

Deena (moonrise)

Wow! Fabulous tutorial! I do not own any Copics and I keep telling myself I don't need them! Thanks for demonstrating a more affordable alternative!


Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial!! I hope you don't mind if I put a link to your tutorial on my blog. I love the look of Copics, but I just can't justify spending that on them when there are so many stamp sets that I want. Thanks again!

Julie Kaehler

Thanks for the great tutorial Julie. I have to tell you that I really appreciate that you haven't gotten on the Copic bandwagon. I don't have anything against Copics but most of us have a full set of markers already and it's great to see that the same look can be accomplished without the added expense. I just used the watercolor paper at my technique club on Friday and the ladies loved it. It is great paper!
Thanks again for inspiring so many of us. I just don't know how you find the time.
Julie Kaehler


WOW!!! this is a great tutorial, I am always in awe on how they color images and just showing this makes me want to try it. Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial.


I'm so glad for this information. I am a relativley new Stampin Up customer, and I had asked my demonstrator if she knew anything about how the Copics compared to the Stampin up markers. She found me this, and I am impressed...gotta go put in my order....

Ms. Crafty If You're Nasty

i hope you don't mind, but i've put a link to this tutorial on my blog... until now, i hadn't been impressed with demos i've seen of the markers, but you've sold me on a set! amazing work... you're very talented...


I love this. Thanks for sharing. Now I just need to get the SU! markers and get started.


Michelle Gray

This such a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!


This is wonderful informtion!! I was just trying to "use my SU! markers as copics" the other day by blending them with a blender pen but I wasnt as successful as you were with the aqua painter. I'll have to give your way a try and hope for better results! Thanks so much for sharing the information and for saving me some $$.

Mel M. M. M.

YOU are so so so so SO amazing! This is the best. I have to get some watercolour paper A.S.A.P. Thanks for sharing your creative genius! :0) Mel


What a wonderful tutorial! I am definitely coloring challenged. I own a whole set of the markers (the older ones) but I have never been brave enough to try the shading as you have demonstrated. I will get some watercolor paper and give it a try!!!! Thank you for the inspiration! You did a great job!

Michelle B

Wow, I was so excited when I saw this but I don't own the SU markers either. So...I used what I had which was blender pens and ink spots and was able to get a similar effect with little effort. Thanks so much!! You can see my first attempt at (Sorry, should have picked a larger image to color and need photography lessons!).


What a fabulous tutorial - thanks so much for sharing your tips - I don't have Copic markers, thought I might need them but now see that I don't. You just saved me $ - well until I spend it on anything SU! LOL


Wow, I just read this! Thank you, thank you! you saved me tons of $$ because I have the SU markers, aquapainter & just love them! But recently been thinking I need to copics... now I'm soooo happy cuz I can just be content with my SU markers!
Love ya! Letty

Deborah Golan

Fantastic tutorial! Your technique certainly is top notch! Thanks! Deb


Where do I get the water paper from?


THANKS SO MUCH!!! This technique is just what I've been looking for to use with my SU Markers!!! WOW!


Wonderful tutorial! I am so glad that you showed me a way to achieve this same look! I have only the SU! markers , although I would love the Copics, I am not able to purchase them at this time! I may not have to now!!! Christina


Wow! I have only admired how great the Copic images looked, and have not even considered buying them. BUT, if I only need to buy an aquapainter and some WC paper, I might consider it! I may have to ask my demo to show us this at card club. Thank you so much for taking your time to try and post all of this.
God bless!

Debbie Olson

WOW, Julie! You did a fabulous job on this! Great coloring and process explanation!


Thank You Thank You! I've been going back and forth with the Copics I really want them but heck they are ALOT of money, being a stay at home mom that is not an option really for me unless I save up for an eternity. Very Cute Card!! I have a resident cowboy at my house, this little guy reminds me of my lil' cow poke!


Thanks for the great tutorial! I have been going back and forth on the Copics and haven't wanted to shell out the big bucks for them. I'm going to give your method a try. I'll post once I get around to it.


Thank you for this tutorial. I am just learning the many ways to use markers, for a series of classes I'm doing. This gives many practical details for doing a beautiful colouring job. I love your card, by the way, that little guy is very cute.

Ms Lis

Thank you so much you saved me a bundle


Great tutorial! It's like a Coloring 101 refresher... Santa brought me some copic sketch markers for Christmas, however I still want to be able to use and demo SU markers and show that you can achieve similar results... Thanks for sharing!


What a great tutorial. It's exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!!!


You are quite simply - brilliant!! Thanks for this!


Silvia (stampinsilvia)

SUPER SWEET TUTORIAL!!!! I lvoe lvoe lvoe the copics, but can't afford them or use them in my workshops...thanks for the awesome tutorial!!!

Angela Beattie

Your tutorial has given me some good ideas for getting the best out of stamping - you've shown some good techniques that I'd never thought of using, even though I've got all the required tools just sitting here waiting to be used to their full potential. thanks for your helpful tutorial.

Amber H.

I finally got these to work for me! Takes practice!! Here is mine:

Ann C.

I have been stamping and coloring with colored pencils & markers, card making & scrapbooking since about 1992. Way back when, this was one of the few ways to use stamps! I am really happy to see you put this tutorial out for everyone to see how easy it is to shade without expensive products. Sure, the Copics are beautiful, but how many people have that kind of money to put down for them? You can make beautiful cards with less expensive markers!

Regina Davis

Thanks for posting this fabulous how-to! When I saw your tutorial, I flashed on a workshop that I went to years ago where this technique was demonstrated. I hadn't done this for a very long time. Care to see my card?


Thank you beyond words for sharing this wonderful technique!!!! The copics are so darn expensive and I just cannot afford them! This gives the same look, a wonderful alternative!!! You are a genius!!!


WOW... you are amazing! Thanks SO much!! I doubt I'll EVER color this well, but I'm goign to try for sure! YOU ROCK!!!


Great tutorial. I had never thought of using the markers on watercolor paper. Great idea! I will have to try that. I love the SU watercolor paper. The ones I bought elsewhere weren't the same weight and I wish I would have known.

Julee T.

What an awesome tutorial. Off to try it out. Thanks! :)


Me again... I just wanted to let you know taht I LOVE your card. The coloring, layout and colors are perfect. ;)


Wow this is an awesome tutorial, I was ready to give in and order Copic markers until I saw this. Thanks for saving me $600, that's more I can spend on stamps... LOL


Thank you so much for the tutorial! This is awesome! I can't wait to try it =).


Your card looks fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing this great tutorial. I have been looking everywhere for instructions on how to do it.


Julie - this tutorial ROCKS! I will definitley have to try this out as I have been debating about getting some Copics. Thanks!

Leslie Miller

I LOVE coloring with markers! So easy and, oh my gosh, you got FABULOUS results! Wow! Look how absolutely adorable this card is!!

Bethany Paull

THANK YOU!!! In the past, I've used my markers to highlight what I've watercolored with classic inks. But this is so much better! Bolder! Your tutorial and final project are amazing. I did a quick card with your technique (posted to my blog today) and I can't wait to have a little more time to put into another try.


Wow, thanks for the great tutorial! I to look at the copic's and wondering I can recreate the same thing with my SU product. Now I can! Thank you!

Bethany Paull

Wow! This is awesome! I've been putting off buying Copics, trying to satisfy myself with the idea of Prismacolor markers, etc, etc, etc. I will have to try this. THANKS!

michelle giraud

Great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn King (Cammie)


What a great idea on how to blend with SU markers...wowza! TFS!


LeAnne Pugliese

Oh, this is wonderful! Thanks so much--I have been having a lot of fun playing. It has opened a brand new world of watercoloring.

Jamie Morris

Julie thank you so much, I have gone back and forth with buying copics, but I won't be buying them now!!! You are awesome.

Marci Howe

Hi Julie,

Great tutoiral! I can't wait to try the technique for myself. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the tip!


Super Renee!!! Beautiful colouring - and thanks for the great info!!! super!

deb from SCS


What a wonderful tutorial! Thanks so much, Julie!!!

Patti Chesky

Here's a link to mine. It took a long time but I love the effect. Thanks for the tutorial!!!

Jan Hunnicutt

Your coloring is wonderful and this card is just so cute, i love it!

Donna Baker

you're one SMART cookie, tfs this info!!!

Heather C

Wow -- this is soooooooo cool!!!! I am so going to try this. Thanks for this great tutorial!!!


EXCELLENT!!! Thanks for sharing your tutorial! I'll definitely try this with my SU markers. I've been eyeing the Copic's, but just could not see buying them when I have a perfectly good set of SU markers that don't get used all that much!


Erin K


I LOVE your coloring!!!

gonna pull out my WC paper and work with this tonight.


wow this looks amazing!!! TFS :)

Patti Gingrich

Outstanding! I couldn't agree more with you about the Copics and am simply thrilled that you shared this! Thanks sooo much!!!!


Thank you so much for sharing this! I've also been thinking about how I could possibly spend that kind of money on Copics but REALLY tempted. I only have a few SU! markers but I'm sure a few is enough to try! Thankyou!!!

cheryl crawford

Julie thank you so much for posting this tutorial, can not wait to try.

Gina Pierce

I have been dying to get copic markers but just cant swing the cost- I cant wait to run into teh craft room and give this a try- I never thought of using the aqua painter with teh SU markers! Greta Job- Great Blog! Thanks so much!

Jody L.

Awesome job Julie!!


Julie, you are a genius!! Thanks for sharing this amazing tutorial. I can't afford the copic markers either. I can't wait to try this.

Michelle M

Wow what a great card! Thanks for sharing.


Yeah! Thanks so much! I too can't shell out the big $$$ for copic, but I already have the SU markers. Thank you thank you thank you for your tips. I love the watercolor look and have been slowly phasing out my markers because I couldn't figure out how to lighten them. helped!


Thanks for this. I never thought I needed them either. Too much $$$$. Glad you agree.

Bonnie aka raduse

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I'm doing mine as I read and hope to upload something suitable tonight. What an awesome tutotial!

mary puskar

I sure am glad to hear someone say "not all of us can afford Copic Markers." I love this stamp and paper work. I was a dollmaker, quilter, and sewer for over 50 years. But I don't know how all these gals afford to have every punch, every marker and every line of paper known to man not to mention thousands of stamps. I really would like to see someone address this issue because I think it could be a turn off for beginners or people that just don't have the funds. Thanks for letting me vent!!!


Ohhh thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial. I tried it out today, but I still need some practice. You rock!!

Beth M (scs ematson)

Great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing.

p.s. Love the card! That's one of my favorite images from HHRS.

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