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October 08, 2007



What a neat idea! You're so creative and such a go-getter. :) Thank you for this wonderful tutorial!

Cindy Beach

Thanks for the inspiration to try this!
I love being able to use what I already have. I've been working on this very idea using my WWcrayons. Here's a link
to the card I colored today using your technique with markers and then the same card colored again with crayons to compare.
Great technique! TFS


THIS IS FANTASTIC! I have been considering buying the copics now for a couple of weeks. But I really can't afford it right now and I already have the SU markers, so now I'm going to play, play, PLAY!!!


Robin (robth)

Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial!!! Can't wait to try this! Your cards are beautiful! I really enjoy readihg your blog--you are one talented lady!!!!


This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! I would much rather invest in the SU markers than Copics. Thanks for sharing!


What a great tutorial! I cannot wait to try this!


Great Job! Here's a few cards I did with SU markers that I just love!


Julie- I have wondered how people got this look and I am excited that I will be able to give it a try now with my markers and watercolor pen. Thanks for posting this! And of course, these images are just too darned cute.


Okay, so I totally forgot to say I absolutely ADORE that card!!! My DH is a dairy farmer, and it is such a perfect stamp for us! Wish I had it!! Great job! =)


OMWord!!!! I'm soooo excited to try this myself! I've only used the WCCrayons (love 'em!) with the SU WCpaper (LOVE it!)...and haven't even thought of using my SU markers! Of course, I am one of those who is in awe of the coloring people do with those Copics, and there is no way I can afford them...I'm SOO happy to see that I can give it a whirl with MY markers!!!


Diane G

Julie, you did an awesome job with your SU! markers. This guy is sooooo darn cute!

Liz in IL

I have Copics, but this is still so cool to see! You have some MAD coloring skillz, girl! :)

Gina K.

That is just wonderful! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!
Gina K.


Awesome job...I did some experimenting over the weekend and I wasnt trying and no way got the results you I will have to actually try to do it right.haha



Great card. I love the coloring. Thanks for sharing.


Wow! I never thought to blend the markers with an aquapainter :) Love love love it! Now I am desperate to get home and give it a go to see what I can come up with :) Your tutorial was wonderful and I am grateful for all the extra details you put in it. Copics are way out of my price range (if you think they are expensive in the US, they cost twice as much down here in Australia!!!) I do own the full set of SU markers and now I am going to have so much fun using them in the way you've shown us. Thank you so much :)

Sue Teed

thanks for the awsome tutorial! I couldn't justify buying the copics or prismas even on sale! I don't have all the SU markers yet, but this is worth a try even with what I have. Thanks so much!

Karen (stampin3)

WOW!! Both cards look awesome - I hope to put my markers to good use and achieve somewhat similar look!! beautiful job and thanks for the tutorial!!

Michelle Nadraszky

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy)

Hey Julie!! I had to laugh when I saw this, because I made my HH fall raccoon card with SU markers on WC paper, lol!! I started with an aquapainter, but ended up using my blener pen for most of it because I was just getting too much water with the painter. I guess great minds DO think alike!!

Linda McClain

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is fabulous. Yeah, I can't get the copics either, but thanks for helping feel less deprived and more enabled with the SU markers I do have. Yipee! Can't wit to try this.


This is so wonderful. I have not been that impressed with the Copics when they are in my hands and I can do this!! I really can. Tried it and was thrilled with the results! Thanks.

Becky A.

Excellent! Thank you so much! Blessings - Becky A.


Wow, Julie. Amazing job. Wished I've never bought those Prisma markers, which while not as expensive as Copics, still cost a lot. I never thought about using the markers on watercolor paper. Pure genius! Usually Canadian! (Just kidding, my American friends!)

Mo Moss

Boy, I was so close to taking the big bite and purchase some of the copics. I am so glad I did not. I knew you would come through with an alternative. I have them and I will really use them now, especially after this great tutorial. Hope you are still feeling ok. Keep us posted on when you have the surgery.

Mo Moss

Boy, I was so close to taking the big bite and purchase some of the copics. I am so glad I did not. I knew you would come through with an alternative. I have them and I will really use them now, especially after this great tutorial. Hope you are still feeling ok. Keep us posted on when you have the surgery.

Mo Moss

Boy, I was so close to taking the big bite and purchase some of the copics. I am so glad I did not. I knew you would come through with an alternative. I have them and I will really use them now, especially after this great tutorial. Hope you are still feeling ok. Keep us posted on when you have the surgery.

Erica Payne

I love this tutorial! Thanks for putting it together for us. I have this stamp so I will practice on that one first!


Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!


This is WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for sharing it with us all!

Bonnie W

THANK YOU, JULIE! I have been desperately wanting to buy the Copic markers but could not justify the cost. Your results with the SU markers are perfect and now that I am in a SU marker buy group, I will enjoy my purchases even more!


TFS! Fantastic tutorial and shot. off to order some wc paper


Thanks Julie for the informative tutorial!! I have watercolor paper, but have never used it LOL. I have noticed that regular cardstock pills up when I use the blender pen or aquapainter. Can't wait to try this! Thanks again and cuuuuuuuute card!!!

Kendra Giles

great info julie! thanks!

Kendra Giles

great info julie! thanks!


Many thanks for putting SU markers into good use. I have no interest in copic markers. I've got my $$ invested in SU watercolor crayons and plan to get a lot usage out of them. Your demo and card is just wonderful!!!! Thanks for taking the time to post this tutorial.


You are my hero!!! I love my SU markers, but don't use them that much. Now I will! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this tutorial!!!!


I love how you are always trying to achieve the latest trends with money saving ideas. First the scalloped circle, now this! TFS

Clara Rubalcaba

Whoa ...

(yup, that's all I've got to say!)


Thank you so much for putting out this tutorial. I think the markers and watercolor crayons are the best - just takes a little time and planning to get the right shading. You did a terrific job.

Charlene Austin (SCS - Willow01)

Really and truly AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing. I wonder if my WC paper is good enough. Oh and I need an aqua painter but that's no prob! Thanks again.


That's it, your my hero. Thanks for the great tutorial!



I love how you find alternatives for all us. Thanks for putting this together.

Diane Cooper

That is great- I will be trying that tomorrow for sure!
The first time I ordered SU watercolour paper I nearly died laughing when I opened up the package... I didn't read in the catty that the papers were so small! I assumed they were the regular size. Anyway I found a pad of watercolour paper at Lee Vally Tools that was insanely cheap, and it works wonderfully for the WC crayons, so I will try it with the markers and let you guys know. I am not sure what the weight of the paper is...
Oops, I guess as a SU demo, I shouldn't be giving out these secrets! :)


Great tutorial & great watercoloring. Thanks!chris


Love it Julie! That is so awesome, and thanks for taking the time to do the tutorial. I refuse to jump on the copic bandwagon; I simply can not justify that much money for markers??? Plus, the fad will be over in a bit anyway, and something else will come along. I'll take your way any day!


You are awesome! This is sooo inspiring, I'm gonna have to try this!


Wow, that is fantastic!! Thank you so i just need more markers!

Kelly S

Jenny (Penelope Pitstop)

I am SO Loving you right now. I have resisted buying into the copic craze and I am so glad I have. Great tutorial--now, where did I put that watercolor paper???


Hi Julie...Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial and showing us how to use our wonderful Stampin' Up products that we already own. I can't justify spending money on similar products that I already own. You did a great job and the card is absolutely adorable!


Lori M

Thanks for sharing Julie! I have been using my SU markers to color and trying things so they look similar. I am not in a position to spend $600 for markers!!!! And who knows, maybe someday the price will come down!!!


Your coloring is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! I doubt that my coloring will ever be as great as yours, but you have inspired me to try! Thanks!


Julie, this is terrific. thanks for all your effort to make this tutorial happen so quickly!


Thanks SO MUCH!! I will start using my watercolor paper more for coloring!!!

Great Tutorial.


Deb Wood

Wow, this is really awesome and the card is just so dern cute! Thanks for sharing!

Deb Wood

Wow, this is really awesome and the card is just so dern cute! Thanks for sharing!

Deb Wood

Wow, this is really awesome and the card is just so dern cute! Thanks for sharing!


I cannot say thank you enough for this. I'm not able (or willing) to purchase the Copics and am THRILLED that someone has taken the time to show this. Aqua Painters are on my list to order next.

Thank you SO much!

Katie Skiff

Thanks for sharing that info...I need a water pen now.

The card itself is adoreable!! Good work!!


Holly aka Toy

Julie.. I have to give you major kudos! I am a copic owner/lover and what you've done here is awesome. You really do show that SU! markers are a great deal for the dollar. I wouldn't give up my copics, but will definitely reach for my SU! markers more! Thanks for posting this!


Cindy Beach

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, I can't wait to try it.
Your card is adorable and the coloring makes those cute images seem to come to life.

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