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October 05, 2007



Sad to hear your review of photopolymer stamps. I agree that acrylic stamps of a lesser quality than Papertrey might be unpleasent to work with, but everything Papertrey Ink is made with the best quality materials available. I hope you will use your Papertrey Ink stamp set more and then make another review.

I LOVE Papertrey Ink stamps. I have stacks and stacks of SU stamp sets, but they are now beginning to be dust collectors. When I want to make a card I think about what stamps I will use and then 95% of the time grab my Papertrey stamps. I LOVE Nichole's eye for current and classic style. Also, the sets are sooooo...... versatile and easy to use.

A couple of tips when using photopolymer stamps: Lightly rub either a quality white eraser or a white sanding block on the stamps to give it some "teeth." This will help the stamp grab the ink as well as lessen the "squishy" feel. When you stamp your image, leave your stamp on the paper for a few seconds to allow the ink to absorb into the paper. If the stamps start to become unsticky, simply fill a small bowl with warm soapy water and give them a "bath" and air dry. The stamps will perform better the longer they are used. The storage of the photopolymer stamps speak for themselves. No matter how you slice it, you just can't beat stamp sets in CD cases!

I'm sorry the staining of the stamps bother you. I don't think I know an artist of any kind that has "new" looking tools. Art is messy. The project is what needs to look good........the tools are what help it to look good.

As for the price of the sets, I agree with a previous post, that if this was an SU set it would probably cost around $45 with shipping.

In February, Papertrey Ink started their own line of colored cardstock, patterned paper, ribbon, and ink ~ it's called Perfect Match. The cardstock is 110lb, the heaviest cardstock available in the industry! I have tried everything and it is the best, hands down.

I hope you will continue to use your Take a Bough's an awesome one and your card looks great.


I love PTI - the stamps are wonderful and great quality. I can understand the customs charges being annoying but I don't think it would be fair to ask her to ship it as a gift, that would be dishonest. I would have a problem with someone asking me to do that, just my 2 cents.

Sue Teed

Thanks alot for the review! I've been eyeing those stamps and have hesitated not knowing whether or not I would pay customs-that helps so much! I've had some mixed experiences with the acrylic stamps...I'm getting more into them, but find I have to be careful who/what I buy...many of the ones I've purchased don't work nicely with my dye inks at all which makes them hard to use as most of the 'colours' I have are the SU dye inks :) Some of the ones I have don't stamp nicely at all no matter what ink I use. Too bad, I love that you can see exactly where you are stamping. Thanks again!


I have to agree with you on acrylics. I've TRIED to like them but also don't like the squishy feel and they are hard to clean! But your card turned out great! thanks for sharing your experience. Now I know I'm not the only one who is rubber-biased!

Kim B

Sorry to read you don't like acrylics. I love them! I am both an acrylic and wood stamper and I like both of them. I do like how I can see exactly where I am stamping without an extra tool, especially when it is a two step stamp. Hopefully, you won't discount them forever. Both have there advantages and both have great designs.


I love acrylic stamps also and CTMH are my favorite. I like that you can see through them and how many stamps you can get for the price. Storage is awesome also.


Ouch on the customs fee. I never even considered it really. But your card is fabulous as always!

Laura roth

Your first card with this set turned out great. Thanks for the pro's and con's. :)


Too bad you have the customs issue. I LOVE Papertrey! I've used acrylics for years and LOVE them; started with CTMH. I use Ultra Clean to keep them clean, and I sort of like the slight darkening...reminds me that I haven't yet used a stamp! I love seeing through with acrylics too...and the bad press they've gotten due to lack of sharpness just isn't so. I have a very detailed CTMH stamp that is wonderful. Sorry about the Canadian connection.


It's too bad that you didn't care for the polymer stamps because your card is great! As for the staining, it was probably the ink you used. Some inks stain a lot worse than others. I can definitely understand the pain to the pocket book with customs, though. That would be really hard!


TFS your project and thoughts. I agree with your assessment and wanted to forewarn you to be careful of the stamps not sticking to the CD case after some use. I lost some of my "Paper Tray" stamps because the cd case came open and the stamps fell off. Just wanted to share that learning with you as well. Have fun playing. Your first card was beautiful as always.


Hi Julie . . . have to agree with your assessment of acrylic stamps. I purchased a few as I was lured by the idea of being able to see EXACTLY where the image would stamp but I find that the images are not as true as with rubber and you do have that swishy-slidy feel. The Stamp-A-Ma-Jig takes care of the location issue and I am happily rededicated to SU! TFS all your great idea! :)

Rose Ann

So glad you took the plunge, Julie! Your card is gorgeous!

Carol V

GREAT.....I knew I shouldn't have clicked on the "Take a Bough"....Now that is something else I want....and I don't like
unmounted stamps....but I want this!!!
Thanks for sharing your great talents.


As a fellow Canadian, I can truly relate to the extra border fees! They suck and make you think long an hard before ordering a set from the US!! The only upside right now would be the exchange you save due to how high our dollar is.

Luckily I live near the BC/WA border and can nip over the line sometimes. However, they sometimes still get you on duty, just depends on how much you spend and who you get at the border crossing.

I haven't ventured into acrylic stamps yet and am a bit hesitant to do so as I too love my wood ones. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Cindy Keery

Thanks for sharing your experience. It would be a total drag to get stuck paying that for one stamp set. :-| I love what you've done with the set, though. Your card is very pretty!

Natasha Trupp

As a fellow Canadian, I really feel for you on the "hidden costs" of buying from the US. Canadian customs has really been cracking down on imports. Unfortunately, it's a form of fraud for the US companies if they mark "gift" and the item is actually a purchase.

Something kind of interesting I've observed, if you have ordered flat stamps that come via US lettermail, you are less likely to be charged customs. It would seem the screening process is more thorough in parcelpost vs. lettermail.

On another note though, what do you imagine the equivalent price for an SU! set of this size would be? I'd wager it would be more than $45 CDN with shipping.

Dawn E.

Yep, I'm with you on not ordering much from outside of Canada. I ordered the Make A Wish set from GinaK and talked to her about marking it as "gift" but she said for legal reasons she couldn't. It's always a bummer when the mailman rings the bell to give me my stamps and then asks for more money in return...ugh!
Your card turned out lovely though! I'll stick with my SU! rubber too ;)


Hi Julie ..... such a lovely card! What a shame you have to pay customs on top of the price you would have paid for the set and shipping ...... that would end up working out much dearer for you then it would for me and I live in Aust .... we are lucky we don't get charged customs on that amount ... we have to spends heaps before that happens. I do like their stamps though.

Karen (Karen Stamps! on SCS)

Yeah, the border fees are a drag. It sort of makes it seem worth it to find others nearby who might be ordering and share on postage and customs fees.

I've ordered a couple of the sets and have enjoyed using them, though I find they work better with chalk ink. Unfortunately, I only have a few colours and am not willing to invest in a whole new array of inks.

I love your sweet little festive bough. Great card!

Diane Lapointe

It is a nice stamp,but like you said it is not worth it for us Canadians,it gets very pricy!! TFS your experience!!
Your card is lovely btw!!


Thank you for your opinions regarding Papertrey. I did not know that you are a fellow Canadian, Which makes your product review also very helpful in regards to the customs you paid.

Thank you

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