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November 13, 2007



Ouch poor little baby I tell you boys always keep there moms in the E.R. and running right?

Rose Ann

Ouch...that looks like it was pretty painful! Hope your little guy heals up well!


OOOHH the poor little guy, Hope it heals quickly!!


Oh My poor baby!!!! My daughter one had something really bad but not on her lips, it was on her forehead, goodness I was scary.
I hope he is feeling better now. Many hugs and kiss will cure him very soon.


Oh does this bring back memories! So you didn't get it checked out? If his tooth did go through his lip, like it looks like it did, you need to keep an eye on that tooth. It might end up changing colors.If this happens you should get it checked because that is a sign of injury to the root and maybe problems with his adult tooth later on. Give your little guy a kiss and a popsicle to help with pain and swelling. They love them both and they both help!


awwwww poor little guy, sure hope he is okay. I am sure it will be sore for a few days. Hope you have lots of popcicles on hand. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Andria aka: prairie mom

Oh my! Did he get stitches? I can't tell from the pics. That looks aweful!


Oh,ouch!! 'Sure hope he's feeling better soon! My son,(a much bigger boy), did much the same thing when he wiped out on his bike...except he broke his tooth too. Now that was painful...and costly!


OMG... how did that happen?

it looks painful....

Dawn Easton

Oh my goodness! Poor thing!

Joan Hajek

Ouchie! Poor baby!!!! Makes my lips hurt looking at him!!!! Lot's of popcicles!!!!


Awwwwww, poor little sweet pea! Thats a really BIG owie ~ thats sure to feel better after Advil, a nap and lots of mommy hugs and kisses Ü.

Chris Mott

Hope your little guy is feeling better. That looks like a nice ouchie!!Of course of little boys, it is cool!!! Girls, not so much!! he is a man


OH bless his little heart. I can't imagine how bad that hurt! If his tooth is loose or his gums bruise let a dentist look at him. I was told an accident like this could affect permanant teeth. Yes mine had this look once upon a time.

Amy Hoogstad

Poor little buddy!! My daughter did the same thing last week, it just breaks your heart. Hope he gets better really soon!


Ouchie!! Poor thing...hope he feels better soon. :0)


Oh my heavens, poor baby! I haven't experienced this (so far) in my journey through motherhood. I sure hope he is feeling and looking better soon!

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