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February 18, 2008


Marlou McAlees

hi there :) are you selling these tins as I live in uk Norhern Ireland and cant get them anywhere :( I wanted 3 for storing my kim hughes stamps :)


i dont live in the states but i would love to know where i could find there tins

Joan Hajek

I love the tins too! I bought some a while ago and wanted to make some notepad holders but have had a hard time finding any that fit it good without having to cut them. So I have been putting my unmounted in them with the EZ Mount. I need to take a photo and put it on my blog!
And I love that your Mom cleaned out your drawer! I think my Mom is scared to even set foot in my stamp room! So your Mom can come and stay with me in Maryland anytime for free and help me!!!! PLEASE!


Hi Julie

I too would be interested in the tins depending on the price, and if you have to order all 40.


Jan S

I am also interested in the DVD tins--all 40 of them. I am trying to organize all my unmounted stamps and these look perfect. I'd love to know where you got them from!

Andrea Brashier

I would love to know where you purchased these from as well. Right now I order empty CD jewel cases by the hundreds for a stamping group here in town & I think many of them would be interested in these since you can store EZ Mount stamps on both sides.


I could use 40 on my own, but would be interested in the details on a share.



I am interested in more information concerning the DVD tins..... THANKS!

Melanie W

Hi Julie

I would also be interested in the DVD tins. Are you able to get any other type of tins? Thanks Melanie

Laura Hit

Your mom is too cute!! Seriously - that is so sweet.


WANT TINS!!! Me want COOKIE too! Seriously, I live in the U.S. and am interested. Thanks!

Rhonda K.

I would be interested...are these the ones I have seen with the note pads in them? Great idea for stamp storage as well!

Joyce B

Awesome...I am interested, so keep me in mind.
Blessings, Joyce B

Carolyn Sharkas

Are these the same tins you can decorate and put the note pads and pens in? If so, I would be interested, too.

Michelle McDaniel

I have TONS of unmounted stamps that I'm trying to figure out how to store. These DVD tins look perfect! I'm VERY interested!! I do live in the U.S.

Denise Dillman

Definitely interested in the DVD tins!


I'd be interested in the tins!!


I also would be intrested in the DVD tins.

Marie Louise

Hi Julie,

I would be interested in the DVD tins also.
I live in the U.S. Also wondering if your mom makes house calls. My stamp room needs alot of help. Love your stamping.


Julie.. love the tins. Could they be used for something other than the stamps?! I would love to see what you could do with are SO creative!

Kris A

Wow, what a nice mom you have to sort your scraps! My mom is nice too when she comes to visit she cleans my house....dust the blinds, wipes the baseboards, all that deep cleaning stuff I never get too. I would love to know where you go the DVD tins too. I could use a large order of them myself. THANKS!


I would also be interested in finding out where you purchased them....

Thanks K


I'm interested in the details on the DVD tins. Looks like a great idea! :)


I would be interested in some of the DVD tins.


If I'm not mistaken, you can still buy the SU boxes but they are a supply item now! You might want to save all those tins for more creative purposes!


I'd be interested in a share of 'tin'. That's a great idea. Thanks!


I would love all the deets on those tins. Sounds like a great way to store stamps if you are space challenged.

Sue R

Hey Julie
I am definitely interested in the DVD's as well, but like Angie said at the top, I would like to know where you got them. I too could use all 40 of them if you don't mind sharing:)Thanks Julie

Angie J

I am interested in the DVD tins. But not so much a group buy. Can you share where you got them? I have SO many of my TAC sets that need a DVD case that I could use all 40 + some.


Lisa (crazycatstamper)

WOW! Your mom can come to my craft room ANY TIME! LOL!

Laura M.

From where did you order the tins? If you don't do a share, I'd like to order some on my own directly. Thanks!


Your mom is the greatest!! I am interested in the tins also. I really want to unmount my SU stamps, they take up sooooo much room and I am running out of space quickly!
You are also one heck of a stamper and I aspire to be like you one day!!


I too would be interested depending on the price.
Hugs from the kamperstampr
Come see my Picture Trail Site


I would be interested in the DVD tins.

Wendy Ellis

I might be interested. Give me an idea of cost to the US. Thanks.


Wow! Lots of goodies! Was the glitter fairly cheap? Also, you make me wish my mom was around now! Haha! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Campbell

Julie, the SU boxes are still available. They are under the supply list. They have medium, large, extra large and jumbo. Mary


Whoo hoo. Nothing like a good mom cleaning!


depending on the cost, I might be interested in the DVD tins.

Robbie Rubala

I would be interested in some. Not sure what the price would be since I am in the US.


Charlene H.

I may be interested in a few. I have some acrylic stamps that need a home. What size are these tins? Maybe once you get a set placed in the tin you could take a picture of it. I am curious to see how many stamps you could store in there.

Oh ya' can you send your mom over to my house! I actually bought one of those accordian file folders to start storing my scraps - just so it would be easier to find scraps by color family. I just haven't had time to do it yet. Maybe I need to go on a vacation and ask my mom to come over (hee hee).

Lesa Rapp

I would be interested in the dvd tin thing. I am thinking of unmounting all my Stampin'Up! stamps. You can still get the Stampin'Up! boxes though. It is a supply thing now just for the demo's. I am totally broke right now. I was wondering how much you got these for? Just so I can save up for them. Hee hee. You inspire me girl!

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