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March 31, 2008



Love it! I am going to pass it along to MANY friends-thanks. Thanks also for your great ideas. I always look forward to your posts.

Kaye W.

Too funny!! Please come to my house for private lessons for my DH and sons!!! And let us know when the cd is out for sale, you could sell tons!!!! Love your work and your sense of humor!


I need to sign my husband and his brothers and his father up! Enough room for 5? You are so----funny! I needed a good laugh today!


Where do I sign him up? And can they take the class more than once? LOL


Donna Ross

Oh my gosh! Have you been peeking in our windows! Where do I sign my husband up for these wonderful topics!!!


This is just too, too hilarious! Thankfully, my hubby doesn't fit in most of the categories!



Julie Lohr

This is soooo good. I love your new header.


Thanks for the laughs :) LOL!!

I must admit, my hubby is very good in a lot of the areas mentioned, but the remote, shopping and toilet paper replacement are some he could sign up for -- I on the other hand could use the cooking class as DH is the chef in our family as I HATE to cook (but I do mow lawns - LOL).


Julie pleze pleze wil u put theze on CD so i can get them for mi dh if u cud put them in a man flic so i can snec it in on move nite that wa he wont sa no i luv yor site and yor banr it iz buteful have a gr8 da


Jane Harrah

Julie, the new heading is wonderful. Like the long hair too!

Terri in Texas

Too funny! These should be required classes before the wedding. Julie, your new header is very pretty. I look forward to your blog additions everyday. Thanks for sharing.

Dana J

LOL! I love this one:
Class 6
Loss Of Identity--Losing The Remote To Your Significant Other.

When can I sign him up! LOL!


They also need classes for single men, like:

Marriage: It's not as scary as you think

Committment: You can commit to one woman for life


Would you believe my dad is the only one in the house that actually does fill and empty the ice cube trays!

Heather Pruder

Where do I sign up my MAN!!!


Julie, please sign my hubby up for classes 8 & 11 to begin with. If he passes those I will pay for some more~ ;-)


You forgot the class on caring for your own kids isn't Babysitting.......

Love the rest and will be signing up the hubs for the internet classes.


Just sent this to my hubby! Like your new banner!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper

Too, too funny. Thanks for sending a little sunshine on this dreary day.

BTW-- Your new banner is verrry nice!


Too funny Julie! LOL My dh would definitely benefit from ALL of the above!! I pity the poor instructor that has to teach him though! LOL Thanks for the Monday funny!

Diane Lapointe

That is so funnyJulie!!!! I'm sure i can send a few men to those classes,not my man,he is really good in the house,he helps me alot!!


Yes, I have two kids to sign up... one is 5 and one is 37!! LOL!

Mary Jo Price-Williams

Ok, will you be doing a class to go or class on cd for this. We are too far away and "we" (meaning he) really would benefit form this. I mean anything would be better than now, lol! You funny! By the way, I have been informed by my husband that #3 is NOT his fault, they make toilets too low for men and therefore they can not help but splash from that distance, take it for what you want, that's his story and he is sticking to it!


Had to show this to the ladies at work and we all had a good laugh! It's dreary today in Ontario and this has been a ray of sunshine. Glad to hear I am not the only one who's hubby needs these classes. Also, like your updated Header, Julie. Thanks for the chuckles.

Jo Anne

What a hoot!! My husband needs to be enrolled! As does my son and grandson. Glad to hear some may benefit, but feel these 3 may have to take the course several times!


That made my day!!!!! I thought your cards were something but, that email was the best. Not that your cards aren't the best trust me I check my inbox several times a day to see if I've gotten anyhing new from you. You are very talented!

Thanks for making my day.

Barbara V.

I have one more to add...I saw the need for this earlier this morning. How to pour coffee down the drain without covering the entire sink (and leaving it there to stain).


You will be receiving a big box on your doorstep tomorrow via FED EX Air. Do not attempt to lift it--my husband is in the box. I am sending him for his Ph.D. in all of the classes you are offering. You have 2 young boys who, no matter how hard you try, will turn out to need all of the above training too, just like my 2 boys who are now 23 and 20. I just apologized to my daughter-in-law on their wedding day, telling her "I tried, I really did." She found out. Maybe she'll send him too!!

Queen Mary G

DH came after completion of this course, I can highly recommend it. He passed despite some needs for residual #6 and he'll never get #12, but he got A's in everything else! I think he's been asked to teach at the Academy -- he had a doctor's note for #7 due to allergies, but was able to get extra credit for learning my work address! :) This is excellent!

Debbie from Buffalo, NY

Julie - You are toooo funny! I love reading your blog, and your stories and jokes make my day! Thanks for sharing! Debbie from Buffalo, NY


These need to be made into stamps!

Amy G.

Can I send my husband to these classes?
I laughed out lous the whole time while reading these, they are all true at my house.

Amy G.

Can I send my husband to these classes?
I laughed out lous the whole time while reading these, they are all true at my house.

Amy G.

Can I send my husband to these classes?
I laughed out lous the whole time while reading these, they are all true at my house.

CJ Max

I have 4 guys to sign husband and 3 boys....

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