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March 24, 2008



Love your post, esp the added signature at the bottom! very nice! I get very inspired by your blog, so thank YOU.

Easter is great for lots of reasons, but I enjoy, through my busy life ( all of us!) that aI get to spend all the time with my FAMILY.
And oh yeah, chocolate is a pretty darn good reason too! :) LOL


The TRUE meaning of Easter is what's most important to me, but I love that it's one of the days the WHOLE family gets together. Thank you for asking!


I love the Easter dresses. Now if I could just get a girl...


Easter is special to me because I remember how I know Jesus is the one true God because he is the only god that raised himself from the dead. Also, spending time with family that day is special, too!

cary oliver

I love Easter because the family always gets together and the kids are sooooo happy. We celebrate our 5 kids' birthdays on Easter too, so it is very exciting around our home.

Love the tin.


Well, for the third Easter in a row, my Christian friends and I made a breakfast for the entire church family of about 200. It is so special to see that many come together for the same reason, to break bread with others on the day the Lord rose. Thanks for asking. I read your blog all the time and truly wonder, where you get all the time to accomplish so much. God bless your many many efforts,


Easter has always been special to me, but this year more than ever. My darling husband had a massive cardiac arrest the morning of March 6th, as we were sleeping. Luckily, it woke me up, and I did CPR until the paramedic arrived. After 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital, multiple procedures and quadruple bypass surgery we came home the day before Easter. My family had much to be thankful for this year! cathy


Easter is special as it is one of the holidays I get to spend with my grown chidren and grandchildren. Love your little tin very nice. I love woldwin paper, the colormates paper cuts great on my Craft Robo
Thanks for the great blog and the chance to win the special tin

Karen Hays

What a lovely tin and idea. You are amazing. Easter is special to me in many ways. Being with my adult children and their spouses. Doing an adult easter egg hunt with them. (but we act like kids) All the memories that I will always have in my mind forever about that day.


Oh my a gift for us!! How thoughtful of you! Easter is special to me for two reasons. Most importantly it is because of the Risen Lord and secondly, all the fun I get to enjoy with my grandsons. Thanks for the opportunity of maybe winning this great gift. Sheila


Easter is special to me because it allows us to get together with both sides of our family. My children always look forward to painting eggs at Grandmas, the easter egg hunt at Aunty's, and the family fun and laughs we all have. This year was special because my brother who I hadn't seen for many years joined us for Easter dinner.

Michelle Adams

Resurrection Sunday is the reason for our hope! It is the highlight of our existence and the reason that we will someday live forever in glorified bodies, praising and serving God forevermore. Thank you for the chance to win - and for the chance to comment on the true reason for this most blessed of holidays! Hugs!

CherylQuilts at SCS

Wow, this is a great set! Love the French Flair use! Cool! Nice use of the DVD case!


Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ following His sacrifice and death for each of us. This Easter was also my daughter's birthday which ties into the rebirth of the resurrection. Family is also a very important part of celebrating Easter.

I love your blog, Julie. Thanks for sharing your talents.



I just stumbled on to your blog and love your cards and Stampin' Up! Now that my daughter the nurse is grown up and has to work most Easters, we don't see her and the grandkids every year. That of course is my favorite. But we get together with our friends and pastor who is married to a woman of Greek ethnic background. We have the Big Fat Greek Easter potluck and do the egg breaking ritual where you see who is remaining with the only unbroken egg. I love knowing we are forgiven in the Resurrection! Kathy

Kris A

Easter was wonderful this year as my parents were visiting. Fun times together playing games and visiting. But Easter started off wonderfully for us as we celebrated the VICTORY over death that Jesus gave to us. Our church had a wonderful service that morning.

Can't wait to see the whole thing...once you can share it with us. I need to stop looking at blogs and start creating....


Easter, to me, is the ultimate celebration of the very foundation of my Christian Faith.
May God continue to bless you and your family in the coming year.

Your gift to all of us is the sharing of your wonderful talent and sparkling personality. Thank you.

Account Deleted

Easter is a time that I can have my family over and cook a nice big turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I also enjoy giving everyone a bag with Easter goodies, and of course making cute Easter cards. Thanks for sharing your terrific talents with everyone!

Alison Snow

Beautiful work! Easter is a time to enjoy and be grateful for my family and friends and for chocolate! As well, of course, to reflect on the real meaning of the holiday...




Oh how beautiful! Oh and love the previous post about your boys! Easter this year is celebrating DD's LAST Chemo! :) :) :)

Denise Morgans

Hi Julie, I love your blog and read it every day - you are such an inspiration.
I love Easter and it gives me a chance to spend time with my family and reflect on our lives and embrace new life together. Take care, lots of love, Denise in the UK x


For me it is a time to reflect on my family and friends. It is also the joy I get in sharing with my kiddos the traditions I had as a child.

Jennifer (jkincolorado)

I love how Easter is the start of new beginnings -- it's so fun to see nature budding.


I love your DVD tin, but the picture of your two boys is the best. They are adorable. You're a lucky gal Julie, which is what Easter and everyday is all about...counting blessings and being thankful.


Easter for me is about Jesus and how God gave his only son to take away our sins. It is also about family and sharing fellowship. Thanks for your comment! I wondered mainly because you have typepad and I have blogspot. I realize there is no way you can comment on everyone's site...You would be at the computer all day and then we wouldn't have the pleasure of seeing your art...I also adore when you do tutorials...especially your video tutorials. Thanks Julie :)


We lost our son 16yrs ago at the age of 18. I am always reminded that even though the pain will always be there for us, God is with us and our son is with him.


I really enjoy the spring flowers and the time to share with family. Thank you so much for your inspiring creations. I enjoy seeing what you have created next. Have a great day.


Checking your blog everyday makes my life brighter too. I used to enjoy Easter as a time for family. As my family is not close by, I think of Easter as a time to celebrate the solstice and the beginning of spring. The flowers are starting to bloom in my garden - it's time for a fresh start.

Have a wonderful day Julie. Hope you are enjoying your new home.

Take care,


I love Easter because it is a reason to get together with family and share good times. It also makes me think of spring, and new life and helps get through the last dredges of the cold Saskatchewan winter.

This tin is great! I will have to try something like this too. Thanks for the idea, and the chance to win this fabulous gift!

Bev/Maxell on SCS

I have always loved Easter. When I was young it was mostly about the new clothes for church service, coloring eggs and candy. As I grew older the real meaning became the focus and continues now. We usually share Easter dinner with my sister and family and enjoy the family time together.

Enjoy your blog-great cards, projects and tutorial. TFS

Bev J.

Jane L

Easter for me is a time of new beginnings. He is Risen! It is a joyful time spent with family, enjoying the warmer spring weather.


This year was especially great as all my family got together. We had such a great time, laughing and talking about the past, etc. What better day than spent with family having a good time and a good meal. Wonderful giveaway too. Jackie

Theresa Harris

I lost my daughter two years ago by an act of domestic violence. This year, I thought about the pain God had to have felt to give His only begotten Son to save each of us. He sent His sinless Son so we would have the gift of eternal life. This thought helped me to know much God loves me and how it hurt Him as well when I lost my daughter. I will never look at Easter the same way again. Thank you for the opportunity to share these thoughts. TFS all your wonderful ideas and creations.

Lisa Oliver

Easter is actually my favorite holiday - because we celebrate VICTORY over death and condemnation. Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ which signifies the beginning of this victorious process but that's a CELEBRATION! Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift!

Julie Carlisle

I love Easter because of it being a time when we reflect on the resurrection of Christ and the new life that we can have in Him because of that.


Easter is just like any other holiday. My children live about 300 miles away and I really don't get to see them to often they have there own lives and families, but every holiday I get to see them and my wonderful grandchildren. The smiles on there faces, the hugs and kisses they give. And then the day ends, they go back home and the tears just start to flow but they are good tears and I'm so pround I raised them the way I did.This Easter and every Easter I am very blessed.

Eileen M

Wow! I was reading down through about this stationery set (Heartfelt Thanks is one of my favorites!) and then -- it became a giveaway!! I read your blog regularly and especially enjoy your tutorials. Thanks so much!!
Easter is all about the Resurrection! I direct the choir, so although I bought candy when the kids were home, Easter for me is about the music that celebrates the resurrection of Christ.


I LOVE Easter because of what Christ has done for me. His death and resurrection mean that I have abundant life and that I will one day see Him face to face, along with all those that have accepted Him as their saviour (including my father and brother)! I am truly thankful!!

Tammy (SCS - Feathers & Ink)

Easter is the joyful news that death has been conquered by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That we have hope now that by our believing in Him we one day will be reunited in heaven with Him and our loved ones that have gone before us. It is the rebirth of nature, appearing once dead, yet renewal and growth appear with warmth and sunshine. What was once gray and lifeless, now springs back to glorious greens and vivid flowers. Easter is the Hope in my soul brought to life.


Easter for me is both a sad and happy day. My oldest son was killed 5 years ago That was his last holiday with us. The Easter before he died he made me a flower out of horse shoes for my garden, he was only 17. We know get together at my house with both side of the family so I stay pretty busy that day.

Joan Jeffery

For me Easter is the emotion of the season... of the passion I guess. Singing some of my favorite hymns and being thankful and humbled that Christ died for me. Right along beside those feelings is the definite love of chocolate!!!
This tin you've created is fantastic. Love the colours! Joan

Ramona Padget

Julie, I love spending quality time with family and friends. Then there is always the CHOCOLATE!!!

Kay Watson

Watching my adult children raise their children to know Christ and celebrate His resurrection has become my favorite part of this holy day. We have traditonally done the Easter egg hunts and bunny baskets on Saturday as a family "play" day so we could focus on Church and keep the Sabbath Day holy.

Thanks, Julie, for asking us to share our thoughts. You are gifted in so many ways.

Melissa (SCS: stampin_melissa)

Easter is a time to reflect on Christ's sacrifice for us as well as time to spend with family. My DS is still young and I'm trying to teach him that it isn't all about the bunny!

Thanks for all that you do, sharing your art and passion with us! This tin is awesome!


I love the traditions of Easter and memories of my childhood days, church, songs, family dinners and true meaning of the day. This year it was about having a special day with my children and grandchildren and enjoying special moments with each of them. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas, instructions and gifts.

Wendy (songbirdwc)

Easter is a wonderful celebration of Jesus' victory over death. When I was a teen I loved going to sunrise services, often with snow still on the ground (or at least frost) and feeling as if I was the only person in the world awake at that hour, just to praise Jesus. It was lovely and somehow "holy", and I wish I had the energy to do that now :-) But it's such a precious time, and a reminder of His power at work in us. This year I needed the fresh start of an early Easter and the hope of resurrection :-)

I love what you did with the DVD tins! Such lovely work -- and a lovely blog piece on the meaning of Easter, by the way. Thank you!


Easter is a wonderful and special time of year! I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the Resurrection.

Jacque (SCS: Petals)

For me, Easter is all about the Risen Lord. This year, though, is the first year in about 18 years that I've actually celebrated in a prayer way because this is the first year I've actually participated in the Triduum since I was a youth and my father made me. Having done it this year, I don't think I'll ever miss the process again. It made Easter that much more meaningful, prayful and present for me than its ever been, being as I appreciate it in a way I wasn't able to as a child. The added bonus was sharing the experience with my 6 year old daughter. Being witness to her wonder and amazement is beyond words...

Thanks for such a thoughtful gesture! Peace.

Kadie Labadie

My mother passed away in December so this Holiday was an opportunity for my family to get together and share a DEIGHTFUL day. The kids hunted for eggs - And of course - the CHOCOLATE is without a doubt something that each of us enjoyed.....(Can't believe I ate the whole bunny!) Good Food - Good Hugs - Good Laughs and being with the people that mean the most to me is how I spent Easter this year! Kadie

Diana Molinaro

Easter is important to me as what Jesus had done for me ..and everyone who believes ..What a price he payed ..
Choloate bunnies are great too ..:)
I love your Ideas , keep them coming
Diana Molinaro


When my children were young, we decided to call Easter for what it really is - Resurrection Sunday. I wish it was given more honor and attention because it is so important, as important as Christmas. I love to celebrate with a Good Friday Service, Sunrise Service, and then a great celebration at church on Sunday. Christ is risen, He is risen indeed! Resurrection and Spring just go together, don't they?

Shirley B

Spring time festivals represent renewal in many religions. Special for me is the 2 days holiday from work.

Monika Thiessen

I enjoy easter, cause Jesus gave his life for us and arose again. I just love that story you posted. It is soo true.
I love your blog and keep up the great work you do.

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

The most special thing about Easter is seeing the joy on the kids' faces as they seek and share the fun of the egg hunt. While I am aware of the greater meaning of the day, we are raising our kids Jewish, and so it is more of a Spring Ritual for our home. However, I am so aware of the true Awe of the day for those I love who are saved, that I consider it a Holy Day in my own heart.

Jill Haddad

My favorite thing about Easter is EASTER! The real meaning: The Gospel
Christ Died, Buried and Resurrected so that I can have eternal life! Really - what can be better than that?!?

Charlene H.

I love stopping by your blog. I have you in my Google Reader and always look forward to my blogging catch-up days. We had a quiet Easter this year - just our family and KFC. It was still a special Holiday though as we were together. My husband works away from home so he is not always here for holidays.


Favorite thing about Easter is taking some time to reflect on Christ's sacrifice and great love for us in that "while we were yet sinners, He died for us". It pains me greatly to think of how He suffered, but I rejoice in the fact that HE HAS RISEN and therefore I can live!!

Mary Anne

I love Easter because each year I take my husband's neice and nephew to my sister's for an Easter egg hunt...its been a 12 year tradition, and its made my husband's family and mine closer..and its something that my neices and I look forward to each year..thanks for the blog candy offer..and thanks for sharing all your ideas!


Thanks for a chance at some of your handmade goodies Julie, I appreciate it and I love your new little signature under your posts, very cool looking.

The best part of Easter for me is the kids. We invite all my nieces and nephews over for a fun day of games, an egg hunt, candy, prizes, and lots of great food. It's so fun to see the kids look for their eggs, play the games, and have fun together. Since they don't get to see each other many times through the year, it's great to see them all together and having fun.

Vivian Powell

Easter is about the life Christ gave up for everyone to have eternal life.
The best gift anyone could have ever given to me and you.
We have the new spring coming to life, just as Christ rose from his grave, we have new ground life starting.
What a wonderful time of the year !!!


My favorite thing about Easter is watching my kids learn about the real reason for Easter and watching how excited they get over finding eggs and Easter baskets.


My favorite thing about Easter is Family time.


We started our annual Easter get together with some friends (all have kids around the same age)2 years ago, it's just so nice to spend time with close friends, let kids run in the back yard looking for eggs, since we don't have family close by.

Denise Bennett

Hi Julie, when I was a kid growing up in small town Alberta, it was about the real meaning for the season. NOw as I get older and have kids of my own, I realize that with all the religious meanings also comes the renewal of life that happens with ones own kids. I love to see their joy, and to spend some extra time with them! I hope your easter was great!


easter is a great time of the year. easter means alot to me. it is the memoriable times from when i was a kid growing up. getting up going to church the easter breakfast and worship. then the fun afterwords at grandma's house all the cousins have a big egg hunt. the one with the most got 50 bucks. I hope to leave those kind of memories on my kids. Love, happiness and togetherness is what every holiday is about.


Easter to me is the begining: of spring, of new life, of God's love, and of course there IS the chocolate!! Really cute gift. You always have such great ideas.

robin d

Easter is a wonderful time when my grown children will actually go to church with us, and then we spend the whole day together eating and usually playing games, and then eating some more! I love it because here in the South the flowers are beginning to bloom and it is trying to warm up and feel like spring! Thanks for your do such great work!


Well Easter is special to me for the reason that we celebrate it, the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. I cry to think of it, it is such a humbling day for us adn yet joyous to celebrate what he has done for us and how we will have eternal life. Now, I also love the family get togethers and this year was special b/c my mother's sister family was with us and we've not seen some of them in years. So double the joy! Thank you so much for sharing your spiritual side with us Julie and what a beautiful gift.


Well, I'm one of the 15% of America that is not religious (sorry), so Easter is not special to me. Growing up in a religious family, I didn't get to have the joy of Easter egg hunts and what not, so I am looking forward to my son getting a couple of years older so he can enjoy that. Hope I didn't offend! Thanks for the opportunity at a really great set of your masterpieces!


Julie, your talent absolutely amazes me! I come here every day for inspiration and to see your wonderful creations! Easter is very much a family time for us. We usually spend it with dh's family. It has been a tradition of theirs for many years, mainly taking place at their grandmother's place. Now that she has passed on, the family gathers at dh's mom's place and we spend the whole weekend - all 25 of us - having a great time! This year, unfortunately, we were unable to get together so it was very quiet for us - very different!

Rachele Funk

I love that our family enjoys the festivities of Easter, but last night when we ended our day with a video that I've had forever called The Lamb of God, my kids were riveted, and one of my 4 year old twins said "Why did they do that to Jesus, it makes me want to cry." I knew that I've kept the balance and that my family knows what Easter means.

I loved your blog post on the same subject and it made me cry too!

P.S. I've love using these DVD tins for notepad gift sets, but I love what you've done here and can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

Lori D

Julie, your work is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it. Easter is special to me because it's the time my entire family dresses up, goes to church together and then just spends the day together. Its always a nice, quiet, relaxing holiday for our family.
Hope you had a good one!


Easter is the most important day in the WORLD... more than Christmas! God gave His Son to take away our sins and give us the gift of Salvation. He died a violent death because God poured His wrath out on Him because of OUR sin. The story doesn't end there, three days later Christ arose just as He said He would. When we celebrate Easter, we celebrate the gift, we celebrate His love. Thanks for the chance to comment!

Jan Messali

Your gift set is BEAUTIFUL! Heartfelt Thanks has always been one of my favs... I must try that Ruche paper! Thanks for the link for the DVD's too. At $1.25 a piece this would make a very nice, yet inexpensive gift. I can't wait to make one!

P Myers

We had a lovely Easter this year even though our only son was not home to celebrate with us. Have not quite figured out why you would have Spring Break the week before Easter week and then no days off for Easter?!? So, it was my DH, my brother and myself. No stress and very peaceful, as it should be.


Why is Easter special to me? It's a time for me to reflect in my faith.


Hi Julie
Easter gives meaning to life, you know? If it wasn't for Christ offering Himself for my sins and making a way for eternal life with Him, there would just not be anything to hope in or for. Life would just be depression. But, PTL, we have HOPE!
Love you.

barb Barth

I truly enjoy your blog. Easter brings a flood of feelings for me. I am thankful for the gift of eternal life through Jesus. I am grateful for family and friends and the coming of spring. Thank you for making all these people reflect on the true meaning of Easter. Barb

Antoinette G

Easter was great this year. With the kids out of school, it was a great time for me to spend extra time with them without our regular hectic schedule. Always living away from family (military) makes me appreciate all the time I can get with my husband (when he isn't away) and my children.

Susan G

What a great gift idea. As always, you've really come up with something special.

Easter is such a special time of the year for me because of it's true meaning--that Jesus died for us that we may have eternal life.

Thanks again for sharing your awsome talent with us. Everyday you have amazing things to show us.


Easter means so many things from the religious concept to the chocolate concept! I just can't pinpoint one at this moment. This year though I had the flu and just didn't deal with any of it. Besides my big dog must have scared away the Easter bunny - at least no eggs or candy at our house. But, I had to comment since I love your blog and love this DVD thing. The paper looks amazing! Now, if I could win one - that would be great. Otherwise, I need to order some of that paper. Thank you so much for sharing.


WOW!! What a great gift. You always do such wonderful stuff. I look forward to checking out you site everyday. Easter for me is a time for family and getting together. Also the reminder that Spring and good weather are around the corner.

Heidi Sorg

I come to your site day after day & see all the pretty things that you create! I really love this one as well.
Easter is special to me for what it represents as well as enjoying time with family & friends. I am thankful for the lord giving his his son to die for our sins so that we may have eternal salvation. What a precious gift. It can't get any better than that can it?
Thank you for your special gift to us!!



Easter is a time to remember the GIFT we were all given should we choose to accept it: Eternal Life.

It's a time that families get together as well. Usually, all holidays are a good time for getting together and being thankful for your family...chocolate is always a great thing as well (and black jellybeans).

Thanks for the reminders of why we celebrate Easter.

Liz R

I can't make it through the day without checking you blog - your creativity amazes me!
Easter is a special time for me - a time to get together with what family I have, and this year to celebrate my husband's birthday at the same time. It gives us time to be thankful for what we have and share as a family and have our yearly viewing of Jesus Christ Superstar - not maybe most people's typical Easter viewing, but our confirmation class saw it when I was just a teenager and whether it was the music or what - it just made so much more sense to me at that time - so for more years than I care to mention, I have watched it each year at Easter, so it has become somewhat of a family tradition.

Diane K

Another beautiful creation, Julie!
Easter is always a grand shot of hope, faith, and renewal. Even with the snow I know spring is just around the corner. The rafters were ringing in the church Sunday morning with praise, after the somber reflective music of Good Friday. We were blessed this year to host our guest ministers for the weekend,bringing very personal ministry.
Thanks for being my web friend. And I love the new picture! You look gorgeous! Diane

Jennifer Scull

Gosh, what makes Easter special? well your Mountain Wings issue pretty much sums it all up for me - the sacrifice made for each one of us on the cross by Jesus. It is that relationship with God and His Son that I treasure each and every day.

and that is why I stamp - well, one of the reasons, anyway! ;) because He gave me a gift and I want to honor Him by sharing it with other people. and you honor Him each time you share what you do by posting your gift with all of us here!

by the way, I've been a Mountain Wings subscriber for many years now, and have even had several issues of mine posted there. It really gave me goosebumps to see you post an issue here. Made the world a little bit smaller, ya know?! :D

Happy Easter, every day!


Wow...what a great prize :)

Easter to me is the real meaning..what Christ did for us. It's also a great time to spend with family and friends. After 6 years of living 2200 miles away from my was great to be with them this year.



Easter is a wonderful time to see how children's joy and excitement spills over to everyone else. Not being a particularly religious person, I still am so filled with a sense of peace and happiness at Easter.


Wow! I was reading along and it actually stunned me when I read we could win this beautiful gift! I love Easter because of the true meaning behind it! Just like Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season! I truly get a feeling of being renewed. The chocolate ain't so bad either. ;)


WOW, I just gave my tins to a friend and now I wish I would of kept them. What a great gift to win! Happy Easter!


You always come up with such wonderful ideas. I love your creativeness - very inspiring. Easter to me is the beginning of the spring season but more importantly, it is the time to reflect on what our Lord did for each of us and the ultimate sacrifice he gave - His Life.


Hi Julie,
It is so sweet of you to want to share your beautiful creation with us. You are so kind to share your creativity and talent on your AMAZING blog!

Easter really connects me to the spirit of renewal that the Spring season brings, and that is just enhanced knowing that Jesus died and was reborn to bring that spirit to each of us! Thank you for sharing, and for honoring us with your special gift!


WOW1 I would love to win your friendship gift.
Easter for me should be called Resurrection Sunday. It is THE day to celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection, his grace and mercy for me. We have actually stopped the easter egg hunt as we found out that the easter bunny and eggs are actually part of a pagan holiday celebrating some greek gods and we do not want our kids to associate the joy of salvation with easter egg hunting. We bought the resurrection eggs which we hide and then the kids tell the story of Christ's death and resurrection to us as they open each egg.
Thank you for this opportunity. Congratulations on your lovely new home!!

Diane Cooper

What a wonderful gift! You pay us back each day when you show us your wonderful creations! But I guess if you want to give us more... :) I love Easter for the time we share with family, having a nice get together. oh the little chocolate Lindt eggs don't hurt either!

Joan F.

Julie , I just love your blog! You are so inspirational.And I love your home!
My feeling regarding Easter is that we are so blessed! I lost my husband of 30 years recently. But I feel I am blessed because my friends and fasmily have gathered around me.
So, I am blessed!!
Have a nice evening!


As a Christian Easter is my favorite time of year. It is a time to reflect on the sacfifice that Christ made for me. Now Easter has a stronger meaning as well. This is our second Easter without my mom, she died last March of lung cancer. Now I also meditate on the fact that Christ has gone ahead to prepare a place for us, and He will bring us to Himself when we have accepted the gift of salvation.

Wendi K

Easter was great. It was another very busy day, but the kids all enjoyed the easter egg hunt inside as there was snow outside.

Amanda Currier

The true meaning of Easter is a very powerful one for sure! The family getting together is always a good way to celebrate. This year my 4 year old really got into the egg hunting so that's fun, too. Thanks for the great blog!!

Kelle Korell

I've never left a comment before, but am totally in awe of your amazing creations! (And jealous of your beautiful new house!) Your blog always inspires me on days that I feel I should just give up and pack the paper and rubber away! ;-) Easter is a special day to spend with family and remember the real reason for the day...Jesus and HIS love for us. This Easter was especially important to me. My grandfather has been very ill for months. We all got together yesterday and he is feeling so much better! Ah...the marvels of modern pharmaceuticals! What an Easter blessing! Thanks fo everything, Julie!

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