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March 25, 2008



I took a class once that said when in doubt about shading remember "Sunshine on my shoulders and Shadows by my feet" It helps if you are new and not sure where to shade areas! Thought I would pass this on. I love your tutorials. Thanks for sharing.


Loved your tutorial. I also hated to think of putting out the $ to buy all those Copic pens. This I will try. Thanks.


I enjoyed this soooo much...I am just returning to stamping after selling 90% of my stuff..seeing Copics were so highly praised...I just thought..I can't afford them,,,now I know I don't need to.
thank you
WA. state


I've been referring lots of people to this brilliant video tutorial over on the docrafts forum for months now but now I've got my own blog I've put a link to it on there.
Thanks for all the other great video tutorials.

Jill Haddad

I left a link on my blogspot to this tutorial. Hope you don't mind. It's fantastic. I actually like the SU markers BETTER than the Copics.

Michelle NH



This is FANTASTIC! I only just found the video versions, thanks so much for sharing with us! I'll be trying this technique again today!


Thanks so much for this tutorial, I can't wait to try this out!!

Terry Molineux

Julie thanks for showing this video Wow! I'll hae to give this a try you make it look so easy....TFS


Love your videos :-) Lena from Norway

Deedee Andersonq

Thanks for the *wonderful tutorial*. I really appreciate how you instruct people in using the materials they already have to accomplish the same effects as the newest tool. I've been really wondering about Copic markers since my favorite artists mostly seem to use them, but now I see I can keep working with what I have. Thanks so much! Deedee


Very cool - I like seeing things visually! I would have liked to have seen the finished product for a little longer, but it was nice to see the process.

Carolyn King

GREAT job Julie!


Love it Julie, thanks so much!! Nicely done :)


I just found your blog, your Tutorial's are Awesome. Thanks for sharing


Great video tutorial, Julie! I'm going to watch it over and over and over again! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks fro sharing that with us. You made it look so easy, I am going to run out and get some water color paper!


Thanks so much for putting this video together. I learned a lot from it. You make this look so easy!


Thanks for a GR8 tutorial Julie!!! I totally loved it!!! You sound just like Jodie Foster!!! =0)

Hugs n' Aloha,


Thanks for this great video!! I am working on learning how to color better and blend better. I had read your tutorial before, but seeing it in action really is great! Thanks for sharing! I read your blog everyday and just love it!!


Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I just started stamping and had no idea how to water color. Excellent work!!

CherylQuilts at SCS

Julie, this was excellent! I really learned something useful...pulling off some of the color like you did with your! Thanks so much!! I also appreciate that you don't use expensive!! Yikes!

Mary Jo Price-Williams

Great job, does your aqua painter have water or alcohol in it?

Joan Jeffery

Wonderful Tutorial. I've always been a bit afraid of watercolouring because I always seem to mess it up. I guess I just need to pratice more!!! I never thought of using the markers with the water colour paper....that looks a lot more controllable than the watercolour crayons. Do you use Stampin'UP's watercolour paper, or do you get this heavier stuff someplace else? Joan

Beth B.

Julie - that was great information; thank you for putting that together and sharing with us! I can't wait to try out this technique!! Have a great day!

Sandy in NH

Gread video! You make it all seem easy enough for me to try! Thanks for sharing, Sandy

Julie Carlisle

Julie, your video tutorials totally ROCK!!! I am such a visual learner so it is perfect for I just need for your talent to rub off on me!!!! *wink*

Julie C.


Julie, now you are a mind reader! How did you know I received my SU markers today??? I will have to have lots of practice to reach your level of skill. Your video sure helps. Now it is practice, practice, practice, for this old gal. Thanks for the instructions.
SCS Craftea19


Julie - fantastic video and offer (too bad I'm in US)- now to practice, practice etc. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your expertise. Marta

Tamy Rogers

Julie ~ you RULE!!!! You do the best video tutorials! Thanks for sharing. I am just hoping that you talent will rub off on me!

Tamy R.


Thanks for this great video. I can't justify the cost of copics, and this is awesome information to let me get more out of my SU markers.


Amazing. Thanks so much for your time!


Julie--Thank you so much for the tutorial! I LOVE the look of watercolor, but don't have much luck with achieving it. You've made me want to keep trying! Thanks again Sue


Wow, thanks for putting this on video!


Julie - you make it look so easy! I think I might be using the wrong paper. I will go get some 140 paper. So you don't recommend SU's whisper white paper for watercoloring?
Thanks for a great tutorial!


Now, THIS was the bestest video ever!!! Thanks so much for sharing :)


The step by step on video is easy to understand
I am learning day by day with kj

I used the pen blender trying to get aquarelavel opinion,
But the acqua pen is legal to do

Ju - FJU

Pat (Just4fun2 on SCS)

Julie...You ROCK! Thanks for sharing this awesome and affordable way to watercolor.

Tina DeLong

Another fantastic teaching tool !!!
Great job............


Thank You so much for taking the time to do that, it's a brilliant tutorial, I'm off to practise now!

Flor Pereira

It's me again, any chances on doing a video tutorial on pure color pencils????

Flor Pereira

Thanks for the awesome tutorial, I've been trying to play with my markers lately and I've read your other one so many times, it's much better on video... TFS..

nancy littrell

Thank you so much Julie for your awesome tutorial on watercoloring. I use my aqua painter often, but not as a blender. I have never liked blenders as they make the paper pill. even 140 lb watercolor paper, which I always use. I will be sharing your video with my girlfriends (customers) and SCS friends. TFS


Thank you just does not seem to cut it here! Thank you, thank you thank you!

Many Blessings,

Mo Moss

You are amazing. That looks so easy. This one is a "saver" so that I can refer back to it. Thanks so much. Love the kitty too!!!


Thank you for the wonderful tutorial, Julie! You're a doll!

Paula Kay

Julie, Quick question. What are you using to film your video's. I would love to do something like this but do not know the first think about it. Any hints??? Thanks, Paula


WOW Julie!! Awesome video! Would it be ok if I posted this link on my blog and it'll be a direct link to your blog. Again, thank you for your time!! :)


Melissa F.

Wow Julie what a great tutorial. You make it look so easy. I will have to get out my water color paper and give it a try. Thanks for sharing.


You make this look so easy! I am going to give it another try after watching this video and see if I can improve.
Thanks so much for the tutorial.


Great video tutorial Julie! You make it look so easy--but as you say, it takes a lot of practice. Thanks so much, I learned a lot and aspire to be that good some day!

Ms. Crafty If You're Nasty

thanks so much, Julie... mind if i link this to my site?

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