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June 02, 2008


Vida Luth

And you have a problem with the way your room looks............the only one with the problem at my house is my husband, and he just closes the door..........Somehow I can't seem to find things when it is all in order............Loved the picture, it is a duplicate of my stamping area that is actually a room that is 13 x 17......big enough for big confusion........

nikki schmaltz

I have never made a commment on any of the blogs I visit. I know...bad. But I had to reply! This is my own room too! I am the same way...try to keep it nice but it is the only way to create IMO. When things are organized I could still be looking right at what I need and not see it. So, why put myself through all the agony of keeping it organized. I ablsolutely love your blog! It is one that I always turn to for ideas. Thanks for all you do. Gotta be messy to do it. Have a fun day!


I was searching the web for no copic ideas and ran into your site. Love it!! I am in the process of remodeling a spare bedroom into a stamp room. I thought I would have more space and be more organized. YEAH right!!! I have more space to make more of a mess. Thanks for sharing the pics.. we all do this :o)


OMGGGGGGGGGGGG...The Queen of Messy Craft room award would have to be shared with a lot of gals in this blog Julie. I finally got my own craft room and since moving in I can barely walk around it. Took over our old diningroom table and can not see it now. Yes I did get a new table for our great room to eat on! To be creative I need mess. Thank you for sharing with us as now we all feel tons better. As for your snips....good luck. evette


We're all the same Julie! I couldn't see the top of my table. I just cleaned up my area last night but I know it will be a disaster again after I have friends over tomorrow night to stamp. Not blaming my friends - I'm perfect capable of making a mess myself. Believe me, often the only reason I tidy up is because I can't find something!
Have a good one - you are the Queen!


Mess for success! Yes! It looks just like my work area. Have you checked the boys' room? I found my snips under my 4yo dd's bed along with my cell phone, dad's elctric shaver, and car keys...


Mess for success! Yes! It looks just like my work area. Have you checked the boys' room? I found my snips under my 4yo dd's bed along with my cell phone, dad's elctric shaver, and car keys...

Lisa (crazycatstamper)

Yeah.... I just finished "cleaning" my table so I would have a space large enough to actually CUT a sheet of CS on! And I just cleaned it LAST WEEK TOO!

Sue in Florida

I know you use both Nestabilities and Cuttlebug. I've read some blogs that while you can use Nestabilities with Cuttlebug, you can't use the standard's too thick and can cause plates to break. Can you tell me how you use them?? Thanks.


I am kinda new to all this stampin' stuff and my room is a MESS! I thought I was messy because I didn't know what I was doing yet or how to get organized like the pros....Must be doing better than I thought!!!LOL.Keep up the good work.Your Creative Chaos works for ya!
Your snips are under your

jeanne nielsen

Yep, I'm destined for success too! I have a good day, sometimes two, then I get out of control again. You'd think I'd realize that it's so much easier on myself when I do put things right back. I looked for a roll of ribbon for 2 days -- do you know I picked up the pile (with the ribbon inside!) about 4 dozen times? Yikes! Jeanne


I made the mistake of reading your blog while drinking a soda. When I got to the "Queen of England" comment, I laughed and the soda went up my nose. Ouch!! Anyway, I can totally relate--my craft room looks like a cyclone whipped through it.


That is nothing compared to my room. Yes, I get so mad when I can't find anything that I start to clean. As soon as I start to clean I find stuff that inspires me and I have to make something...and it keeps happening over and over.....

Paula Kay

Julie, All I can say is been there, done that. I decided about a year ago that it was not going to happen anymore. I only have about a 2 foot area to stamp in. That is all the desk space I have so.....Now I do one project and everything goes back where it belongs before I start the next project. I don't care if it is just one card. I still put everything back before starting the next. that is the only way I can keep a clean area. My ink pads are in front of me on a swival stand. that is about as close as anything gets. I have to reach for everything else. So. Everything has to have its place. Give it a try for one week and see what you think.


I am soooo sorry but all I can say is OMG !
I could not even think in an area like that.
Yes OCD, is having it, a good or a bad thing ? I can find anything though! LOL


I found the key! after EVERY project spend 5 minutes and put it all back...scraps, ink, stamps, tools, paper.
Behind me in labeled containers I keep everything I use most....writing or coloring pencils markers, ink, scraps of paper all in labeled boxes, embossing, etc. To my right is a small table with a holder that holds my tools I use most...scissors, mat pack, crop-o-dile, ruler etc. Underneath the table is a holder for my straight edge cutter. My table stays much cleaner...I can work better on the next project. I have been doing this for a month now and I have so much time to actual create more instead of hunt!

Try it!


I will take a photo of my space, upload it to my blog and pop a link her for you to see. You won't feel so bad then lol.
If your mess makes you Queen of England, I think mine could make me Supreme World Ruler lol!!! heheheheh (or is that mwahahaha!?)

Sydney Australia

Robyn, Maine

I Love it! My room looks like this more than not.....DH keeps telling me he would be willing to come in and organize it! I think not the last time he decided he would organize the kitchen he started on one side of the kitchen and organized by alphabetical order and size you know paprika,plates and pots in the same cabinet didn't work so much for me. Thanks for an excellent post!

Sandy in NH


Diane S.

That is tooooo funny.
I make one little card and it looks like
a huge storm/tornato/hurrican went thru
my stamping space.

p.s. hey are those the paper snips
under the su catty??? ; )


Too funny! I guess I thought your space was *always* spotless. I do feel better about being successful (aka messy) now! Thanks for the peek in and chuckle at the same time. Did you find your snips? I must show this to my DH then he'll realize we all (crafters) are extremely successful!


Hey like everyone else you sure made my day, I don't feel so bad now. I think your snips are under that 12 x 12 piece of pink paper ( wink ) I spend more time organizing than I do creating. Thanks for making my day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Rachel Marsh

I was just thinking I wonder what Julie's craft room looks like now that they are moved like you been really creative!


Thank heaven, I just found out I'm creative, not messy! WOOHOO!!!

Jill Haddad

Hey - how did you sneak into my house to take this pic of my stamping space? I'm going to have to make sure to lock my doors!!!!

Marta F

Hey! Welcome to my world! Your picture reallly made me laugh ... btw we have the same chair (or at least they look very much alike).


I'm SOOOO glad it's not just me! *sigh* Thanks for making me feel a little better!


Before we moved I just had a little area in a room to work. Now I have a large room for all my crafts. I think I kept the little area cleaner than the big room. You know it's funny everyone thinks their room is the worst. Oh well, thank God I have a room to put my things in and I have things to put in my room!! Sorry can't find your snips but then again I can't find mine either and I have 4 pairs!!


Wow you have just made my day! - I too am a "search & create" type of stamper. In fact today is one of the clean up days but by the end of the day I'll be creating again and yet another chaotic mess will have been formed. Atleast I know I'm in good company.

Mary Dawn

my corner isn't this big or as organized, but it's just as messy *LOL* i think your snips are there on top of re-inkers...i think they're re-inkers..queen julie, hee, has a nice ring to it, huh?

christina amador

Sister, you are not alone! Christina


I love this photo!! This is such a relief, I thought I had a messy scraproom, you and are twins lol!
Happy Scappin to you, and I hope your room stays a mess cause you are one heck of a card making queen.


Wow me too!!! I am trying to dig myself out as I need to get a big swap done. And I am wanting to have pergo flooring put in and have to move all things that touch the floor. I have a one car garage that we fixed up for my craft studio. What a MESS!!


This is SO funny! My husband keeps telling me that if I would clean off my table, then I could get something done. However, now I know that it is just my "creativity" spilling out everywhere! Glad to see there are others just like me! HA!


Oh I don't feel so bad now,I'm not the only one with a big messy desk!
You are too funny!


By reading all the comments we are not alone, I keep thinking I am just going to go in and clean my room but then I see something that sparks an idea and I am off to creating again, or I just plain don't have the time to clean and make a card so I go for make the card!

Janet Narcum

You think you have it bad! I have TWO rooms like that.... one is with quilting stuff and the other is for my card creations!!! It is a never ending battle around here. And when I do have it clean... I can't find anything! We are in good company though, aren't we... looking at all the emails to this post.. :)

Lots of Rubber Hugs.. Janet

diane cooper

I think Waldo has them... I know, now Where's waldo? Haha, Well I envy your space- it is a Bigger mess than mine! (Glad to see that if I had a bigger space thatn I currently have, I would only have a bigger mess!)

Melissa (SCS: stampin_melissa)

Well, I might be motivated to take a picture of my mess. We could start a support group "Cluttered Crafty Ladies"! BTW, I think your snips are put away in your white spinner-thingy (or are those your craft & rubber scissors?)


WOW, this is just SO looks like my craft area! I can't see the top of my desk either. LMAO.


I love it! Someone who has the same taste in decorating as me!! Girl, if you saw my room!!! I'm actually excited because we are moving next weekend and I get a whole room for my craft room instead of a closet! WHOOOOHOOOO!!! I can't wait to organize it just to get to work and make it messy!!


Think you are making a lot of us happy with your picture today :) My work area is messy and even worse than this picture at times. Has a way of migrating to the floor at times too - LOL! Guess we'll have to find out who the matriarch of the "queens" is :)


I know what you mean!!! Gosh, I can't seem to win with my craft room. Clean it up and say never again, and there it is messy again....Keep pluggin away girl, you'll clean it up when you have the next card day with the girls, hehe

Mary Jo Price-Williams

You call that messy?!? I have 44 feet of work area around the parameter of my studio along with a small card table and cutting table and I was finishing a card this morning for my sketch challenge on the floor for lack of space that was not loaded with stuff. I don't dare take a pic you would be shocked! I too can only keep putting things away for a few days and then need to take a couple of hours right before a class to clean up and put stuff away. Too funny.

Amy G.

Girl, your desk is positivly spotless by comparison! I so get the Search to create mode. This is my desk everyday.
Your paper snips, are they there under your printer, I saw something there. :) Good luck! Happy cleaning.

Angie J

YAY I am not the only one that has a desk like this! A few months ago I had my room so neat and clean. Then I start working on stuff and its back to looking like this. Oh well what can ya do??!!?!


Now I'm feeling much better! My craftroom looks like that most of the time because I get my project done usually under the wire and then don't have time to clean up! Not to mention I have sooooo much stuff and no where to neatly organize it! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. :)


is this like a "where's waldo"? i've got no CLUE where your snips are :) but tfs - i'm not feeling so bad about my messy space right now.

jackie M.

your stamping room looks like mine. No, mine is even worse. I have two work areas that look like that, plus stuff on the floor. It gets very frustrating, though. Especially when I'm under the gun to put together a workshop. Can't find anything. I'm not very inspired to go into my space at this point. I think I will show this to my DH though, he might feel better about my room -- no, probably not.



I had to chuckle when I saw this post.I clean my space just so I can mess it up when I create.I made a card(yes a little ol card) and now my space looks alot like yours:) Long live the queen...LOL!!!


HEY! That looks like my work space!!!!!!!!!!!! I think your snips are the right side by that envelope LOL Have a great day! You are the Queen of creativity to me though!

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