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July 24, 2008



definately pulled off the shadow - brilliant! Is that particular copic the best for shadowing? Or is there a particular SU marker that can be used? best regards Tracy

Melanie Muenchinger

it really is a great shadow, very impressive

Eileen Bartsch

I love this card Julie, so plain but pretty. And my favorite plant,mine has 8 flowers white and purple and started blooming in Feb. and to this day has not lost a single flower. Easiest plant to have around and so exquisite. Huggs Eileen


Are you kidding me, you really drew that shadown in yourself, that looks so amazing, I would say AWESOME job on it! Very pretty card!

Lynn Mercurio

Wow...awesome card. The thing that really drew me in to comment was your's fabulous and really makes this card so very wonderful. Great job.


Yes, you absolutely pulled off the shadow! GREAT work!

Caroline Knauth

Hi from Georgetown, TX, This is so elegant and you are more too humble as an artist.

Pat J

Your shadow is perfect in form and in density of color. Your coloring is also fabulous. I admire the closeness of "Believe" to the orchid that gives it a oneness. I'm prone to separate the message from the image and will have to work on correcting that. This is a beautiful card. I've lurked on your site for ages and rarely make a comment, but have always enjoyed your blog and appreciated your helpful hints and tutorials. TFS.


i think you TOTALLY hit the shadow perfectly!

annemarie hocking

The shadow is sooo amazing. When I grow up in the stamping world (have only been stamping 2 years) - I want to be just like you !

Jane Harrah

Excellent job Julie. Very creative.


OMG - you are freakin' amazing! I'm blown away that you drew that shadow in free hand - you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO talented. Love, love, love this card. It fulfills 2 SCS Dirty Girl challenges from this week too - watercolour and simple white card.
I bow to you stamping goddess!


WONDERFUL JULIE!!!!!!!!! The shadow really makes the whole card come alive...I love it. Never thought to do that myself...hum. You are my inspiration to try new things. Thank you. evette


Beautiful card! Shadow is amazing. I love all the extras that you add to your cards; very creative.

katie Bolinger

The shadow is terrific.


I really thought you used a stencil to create the shadow, unbelievable! You do such a great job. You are so talented, I would have never thought of making a shadow but I will try it now. Thanks for all you do.


Yep - you really did 'pull it off'!!!!
I truly thought that the sahdow was part of the stamp - so i for one was totally fooled. Great job

Julie Carlisle

Your shadow is totally right on and beautiful!! I love everything about this card.

jules p

WOW!~Yes you pulled it off. That is amazing. That shadow looks like it came with the stamp. How cool would that be to have a shadow come with a stamp?!?! Because there is no way I could do what you did!
Great job.


Very elegant! The shadow was the second thing I noticed (after the colored image, lol). I'm in awe; oh my gosh! Yes, you pulled it off!! Incredible!

Elizabeth Sova

Oh, that's cool - first words out of my mouth when I saw the shadow effect on the orchid card. I have been reading your blog for ages and never work up the courage to comment, but I really liked your effect today. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration :)

Bev James

Such a pretty image and card-great shadow-looks like part of the stamp!! tfs


The shadow is totally believable! Great Job.



I, too, thought there must be an extra stamp in the set - the shadow stamp! What a great job! Now we need your tutorial on shadowing stamps!


Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous! You totally nailed the shadowing! Beautiful!

Joey Tipping

Oh, sorry, can't read!! You already mentioned what you used for the shadow. I'll just have to get me one of those copics!

Joey Tipping

Hi Julie, just LOVED the orchid card and the shadow is so perfect. What did you use to color that? It looks so real. Fantastic job. You amaze me. Thanks for sharing. Joey

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings

Oh my gosh...yes, I should say you pulled it off. I did a double take...then a triple take to check out that shadow. I had to wonder if you had colored in the stamp first since it looks so perfect...and that the shadow was included.

MaryAnn Grove

the card is wonderful and the shadowing just finishes it off. thanks so much for sharing and give away such good ideas

Marie H

WOW!This is gorgeous.The colors and the shadow are perfect.Great job!
Marie H

Sharon in NE

Nice work!!


Your shadowing is awesome. You ROCK girl!!!

Mary Davidson

This is gorgeous, Julie! The coloring is beautiful and the shadow looks absolutely real. Great job!

Sara Cross

What an amazing card to say the least. Now you MUST show us all how you did the shadow!!

Lacey Stephens

The shadow is AWESOME!! It's one of the first thing I noticed and I thought to did she do that?! You rock!

Tammy H

Wow that is awesome! I love the shadow. That is so realistic looking. Love the stamp also. Clean is great for this card!


This is a very nice card a first I thought it was a shadow stamp!!Good job Julie.


Okay, I was POSITIVE that the shadow was stamped with a lighter marker on the stamp at the same time you stamped the image. So, that tells you for sure. You SO have my vote!!!

Debi Nicol

This is fantastic coloring..shadowing WHOA!


This is fantastic. Love the shadow - it adds a whole dimension to the image!!

Kendra - SCS:apigonfire

Holy Smokes Batman! This is fabulously awesome! The shadow is amazing... I kept reading and asking.. "how'd she do that, how'd she do that?" Ummm... drawing it.. by hand? Wow! Love it!

Janet Sisk

I love this! The shadow is right on - so realistic. You did a fantastic job.

Val S

Beautiful card! The recipient will absolutely love it...I know that I would!!

susan todd

excellent job shading - i am jealous!!!

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

OMG -- are you kidding me?! GET OUT!! That shadow is AMAZING!!!

Love this card, too. Kudos!


I'll give you some lovin' ... Very fun card! I'm horrible about commenting, but I really do enjoy your card. Especially once you went to full feeds on google! Thanks for the inspiration!


You did a fantastic job with this elegant! You aced the shadow effect perfectly from what I can see, awesome job!


The orchid is beautifully colored...and the shadow is perfect.



Julie, very classy! Awesome coloring and shading, love your blog and information.Nan


Hi, I love the card and the shadowing. You really pulled it off. I'm going to get some of the water color paper -it really looks good. Keep the ideas coming!


You should say to yourself " Did I do that"?
great job, almost looks real......


You should say to yourself.. 'DID I DO THAT'? great job, it looks real.


I love your coloring - especially on the pot!!

Laura M.

Fabulous shadowing!!! Wow.


I love this card, Julie! I had fun painting orchids this year (you can see the result on

Fabriano is one of the papers I often use to paint on - I get the really thick 300# - and it is expensive but cheaper than Arches which is the gold standard of watercolor paper.

There's something about a deckle edge that I just love...


OMG! Fabulous!


Wow Julie!! This card is just stunning! I also could not figure out if the shadow was another stamp!
Simple & Stunning!


Great card....I was wondering if the shadow was part of the stamp! Great job on the shadowing!


Your shadowing is GREAT! I know you were "pimping" for comments, but you deserve them. I actually had to remind myself that there wasn't a smaller, shadow stamp, and that you drew that in.

Diana Curtis

I love it. I think it came out great. Beautiful.


You totally pulled it off. What a stunning card!!! I will be ordering this set (among others) after the release party tonight.


WOW...I was looking at this and wondering how you got such a perfect shadow...this card is simply stunning! Your colouring on the orchid is so looks real! It's so awesome that it's driven this long time lurker into commenting!! :)

Kelly S

Awesome job on the shadow was one of the first things I noticed..thinking to myself "How did she do that?"!! Beautiful card!

Ilse Vargas

Very nice, Julie. I agree, it doesn't need more.
Ilse V.

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