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July 06, 2008



I have a kitty that looks exactly like yours. His name is Smokey.

Janette you wanted one cat and now you have 6 !!! I like your style.....
I too love Grey cats :)


Oooh how lovely...can I come play
Janette (UK)

Liz Thogersen

CONGRATS! Your are my blog Headline for today!! Here are some names I thought of for your new furbabies. I am a mom of 7 furbabies: Willie, Miss Daisey, The Maestro, Symba Dude,Cesar, Miss Petunia and our new little dudette - Kleopatra.



She looks like a Russian Blue. Does she have a kind of funny cry? I have a Russian Blue adopted from the animal shelter. His name is Leo. They are absolutely the greatest cats ever.

No advice on a name except that a Russian name might be good!

They are very cute. Have fun!


Oh I love kitties too. Our mamma cat just had kittens as well. 5 of them as well. Their names were Lily, Hunter, Cocoa, Mindy and Kikoshi. Have fun with them!


I love kitties. My brother has a gray kitty and her name is Ashley, the gray kitty they had before Ashley was Gracie. Both have gray colored names. Congrats on kitty adoption - the only way to get a kitty or puppy! Give them a forever home.


I think you should name one of them Martha (as in Stewart). You are getting to be just like her (and this is a compliment). Everytime you feature a new product, I have to run out & buy it. Just like Martha....

Janet S

Congrats on your additions to the family. Since I am Norwegian I thought some old Norwegian names would be fun.
Girl names: Lena, Olive, Ingrid, Vellhelmina, Anniken, Helga, Kari or Sigrid
Boy names: Ole, Olaf, Oscar, Ander, Erik, Thor, Neils, Gunnar, Peter, Lars, and of course Uffda!


I am sooooooo excited for you!!! I love cats. Wow aren't they gorgeous!! How wonderful that you got exactly what you wanted, a mama and kittens together. We recently go a kitty called Jack. He is 4mths old. I am a bit sad today, cos he is in getting desexed as I type this. He is also getting a microchip (for identification) and vaccinated. I am looking forward to seeing him again tonight when he comes home.
Sydney Australia


What about finding how to say gray kittie in several languages and using that!!! The names would be original!!


how about charcoal, dusty, smokey, graze,(get it?) and lucky for the momma to have found a home for her and her kittens! you have to figure out one more!
best wishes to all!


Awww....too cute! How about Carol for the Mom, then Greg, Marcia, Peter, Bobby and Cindy (assuming you've got the right number of males and females). We all know Jan was a nutcase, so you can leave her out!! LOL!


How adorable they all are!!

The mom reminds me of a cat I had until I was 11, her name was Deena. So I am kind of partial to that name :D

As far as the kittens... how many are male or female?

Mo Moss

What a great adoption. I have two cats, Maine Coon and a himalayan that I bought pregnant. Mama is Molly, one baby that I kept is Millie. (Just a suggestion) Mo is always nice too LOL
or Moe if it is a boy. How about Frick and Frack? I dunno, it's your call. You will love them. Wait and see what they grow to look like, then the Names come easily. Have fun. Whoa, the size of that litter box!!!!

Mo Moss

What a great adoption. I have two cats, Maine Coon and a himalayan that I bought pregnant. Mama is Molly, one baby that I kept is Millie. (Just a suggestion) Mo is always nice too LOL
or Moe if it is a boy. How about Frick and Frack? I dunno, it's your call. You will love them. Wait and see what they grow to look like, then the Names come easily. Have fun. Whoa, the size of that litter box!!!!


wa to go i thinc adopting iz the wa to go so mane thro a waz and so litl homes u did a gr8 thing bi duing this and teching yor cids that tha dont have to spend mone at the pet store but that adoption iz just az gr8 have a fun time nameing the nu membrs of yor famle

Jane Harrah

Mrs. Robinson and Smokey and Miracle and Tears and Trax (as in tracks of my tears)Choosey and Beggar!


oh my cute. i love cats too. i do not have any right now. i adopted a dog from the rescue several years ago. the adopted animals are so happy to have a home. I like people names for my animals. I would name the Mom .... Toula (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) can't tell how many babies she I will leave it at that.

Sharon in NE

No suggestions, only my thanks. They're beautiful!


What a sweet looking kitty family -- lucky you! My entire family has cats and we've named them all for Winnie the Pooh characters -- Winnie, Pooh, Roo, Tigger, Kanga...


Congrats to you!!!!! As an animal rescue advocate, we appreciate you rescuing!!


So what the odds that two "Liz's" would suggest Zeus within the minutes of each other. Spooky! Love Liz Martins suggestions. Here are a few more. Picasso, Phoenix, Jazz-purr


Awww--so cute! I took in a pregnant stray summer before last, so now we have 8 cats. We planned on giving away the kittens, but couldn't find "good" homes for them (where I knew they'd be taken care of), so they all wound up with desctiptive names- Tippy (all black, just a touch of white on the tip of his tail), Pawsy (7 toes on each paw), Teeny (runt of the litter- 1/2 the size of the other kittens), Pinky (calico with an all pink nose), Calli (you guessed it- a calico, but her full name is Calliope Euphagenia after Calli on Grey's Anatomy), Moonbeam (because her face is half black, half cream, and looks like a half-full moon), and Crazy (that should be self expanatory-lol).

Sounds like they will be outside-PLEASE, please make sure they have fea-protection and get de-worming medicine periodically. I have seen so many outdoor or barn cats that suffer beacuse the owners figure they don't have to care for "outdoor cats".

Have fun naming your babies!


Oh my goodness! What wonderful news! Congratulations!!
I am a huge advocate of adopting, hence the blog I created that helps support shelters across the U.S. Some name suggestions. Zeus, Gizmo, Ashe, Pewter…..

Liz Martin

I knew I was on to the right blog . . . cat people! I adopted a stray MamaCat (again, not very original) and her three babies (Shadow, Voodoo and Zeus) all black, with not a white spot to be found on any of them. They're nine years old now and, having lived through the terrible twos, just like kids, I still call them my "babies." You've done a wonderful thing by adopting and I know they're in a good and loving home!

Liz Martin

I knew I was on to the right blog . . . cat people! I adopted a stray MamaCat (again, not very original) and her three babies (Shadow, Voodoo and Zeus) all black, with not a white spot to be found on any of them. They're nine years old now and, having lived through the terrible twos, just like kids, I still call them my "babies." You've done a wonderful thing by adopting and I know they're in a good and loving home!


I'm SO jealous!!! The kids and I have been begging dad to get two kittens for years now, but to no avail. Needless to say, we'll keep on trying. Your kittens are lucky to have a guardian angel like you to give them a good home. :)
LOVE your blog and awesome inspiration!!!

Connie Smith

Congrats! On your new little family Julie. We have a russian blue, He is all Grey. His name is Koby. He and his little brothers and sisters were rescued from a garbage dumpster that somebody had tossed them a garbage bag, then into the dumpster. Somebody heard there little cries and they were saved. A lady took them all in that works out of her home with the local Vets. So I found Koby on the internet and he looked like he was full of you know what. LOL and we adopted him. He's been a Joy ever since. Your are such a sweetie for taking the whole family in.

We need more people like yourself.

God Bless

Connie (Kittykat)

Debbie Rajczi

Congrats Julie, I have a cat that looks exactly like the momma actually it is my daughters she has moved on but the cat stayed!LOL She is 15 and does not like to be bothered!!! My daughter named her Gray Kitty, very original wouldn't you say. The sad part is a stray found us last year that is mostly white and my husband calls her white kitty even though I named her Stella!!

diane mcvey

AH, a woman after my own heart!!! I LOVE kitties (have 7 right now) and am SO HAPPY for you and your family that you have this great addition!! I'm sure you will have countless hours of joy with them! (I can just see the babies climbing up your jeans!) haha Our kitties have mostly people names, but I'm sure you'll find the right ones for your new family members! HAVE FUN! :D


CONGRADULATIONS JULIE & FAMILY!!!! What a great job for you all. Love gray cats too. I had one that was a real "foot" cat..he loved licking my feet...really weird. Names are difficult for me. I have to study them to decide. I have a cat named Stinky, two females Wendy and Aggie. Then inside I have April, Misty and Nippers. Can ya tell I love cats???? tee hee hee Enjoy them all. Proud of you for adopting all five kittens and mom. evette


How about Cinder, Cinderella, Ash, Ashley, Soot??? Congratulations, I'm sure they are a great addition to your family.

Rachel M.

I love it when people name their pets with people names.

My suggestions

Edna, Mable, Elenore, Ethyl, Gertrude, Wanda, Doris,

for boys...

George, Hubert, Henry, Hugh, Max, Herold, Herman, Bob, Franklin,

it's fun to hear people talk about them and the realize that they are talking about a pet later.

Lana E

How about Top Boss for momma and punch, stamper,stazon,ranger,and inkie. I commend you on your thinking it through so well and getting a momma AND her babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You definately are an animal lover!!!! Wish more people were like you and thought long and hard before they took on the responsibility of ownership of the dear animals.Please send more pictures as they grow will love to see them flourish.
God bless !!


Congratulations on the adoption!! They look so cute-eating!! Living on a "farm" (your acreage), you could call them wheat, barley, fields, haylie, stalks, etc . You get the picture. them by grey colors-smokey, soot, charcoal, stone (greystone), chimney (full of soot), powder (gun powder). What's the Mommy cat's name?


Congrats Julie on your new additions!
Sorry, I'm not really good w/cat names since I breed akc labrador retrievers. I can only suggest names than mean the color gray. My chocolate lab is named Cocoa, my black lab (mother) is Ebony, my son's black male lab is Zoro, and my daughter's chocolate female lab is Miley (after Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Montana).
Good Luck!

Gabrielle Rogers

Hi Julie, they are just adorable, Mommy and all! I also LOVE Gray kitty cats too, and have had a few of them. Their names were as follows: "Gray", "Einstein" (we called him Einy from the movie, "Back to the Future"; "Smokey"; "Templeton" (from the movie, "Charlotte's Web"), and "Silver." Hope this helps - have fun with those kitties! I'm sure your kidlets are going to have tons of fun! Gabrielle :)

Jan M.

Congratulations on the new additions! How lucky is the mooma cat to have all her babies with her. I have 2 cats named Jingle and Zoey who were both rescued. Poor Zoey only had one eye when we first got her, the other eye was completely shut. After weeks of TLC she was able to open the other eye and now she thinks she owns the house! I have always been a dog lover and still am, but Zoey has captured a place in my heart as well and she knows it!

Love the names Inky and Smudge that someone mentioned earlier. Also my MIL had a slew of cats in all colors that she named Smokey, Pearl 1, Pearl 2, Boston Blacky and Tiger Lilly. She's 80 yrs. old and we laughed everytime she called them by name.

jules p

oh...they are so pretty. Glad you found what you were looking for. Maybe search for the word different languages. And that could be their names. Sorry! I could not think of anything else.

Sue in Florida

Being a cat person, I am thrilled with your adoption! I just adopted a little grey striped baby girl, and how one little bit of fluff can change your life!! My other cats still cannot understand why I did this "to them", but they'll come around. With 5 babies, you are in for a wild ride!!! And, what a help they are in stamping! I look forward to hearing about their antics!

Darlene L

If any of the kittens are male: Smokey would certainly be a good name. We names our family of cats after a an Old TV Show--Gunsmoke--we had Miss Kitty, Mr. Dillion, Chester, Festus and Doc. Enjoy your new littles ones! darlene


Having just moved from a farm 2 years ago, we had many, many cats 'dumped' off at our place. At one time, we had upwards of 27 cats. BUT, we had to keep and feed them all because I couldn't stand the thought of them going 'homeless' or starving. Of course, over the course of a few years.....being on a farm means 'predators' and we weren't able to save them all....but we tried.

Anyway, good for you in adopting the entire family!

I love that they are ALL gray! One could be "Basic" gray....Tombow, or if you want to just completely get away from the card/scrap booking scene.....I think as you observe them over the next few days/weeks...their names will just come to you. They always did for me.

Good luck and keep us posted!!!

Mary Fish

I'm so happy "fur" you! Mary


They are so beautiful. Bravo for you. We have a rescue cat named Cookie (she is black and white and her neck from the back looks just like an Oreo) That was her name when she came to us. However, we immediately gave her the middle name "Lee" after her new Dad. So, she is Cookie Lee, always. She has brought such joy to us we can't imagine not having her. Cats rule!!!
mmm in Michigan


Julie, I am a cat lover and your cat and kittens are so cute and sweet. I could see that mama cat named Smokey (because of her color) and then the kittens could be any other name. You are a saint for rescuing them all. Someone dropped a stray black and white cat off at my house a few months ago and she is so sweet, loving and such a good hunter. We get surprises everyday at our doorstep. We had her spayed and she stays right around my house. Congrats on your new family members!


Debbie from Buffalo, NY

I just love your new fur family Julie!! Thank you for making it a rescue. I have two cats and would take in more if Hubby would allow it. Good for you! Thanks for sharing and keep posting the pics! Debbie from Buffalo, NY


We have a cat that looks just like the mom. How about naming one of the kittens Smudge. I didn't get to use that name with ours but doesn't the color look like when you smudge your pencil? Congratulations on your new additions.

Sandy K

That is such a cute picture. Good Luck!


Awwww, they are adorable! And quite lucky kitties, too. We just adopted a sweet little guy last week and haven't come up with a name for him yet.


OMG! You're such an awesome person for not just adopting but adopting the WHOLE family! I can totally understand your reasoning too for wanting a cat out on a farm like area! The first name I thought of was for the Mom - "Lucky"! She sure is one lucky cat! I'd probably have to let my kids choose names for a couple too so that helps with their "ownership" and responsibility too! Some other names I came up with are "Pewter", "Canuck" and, well you're a big papercrafter so how about "Cardstock"! LOL!

Marcy K.

I have four kittys - all rescues. I named two after my favorite Nascar drivers (Smoke & Kasey - for any Nascar fans out there) and one came with a name - Bozo (no, he's not a clown but is black with white cheeks) and my little tiny girl is Lily. But, I digress. You know you've GOT to name one Inky. That just seems a no brainer!!! LOL!!!!!

Charlene H.

I love cats as well. My first cat was named Boston. When we got the second cat, a friend suggested Bruin. So we had Boston and Bruin. My husband found a third cat at work and he called him Puppy because he would follow him around like a dog. The names have suited each of our cats perfectly. The "Puppy" name was kind of funny because it always required an explanation but it was very unique. Now that Puppy and Bruin have passed on, our third cat is called Peaches - yes she is a peachy color. My son named her. I still have Boston and he is around 19 years old now. Cats are the best!

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