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January 04, 2009



Geez...of cours you have a thousand responses...thought I would try anyway..TFS... :)

Sandra K

I hope I'm not too late! I've really enjoyed your video tutorials, especially the cuttlebug ones. I tried all those tips out. The no copics no problems one inspired me to try colouring, so that was a big plus. The scallop punch one was fantastic. The others are tucked away in my head to try some day soon. You rock!


Only one favorite? I have completed at least 5 of your projects. My favorites are the Tic Tac Box, No Copics, No Problem, and the Treat Box. Thank you for the great and easy to follow instructions.


I've done at least 5 of your tutorials. My favorite is No Copics No Problem - that was super helpful!! I love my SU markers!

Chris R. from Iowa

Actually completed? Duh, I think none -probably. I always intend to try things. Favorite - I really gotta choose? At least I check out your blog almost daily!!!!!

Gail S.

I love your tutorials and the ones I tried was the no copics, no problem and the paper flower. I really enjoy your blog and thanks for a chance to win!


Hi Julie
I have tried so many of your tutorials...(I watch you constantly...well not you but your blog! lol) I think my favorite (too many to pick just one) or the one I have used the most of is the Faux Linen. I love that technique! I make all the sympathy cards for my husband at his work...he is director of an Alzheimer Nursing home and most of the patients, when they arrive, are from mid to end stages so he sees many pass away. The family members love getting the home made sympathy cards and that technique is easy and looks very very nice when done.

thank you for the opportunity to win the goodies!

Brenda H.

'Love your blog and your tutorials! I've done at least 8 of them and the sunset tutorial is my favorite. Thanks for this chance to win sweet candy!
~Brenda H.


I actually have done all of the tuturiols. My favorite one has to be the tic tacs box. It was just adorable and I made several for Christmas this year. Although it was very hard to pick the favorite. I loved doing them all.

Julie Saylor

I think I have probably done about 2 or 3 of your tutorials. I love them and check them out and follow your blog, but actually sitting down to do something...that's another story :) My favorite is the punchy penguin :) Thanks for the chance to win some high love love those stamps!!


The ones that I have tried are the marshmallow goodies , the checkbook and the recipe book so far. but I love all your tutorials

Thank you
Have a great New Years :)


hi Julie, I just love your site and I should really comment more as you are a regular source of inspiration for me. I have done more than a dozen of your tutorials and while they are all great its the No copics no problem tutorial that I loved the most!

Thea Graham

I love all of your tutorials, but I haven't used them all but I will!! The ones I have used are No Copics No Problem as well as the Cuttlebug one plus The Scalloped Frames. I use that one all the time and now that I have the new larger SU scalloped punch it is easier. Keep them acomin'.
I have some High Hope stamps too but not those you are giving away so keeping my fingers crossed. LOL thanks


Definitely No Copics, No problem! Thanks for the chance!! :o)

Jennifer Roubique

I think the only tutorial I have used is the torn flower one. It is so easy and beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to teach us. I have watched all of your tutorials, even though I've only tried one.


Hi Julie, I have to admit this is my first visit here. I got here through a link to your Cuttlebug ink tutorial on a Belgian scrapbook- and stampforum. I'm definitely going to try this one out and saved your blog to come back regularly. Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Sue Brown

I thought I had watched or seen many of your tutorials, but when I actually looked at all of them, I realized I have missed lots and lots. That is partly due to the fact that I subscribe late in 2007 or early 2008 and was new to the blogging world. Didn't know my way around. Of the long list of techniques, I think I have reviewed maybe about 10 or 15 of them. I plan on looking at all of them as soon as I can, now that I know what all is there. My fav and one that I have used several times, is the Scalloped frame. Thank you for all that you do. I love the little insights into your Canadian life and find myself alittle envious of the apparent tranquility.


Sad to say, I have been so busy, I have not had the chance to do any of them yet, but I am going to change that. This year I vowed to focus more on my paper crafting!

Jody Marcelis

Hi Julie, I have done at least 20 of your tutorials if not more. My favorite is the Post-It Note\Pen Holder. I made over 30 of these this year for neighbor\church\co-worker Christmas gifts. I did an additional 10 for my sister to give out to people at her work or church friends. My second is your No Copics tuturial, but everything you do is so wonderful. I really appreciate all the inspiration you give us.


Hi and Thanks at a chance to win some stamps, I love your blog and have tried many of your tuturials.. I like the post it alot nd have made several of those

annemarie hocking

I've only tried 3 tutorials but the Tic-Tac box is my favorite. I love to give that one - its so unexpected. Thanks for all your postings! I love to get them in my inbox.


I've done at least 4......(love the paper roses one!!) but have saved a bunch for future use (I'm not as good as you, as far as creating almost daily....goal this year is to improve in that area!)
Thanks for sharing your extra goodies! What a sweetie you are!

Shera Burrow

I have tried 4 of your tutorials and my favorite is the treat box. I made 28 of those for all everyone here at school at Christmas time.

Thanks for all the wonderful tutorials!


I've tried many of your tutorials...thank you for sharing your talent! Two of my favorites are the Post it Holder with Pen, and the Treat Box...what I like to call The Box with a View!

Wendy Burden

HI there, I love to check your blog daily! I love your tutorials. I have tried your purse tutorial and I am going to do the pocket rockets for my daughters classmates on Valentines day. Thanks again and have a great winter!


I have them saved in a special folder to try. One of my goals this month is to make time to spend on them, so as of today I haven't tried any. After reading the other comments it makes me even more excited to get to them. Thank you for all your guidance.

Barb (GrandmaUpNorth)

My favorite is probably No Copics, No problem. Followed by the boxes, and the nesties.


I actually just discovered your blog so I haven't had a chance to try any of the tutorials yet. But I definitely will. I love to learn new stamping techniques. Thanks for the oppurtunity to win your HH stamps.

Heidi Gore

I like the tutorial using the nestabilities. I have several of them now and appreciate any ideas on how to use them in different ways. Thanks for offering from your private stash.


Hi Thanks for the chance at blog candy. I am a religious follower of the blog and I have tried A LOT of the tutorials. I like the nesties, post it note and pen, and the tea bag holder. I have tried other boxes etc.


Love your tutorials. Favorites are the No Copics, No Problem and Easy Paper Roses....oh...and that great Tic Tac holder one you recently did. I want to make them all. Some day. :) Thanks for all you share with us.


I haven't found one of your tutorials I didn't like. They are all great. I do all the ones with measurements - especially boxes, so I have done several. The video tutorials are great too.

Kari V.

I love all of your tutorials....hummmm my favorite...that is a hard one....I love the ones related to gifts and gift bags and things. I also one that sticks out in my mind is that one about taking off the binding for the catalogs!! I have completed a couple! I love learning new techniques so please keep them coming!!! Thank you so much!!


I really appreciate the No Copics, No Problem! I like having another way to use what I have without having to invest oodles of money to get a result I'm happy about.

Tammy M

I have to admit I don't get to try as many of your tutorials that I want to but I know where to refer when I can. My most helpful were the nesties tutorials.

You are so sweet with all your blog give away, as if sharing your creativity wasn't enough.

Have a great new year.


Kathy Jackson

I love them all!! I have some sitting here to do! I don't really have a favorite - I just wish I had your talent!!! You ROCK Julie!

Andrea Brashier

I LOVE your tutorials. Not sure how many I have actually completed, but I have copied & saved quite a few of them. My favorite is your watercoloring tutorial (for non-copic users).


I've done a few and more on my To-Do List but for some reason my paying job gets in the way of my "play time"!! I really like how you explain the different techniques. I can follow along and get them done without any major mistakes.


I've done several of your tutorials but my fav of yours recently has to be your treat box one. I've made quite a few of these and they were so easy to make.

Terri E.

Not enough LOL, but I did like the us makers like copics one.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Lynette Turcotte

Hello, I have completed thirteen of your tutorials and then about 8 are in my to-do pile!! :) To pick a favourite, I would have to say is either the scallop circles and ovals (I've done both) or reinking my markers because I just thought that was genius!!

Melissa (SCS: stampin_melissa)

I can't believe you want me to chose just one! I love the CB tutorials, but I also loved the Rocket Pocket and did some for my DS's class. Thanks for all you do Julie! Stay warm!


I Love them all..but my all time favorite is the reinking of the pens...You made it all so easy and I WAS SOLD!!
Keep making more!!

Linda w

I know I have watched or read all of your tutorials but I can't honestly say how many I have finished. Having been a stamper for 14 years I think I have pretty much done it all but for sure am still learning.

Thanks much


Hi Julie:
I have tried quite a few of your tutorials, about 10 I guess. The first one was the cloud tutorial, I must say I use this one quite often. I like the No Copics,No Problem and a favorite is the gift card envelope. I love your blog,especially the tutorials.

Were I live we have very cold weather and a lot of snow. I know the feeling of being a house prisoner once in awhile.
Hugs, Marie-Paule.


Honestly? I have watched most of them but have only DONE 2. They are great tutorials I just don't have the time and ambition. Please keep making them though - I love all the ideas you share! My favorite - that I have done is fossil stone.


gosh, I couldn't even tell you how many I've completed ... I know I love love love the paper roses tutorial! Such a beautiful look!

Karen (stampin3)

Not as many as I would like that's for sure! Now to find the time!! I have tried the No Copics No Problem tutorial (I think that is what it's called). Of course, I know have Copics, so I need more help with them!! :)

Saw the pic of your window and can't get over it. I think I would go absolutely crazy if we couldn't get out of our house!!! YIKES!!

Jean Fitch

Hi Julie,
Thanks for putting all your tutorials together in such a handy all in one place format.

I just got started on the list so of course being the compulsive little girl I am I started with #1 - Masking and am moving on from there.

Then I decided to put the OCD on hold and flip through to see what was coming up. Lo and behold I discovered that unknowingly I had completed a couple all on my own - lol.
Have to say though that if I had known about your tutorials I could have saved myself some grief. So glad you've paved the way. Now if I could just download them on a disk since my stamp room computer isn't hooked up to the internet.

I can't wait to get into the copic coloring without copics tut's

Thanks again and thanks too for raiding your stash and sharing the wealth.

Hugs and blessings sister stampers! - Jean

Note to self: maybe flash drive would work? My cat is now looking at me like I'm nuts for talking to myself (like she would have an opinion on tech stuff other than its play potential! :)


I read all of your tutorials, but do very few of them. I have used your cuttlebug info though. The nesties and cuttle bug tutorial and the cuttlebug ink embossing tutorials


I think I have tried two of you tutorials Copic's and the Cuddlebug one. I really need to bucket down and do more of them.
Stampin hugs,

Beth Redding

I have tried quite a few of your tutorials (they are always so understandable!) One of my many favorites is the fossil stone, it turned out so beautifully, but was so very easy :)
Thank you!

 Mandy in IL

I have tried at least five of them and I am very appreciative of the ones using the Nestabilities and the Cuttlebug! Thanks for making them.
- Mandy


Although I always read your tutorials (and have bookmarked many for future use), I rarely get the time to play and use them. The most recent one I did use was the 2-4-6-8 boxes that I made for the Christmas treats for my my kids to give out at their party. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

Carolyn Y

Hi Julie
I did your card case with 3 cards & envelopes and post it note holder as good bye gifts for my son's 5th grade teachers. I made 7 gift bags. They loved them.


Love your tutorials - hard to pick one, but i'll go w/ no copics, no problem! thanks for your generosity!

Jody Larson

I always check out your tutorials but never seem to make the time to do them but I always go back to the cuttlebug nestibilites because I need to refresh my memory. Thanks for taking the extra time to do the tutorials, we appreciate it!

Jo R.

I love your tutorials and I think I've tried about 10 of them - some stamping related, but a lot are the construction type ones. My favourite is the gift card folder holder that I use all the time - I love it!


Loved the cuttlebug with the nestabilities, very informative.

Kerry J.

I've tried many - but my fave is NCNP!! I love that one and the results it yields! Thanks for the chance to win!


I love your tutorials. I have read them all, but I have only done 3. My favorite has got to be the pure color - prisma color one. What a nifty trick! As soon as I buy some markers I plan on doing the no copics no problem. I have yet to let go of my prisma colors though ;)

Jackie O

I Love all your tutorials. It is hard to pick just one. The latest one I tried is the post-it note holder. I gave it as a gift and it went over big. I have passed on your site to other friends so they can also enjoy all your tutorials. You rock with the tutorials. They really take the cake. Keep up the good work.

Lynne Hurlburt

I have tried many of your tutorials, can't remember how many and liked so many of them but I think one of my fav was the one on shrink art. Great idea using the paper piecer. I do mine in a box lined with tin foil but still use the paper piecer like you showed me. Hope your weather warms up for you soon. Great blog candy. Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Rachel Rice

At a quick count, I think that I have completed 26 of your tutorials (with more on my "to-do list!!!) My favorite (which I use the most) is your "No Copics, No Problem!" as I love to color images and I love the results I've had with your tutorial. My upline (who has been a demo for 12 years) told me that I color in better than she does, thanks to you!!!


I can honestly say Julie I have completed about five. As I said before, I visit your site each day, but until recently I had no idea that your older ones were posted there too. Keep up the hard work and stay warm until I can send you the warmer weather and mounds of snow from BC.

beth g

loved, loved, loved your video on using the cuttlebug with the nestabilities. that was so great for me!! thanks for sharing so much. beth g


I have tried a few of ur tutorials. I love all of them! My fave is the huff & thump one!

Thanks for being generous to give us your stamps!

Pricousins at aol dot com


The Card-a-lope was positively brilliant; I made several of them for Christmas and plan to make more for upcoming birthdays.

Judy Boggs

I always look forward to your tutorials and have completed 12 of them. I love all your cards and projects, especially the one on coloring called "no copics, no problem". I also like the one on masking a moonlight scene with the nature silhouette stamp. Your tutorials are very easy to understand and follow. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.


I have tried 5 of them but going through made me realize I need to go back and try more...I guess I would have to say my fav is the save your ribbon, mainly because this is the one I use most often!

Kay Watson

I have followed your blog for about 8 months and have tried 6-8 of your tutorials. My stamping space is relly limited so I love the scrap file. Also the No Copics No problem was great. Being Cuttlebug crazy I have tried them also. High Hopes is my favorite stamp company so thanks for such generous "candy."


Hi... I love the No copics no problem tutorial! I have only recently bought some markers and haven't had chance to play with them yet... and can't find the aqua brushes I bought to use with them.
When I've tidied tomorrow, I'll be having a play, so I'll let you know how I do!
Thanks for the fab tutorials - I've looked at them all, and will ONE day get around to trying them! XXX

Jill Haddad

I believe I have tried about 10 of them - some I have saved the link to so I can try them later. My favorite 2 are "No Copics No Problem" and the paper rose. BTW - I love High Hopes stamps but can't find them in any of the stores around here so I would REALLY appreciate it if you would send a set to me! LOL!!!!!


I LOVE all your tutorials. I have done at least a dozen of them. My favorites are the Cuttlebug ones and No Copics, No Problem.
Thanks for all the time you take to create the tutorials for us.


The scallop frame is my favorite although I have tried a couple other tutes and liked the results too. Thanks for all the great shares you do. I have learned alot following your blog.
Hugs from the kamperstampr

Debbie Fisher

I've saved many of them to STILL try, but the save your ribbon I use almost every time I have ribbon on my project. I also love the huff and thump technique.


Julie, Love your tutorials. My favorite is the Post-it note/pen holder. I used your instructions to make them for my GS's teachers. Big hit! thanks!


I've completed at least half, if not more, but I DO read them all sometimes more than once! My favorite??? I can't decide!!

Laraine R

I really like them all but really like the scallop frame and the cuttlebug and nestabilities turorials!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

Shannon T

I do read all your tutorials but I don't think I have completed any of them mind you I haven't stamped much in the last 3 months!


I've watched them all and tried about 22 or more of them. BTW, thanks for putting them all together on one page. My favorites are the rocket pockets and the tag charms using the cuttlebug. I actually went and bought the slider die after seeing that tutorial!! I've used the rocket pockets a few times in classes and open houses. They always turn out so cute. Thanks!!

Diane Cooper

I have tried many of your tutorials (you do a very good job of them) but I must say that my all time favourite is your No Copics No problem tutorial. I have used it many times, and I feel like an artist!!!
Stay warm!

Michelle B. aka JustPaintingAround

Right of the top of my head "no copics no problem" and "easy sunset" tutorials stand out. I use the "easy sunet" technique a lot (and send my blog readers back to your blog for instructions, of course!). Thanks for all the great info and the chance to win this fab prize!

Lynn Coates

I like the No Copics, No Problem and Cuttlebug tutorials the most. I have not watched all of them. Thanks for the chance to win.

Leyla Anderson

There are so many that are helpful and inspirational to be able to pick just one tutorial. I definitely enjoyed the No copics, no problem and use it as a handy reference. Keep up the inspiration.

Paula Kay

Julie, My fav would have to be the scrap folder. Of course the one I made was not for scraps but the principle was the same. Thanks for sharing.

Pamela C.

Watching and being able to do them are two different things for me. Right now I have a very sick son, so I don't get to do as much as I would like. I do try when able.

Thanks for a chance to win.

Have a great day.

pscole3467 at gmail dot com

Sue D

Your tutorials are great! I have actually completed 5 of them and I think the cuttlebug ink embossing video is my favorite.

Kim Holochak

I have looked at them all and have completed all but 2. Thanks for all of them!!! Kim Holochak


Julie ~ you're too kind to be digging into your own stash of goodies! WoooHooo :)
My fav of your Tutorials, and one I refer to often ((I print projects and certain items and have them organized in a binder)) is your "No Copic" one, where you utilize your other SU markers and various tools, to create a similar colour technique.
Thanks for the offerings! =D
P.S. Stay Warm !!! BRRrrrrrr

Amy Jacobs

I love your tutorials! My favorite is the treat box that you made. I made these for my family and they were a hit! I always look forward to them!


The most helpful to me was the tutorial for Cutting With the Cuttlebug and Nestabilities. I am so glad I didn't have to buy another cutting machine. Of course, I bought the Cuttlebug for the embossing capabilities. Love to emboss, dry or heat.


I love your tutorials! I think my favorite is No Copics, No Problem. I keep hoping that my finished products will look as good as yours.


I’m new to stamping and I love to look at all the wonderful things you can do with paper and ink. Thanks for all sharing. I plan on making some of the projects in 2009. Happy New Year!!!


Honestly Julie - I think I have seen all of them! As I was scrolling the list, I saw a couple I had not seen, so I watched them - LOL. They are wonderful and I thank you very much! Renee


Your work with Just Right Stamps got me to order from them. They had a 2 for 1 sale on at the time so I got stuff for me and for a friend. I gave her the things last week for her birthday and she was over the moon. I am very glad to have found something she was so happy to receive.


I'm so bad - I've looked at probably all of your tutorials, but haven't really tried one in its entirety. Please keep them coming though - that's a resolution for 2009 - to try your tutorials. Jackie

Katy D

All of your tutorials amaze me. I can't find time to do all of them I'd like, so I don't know how you find time to make them. I know that takes a lot of effort, for which I'm thankful. I really enjoy any of the "3-D" projects: card cases, post-it note holders, gift card holders, etc. I've done a couple of each of those and have others on my to-do list. I don't have the necessary tools to do all of them, but I watch all of them. Your talent is greatly appreciated.


hands downs No Copics No problem. I use this a lot and tell everyone I know to check it out on your blog.


WOW . Look how many tutorials you have shared. That is awesome. I have done 7 of them, maybe more. My favorite are the 3D ones like the gift card holder, boxes and the attache case. But I love the technique tutorials as well esp. reflections.

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