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January 12, 2009



No you're not the only one, I do it too! I was just keeping my trimming a secret. Thanks for sharing your secret with us. Love your blog!

Brooke S

Your not crazy I trim some of the die-cute sets 2


I started trimming them closer after ruining a couple of pieces. I hate that little stray mark above your image. I'm glad to know I'm not alone!


Yep, you're not alone. I love my Tim Holtz scissors for just that reason. :)


I have been called worse than ANAL over the years-LOL! I trim most of the die cuts, it saves tim later!!


The only good thing about die cuts is they are easier to sell to customers who don't like to cut. Me, I trim mine really close. Hate those shadows!

Stephanie S.

Yes, I trim the die cuts too, some times, if it is apparent to me it will be too much excess and leave a mark.

But, if you want anal, I'll give you anal....I've been saving the rubber sheet that they pop out of for a template to draw around the image if I want to cut it out evenly around all sides. Some things I like to cut out real close like if I'm paper piecing or something but some times I like a little color (or white) to show all around the image to set it off, the shape of the popped out piece is perfect for this!

Wow I can't believe I just admitted that publicly. But I do feel better now.



No no i trim them too !!!!


i ONLY trim them if i get a stupid edge when I stamp. Otherwise I don't bother.

dee koncinsky

I think the die -cutting only makes them easier to trim! I'm also one of those anal types..LOL

Carol Doyle

Julie, you are not alone. Everytime I stamp with a die cut set, I get annoyed with the overstamp and say to myself "I should have trimmed them closer". But my lazy factor kicks in and I'd rather put them together and be done, then sit and trim lol! Keep it up girl, maybe you'll motivate the rest of us LOL!

Germana Ferrao

I think one has to, I do them too, as I hate any other marks on the card. LOL

Sue Farrant

There are people who don't? And they call them selves stampers??? Hmmm... LOL

Wendy in MD

I love the die cut stamps. Sometimes I make my buying decision based on whether the set is already die cut. I don't like trimming, and it never occurred to me to trim the die cut stamps!

Linda Henry

It's funny you would have this in your blog tonight. I was just telling my husband the very same thing! I have to agree with everyone else. They are not cut close enough. You're just a good stamper who wants a good clean stamp! Nothing wrong with that or You!

Linda H
Sacramento, CA


I haven't trimmed the die cut rubber, but I've been tempted to...I agree, I wish they were cut a little closer to the image.

Janet S

Oh please! I don't EVEN mount mine on the wood. I just put my stamps right onto a piece of thin EZMount and then trim! I guess I am even more anal! LOL
PS Anyone want some wood mounts cheap? *giggle*


You're not alone girl! :o)


I agree with Sharon H. above and I just wish we lived closer so maybe you could maybe teach me some "good" habits such as being a stampaholic rather than a workaholic! (Ever thought of moving to East Tennessee???) Seriously, I love your site and your designs.


Nope your not alone , I do it too ! And I am glad to see I am not the only one !

jules p

Glad to know that others do the same thing.;)
I just do not like a lot around the edge of the image!


Yup...they're just not "right"!! I absolutely despise "catching" the edge of a stamp!

Jody Larson

Got to trim as close as I can. Looks like the majority do too!!

Jane Harrah

I have but let me tell ya....the last time I did, because the rubber is not as strong as it used to be, I almost ruined one of my stamps! Now I am very careful. I am also very afraid to use the stamp because it is so soft! Does anyone else have that issue? I have even had the rubber come off the backing when I go to clean the stamp!


I trim mine also, I almost wish they were not die cut. They are simply not close enough. I also cut out the middle of stamps that have a lot of "dead" space inside of them.

Nikki Schmaltz

As you can see you are not alone. I too cut mine. I love that they are die cut because it doesn't take me as long. But, I still have to trim them. There is something about the "snap" of going through that rubber. Oh yeah! Gotta love it. It's almost therapeutic:)


nope not anal, a perfectionist! LOL
i too trim my already "trimmed" su stamps...

Jean ~

Yep! I'm with you Julie, they're just not close enough. I'd rather trim them one time instead of ruining something I've worked hard to make beautiful with a little stray ink mark.
Jean ~


I know I'm anal! I've ruined many stamps trying to trim too close.
I'm obsessed with trimming and buying way too many stamps! LOL

As long as we are having fun, it's all good!




I just mounted 3 stamp sets today that are die cut. I did the exact same thing! I find that there is still too much excess rubber on the stamps. :)

Kathy Benko

I'd rather be stampin than doing what someone has already done for me.


I trim my SU stamps too. I don't think you're anal, just doing the best job you can ;)

Lacey Stephens

Yep, I don't think the die cut stamps are cut close enough. I end up cutting most of my stamps. I am still waiting for my catalog! I hope it comes by the 19th because I have my stamp club that night.

Beth B.

I do not... I HATE trimming rubber, so these pre-cut stamps are a blessing to me! I make due with the way they come!

Beth (mommy to a busy 5-yr old)


Me too... I thought I was the only fussy person! 8-)
Hugs from Michigan


I trim each and every stamp I buy if it is not already stuck to the wood. And if it is there is always the microwave to get it off for trimming............LOL. I hate shadows that aren't suppose to be there.
I have a motto that I repeat often....."a job worth is worth doing right."


I didn't think we could trim it closer! I was told cut straight and not close! I thought it would ruin the if Julie can do it...I can too!

~hands on hips~

Lori Franklin

I have thought about it, but haven't done it yet!



P.S. Forgot to ask what ANAL stood for or is it a dark secret...curious...maybe I have it too!
~~Lorene aka granny stamper


...girl u are not alone...I am one of those folks that strives for perfection also. I too would trim them & even tho I am not as neat as I would like to be...I always have my Kai scissors handy!
~~Lorene aka granny stamper

Marie B.

Ummm, NO COMMENT!!! Bwahahaha! ;)


Nope - I do it too!


I also trim the die cut stamps because sometimes they are not trimmed close enough and I don't want extra marks on my paper! You go girl!


My theory is - is more people had some of these 'high strung' habits, the rest of us wouldn't have to make up for them...that applies to worrying, stressing, etc. I hear ya', Julie, and I am in need of signing up for the same support group! (Thank goodness there isn't one yet...let's keep our husbands away from each other or there might be...)
Love your blog - you're a doll! Your projects are beautiful and I love your sense of humor.


I cut all my stamps hate that extra rubber so maybe we can call it a creative thing?

Elaine Case

I'm picky, but not that picky! I hate cutting.

sandie carter

You are not alone - I have to trim them that little bit extra too.


I do it as well so not to worry about it.

Mary Ann Daugherty

I trim my die cut stamp sets as well. They just aren't close enough for me.

ilina crouse

Don't worry, you are not the only one. I do it too.

Ilse Vargas

I do the same, cutting the rubber is like a therapy for me... and some sides still need some extra trimming :)

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