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February 05, 2009



you know the old saying, "on growing old: growing old may be Hell, but it sure beats the alternative"


Hahaha, I get the joke - although I missed the joke the first time, I had to scroll back to see what you were talking about! LOL
My hands get numb all the time too & I figure it's probably CT but I haven't checked to find out - I don't wanna know! I guess when it gets bad enough I'll have it checked, but I'll try the wrist braces first.
Thanks for sharing, I love your blog! :)


Julie. I've just nominated you for a Lemonade Award for your great attitude/in gratitude. Please see my blog for details. Sara

Nicole Anderson

I am totally cured by just wearing both braces at night, too! AND it only took about a week! NOW if I even forget to put them on, I am still fine the next day. This is what we crafters get for such hard work!! CT! Glad you are better! I am avoiding surgery as long as I can, too!

Jane L

Try to avoid activities that aggravate your CTS - if you can't do that then do them in moderation, or for shorter time periods - afterwards apply a gel ice bag. Wear the splints when possible; during the day be conscious of maintaing wrists/hands in the neutral position. Take Vit. B. I had a book from the library that showed some exercises. I no longer have to do these things unless I've been doing too much shovelling, vacuuming, keyboarding or carrying too heavy grocery bags (I have to make more trips into the house, but it's good exercise!

Margaret C

Man, so your kid did this to you too !! Like pregnancy wasn't bad enough!!! if they weren't so cute... XX


Hey Julie - I had the same problem when I was pregnant with my son. You'll like this - until I bought my Futuro splints, I used to slide my hands into a pair of the old Dr Schools flip flop wooden shoes - every time I would start to curl my hand under the pillow the shoe would remind me to relax - it worked! but was a little dangerous when I got my hands near my face! ha!


I too have to wear braces on my wrist so my hands don't get numb during the day. Been wearing them at night for about 10 years. Yeah no surgery yet!!!!!!!


I happened upon your blog and I noticed your braces. I have been wearing a plain or wrist brace for over 10 years on my right hand, just at night when it hurts me. It always makes my wrist stop hurting! My husband jokes that I am going "bowling" when he sees me put it on at bedtime.
Good luck to you!


I know two people who avoided surgery entirely by going for physiotherapy. I'm not saying it's the answer to everything, but they were glad to avoid surgery!

Having said that, thanks so much for putting so much time and effort and energy into this blog. Soooo many super ideas!

Susan G

I've worn a brace for years and was just about to give up and get the surgery but decided to give the chiropractor a try. The CTS hasn't completely been cured, but it's sure a lot better. I won't even consider the surgery now. With all the stamping, sewing, crocheting and cross stitching I do, I think I can live with the relief I get from the chiro.

Marie B.

I have been wearing braces like that at night for years now. My hands still do fall asleep during the day if I hold anything for too long, and if I do any writing for too long, it hurts! Driving can even be a pain! Supposedly, my case of CT is "moderately severe" in both hands...lucky me! That was said with ALOT of sarcasm! DH and I have no insurance right now, so I just put up with things until such a day when we will have some again...sigh... :)


Hi Julie - I had CT too and it got me into some pretty sticky situations. I was decorating a wedding cake on site one time and both hands went totally numb and were worthless. Needless to say, I could not finish the cake. I had already finished the front and 2 sides thankfully, but could not finish the back and ended up refunding some of the bride's money. That just about killed my soul! I started seeing a chiropractor and I haven't had any more problems! When I feel tingling or numbness, I take a trip to old Doc and she adjusts me and I am good to go for another several months. Try it - it worked great for me! A friend of mine had the surgery on a Friday and was back at work on Monday with no problems, but I would rather see my chiropractor instead of the KNIFE! We love you so take care of YOU! Renee

judy Anderson

Julie, I'll have to check here more often for cures. But I have to say that just the wrists braces in red would be a cute Valentine outfit.

Sue Brown

I successfully put off Carpel tunnel surgery for about 8 years because I wore a brace at night. Not as nice a brace as yours, but what I had worked for my right hand until my fingers were numb at work way to much. I also had physical therapy exercises that I did that helped. I found a great doctor to fix my right hand and I haven't had a problem with it since. My left hand was diagnosed as being just as bad, but I have been able to forestall that surgery by wearing a brace very similiar to yours at night for the last 4 years! Because my doctor explained that the nerve damage caused by carpel tunnel is irreversable and affects the major muscle that controls the thumb, I will have it done as soon as the brace doesn't work as well as it has.


I tested positive for Carpal Tunnel - then went to my Chiropractor - he adjusted the vertabrae between my shoulder blades - they were twisted and pinching the nerves that ran down to my fingertips - and once straighted out the CT miraculously disappeared!

Patti Nelson

Julie, Do you have anyone who practices Reflexology near you? This can really help. Even a massage thearapist can massage and manipulate your hands and wrist. It's amazing!


Julie I want to say that many years ago I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands - different times. No problem with it at all now and I no longer need those braces. Recovery really didn't take long either. Hope you feel some more relief.


Try may speed things up even more!

Pamela King

Hey Julie,
My Mom had to do the same thing, but here's a self help thing for you. Mom had John Froese work on her hands a few times, and now the carpal tunnel is gone!

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