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March 13, 2009


evette k. ciampo

Oh Julie I am so so sorry over your loss. Just read this today at our local library as they have roadrunner much faster then my dial-up at home!! My prayers go out to you. Wow, I am 57 years old so that hits home big time. Keep your memories of them deep in your heart.

Wendy M

So sorry to hear of your losses. Just know that there are lots of thoughts and prayers being sent your way. You are a blessing and inspiration to so many people. Keep your positive attitude and stay focused on the things that really matter. I pray that better days are ahead for you and your family. May God Bless you.

Marie B.

More (((((BIG HUGS))))) to you Julie!


I guess you had a tough week, sure do hope you can start this next week off alot better!

Gail S.

Julie - So sorry for your losses. I said a prayer for you and your family.


Hey, Julie, hang in there! We're all behind you!

Jane Harrah

Julie, I bought one of your kits in the past, for very little money, I might add. I loved it and thought how wonderful it was of you to share so much so willingly. You have always given freely of yourself, your talent and your innovation. I can't imagne anyone would doubt your sincerety or your ability or your creativity. There are lots of places for inspiration and just because two people come up with like ideas, it does not mean one was stolen. It simply means that great minds are great creators! I thank you for all you share and give every day. I think there are some comments that should not be shared if they are just hurtful. I am sad for your losses recently but remember this, the person lost has found peace and the hurt is for those that remain behind. Thinking of you and sending love.

charlene wiley

Hi Julie,

You have my deepest sympathy, you also have other issues on your mind ( with your lady emailing you) then returning from your vacation you need peace and rest. Just try and rest when you can. Also don't worry about that lady, you are wonderful with all the great things you make and do for this blog and your stamping buddies. Love Charlene

Elizabeth S.

Oh, Julie my heart goes out to you. That is just way too many to lose at one time. It is also sad to think that they were so young. Keep on going. They will always be in your heart.


Oh, my heart breaks for you. That is too many people to lose, never mind on one day. It is hard sometimes to trust the Lord. But He knows what he is doing. God will give you the strength to get through this and be a support to others left behind.


I hate that people are so cruel to each other and I am so sorry for the losses and grief in your life! My prayers are with you both in the crafting upset and your personal life. God bless you in all ways, and I personally thank you for all you share with us and you are a blessing to me.

Thanks so much,

Cindy sorry for your past week. It's never easy losing someone you love. On top of that, you don't need someone attacking one of the things that brings you joy. One of the great things about the crafting world is the fun of creating and sharing with others. There will obviously be some creations that resemble others,but that doesn't mean they were both have great ideas! I'm sorry you've had to deal with the ugly side of paper crafting, but know you have TONS of support out here in cyberspace from all over the world! I for one appreciate your fabulous ideas and generosity in sharing your creations. I pray that the days ahead will be better for you. Warm thoughts....Cindy

Christine S.

Prayers for you and all your loved ones Julie. Many hugs...

kim fee

Oh gosh what a terror of a time you have had.... my heart goes out to you...

As for the nasties of this crafting world, I tell them to enjoy the delights that you show on your blog, and thankyou for the recipes to make them, and sharing them with us all, you make fabulous stuff and I hope this hasn't put you off creating and sharing .... you can quite clearly see where you have gotten your inspiration from, there are lots of gifty bags and treat bags which all look simlilar but have their own takes on it,


Take care Kim x

Diane Kent

Only a generous and loving person would be so hurt by the accusations about your design. And I know that about you from your sharing in the past 2 years.One can only pray for the hurtful ones that attack, that they may finally find love. You are in my prayers too, so many losses are hard to bear. Thank you for all you do, your gorgeous and innovative designs inspire me always, and you blog is like a visit from a friend. Diane


oh julie...your poor aching heart...sending a hug your way...

Terry Molineux

Oh Julie...I am so sorry to hear about your week especially someone thinking you stole her idea....I think sometimes people have nothing better to do than be blogging police or SU police....get a life! I love all your projects and I am very loyal to you!

Sorry for all your 3 on the same day....a little scary huh?

You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy Next Week!!! LOL

jules p

Hugs to you from me. I am sorry to hear that you have lost so many loved ones so close together.
Love and prayers you.

Betty M

You will be in my prayers. Things will be looking better.


I'm sorry for your losses, and sorry for your bad days! I am sure things will get better....I'll be back later to see your staming post. (((hugs)))


I am sorry....better days are ahead. God never gives us anything we can't handle...keep pressing on! And keep being creative!!


I am so sorry about all the losses that is just horrible you & your family will be in my prays


There's always better days ahead, even if we sometimes have to wait for them. Keep looking forward; they'll be there.

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