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September 02, 2009



I know this is way past the date...but can I add...IF I sold Tupperware, why would I show Rubbermaid products that I use....
SU for years is ahead of EVERYONE out there..look at how long they took to develope a Un-mounted system...and then they made it so simple..and compact.
Their colors are true...their designs--clean and well drawn....and things go together...most women..on the other side don't really match up things all that well IMHO...and with SU it takes the guess work out of it...I am a Christian and feel for my $$$ , which is the Lord's anyways...I should get as much as I can....also you are being honorable and God honors people who are.
I would love it, if this blog was one day ONLY SU.....
Kuddos to you

Lori A.

I love your work and will continue to visit your blog regardless. :)


I am so sorry this company has convinced you to limit your artistic options. To me it does not speak to encouraging creativity.


Hi Everyone,
I have a scenario. If you worked for Lancome and promoted Estee Lauder products, do you not think that Lancome has a right to be upset with you?

We SU dems signed a contract that we would not promote similar products, which I think is more than fair.

I signed the new contract otherwise I would not be able to purchase anymore of their wonderful products come Oct. 1st.

Julie you are such a creative person with such a wonderful attitude, and I know that you will continue making beautiful cards and projects with SU products, and those who are nuts about you will continue to come back.

Hey, SU has so many neat accessories, fabulous stamp sets, beautiful designer paper, ribbons to match, and the new treat cups and shimmer paint, how can we go wrong?

Keep smiling!

Sincerely, Karyn

Terry Molineux

OMGosh Julie....I haven't been getting your updates and because I was preparing for a craft fair I never noticed because I really haven't been blogging too much! I am so happy to hear that you are staying with SU so many design team members are dropping SU and I was so discouraged because while I am only SU I do like the inspiration I receive from everyone.

Thank you for staying and I am looking forward to SU ONLY!!!


What a difficult decision for you! I only have two SU sets so I prefer a multicultural blog. Although there are a lot of talented SU blogs I like yours because it had more variety. I love your style and will miss seeing all the work you've done for other design teams. I wish you could write another blog under a pseudonym but that would be too much work, and someone would recognize your stuff. I think SU is going to lose a lot of talent so maybe they'll reconsider. I'm glad you're still going to blog!

Pam (PeeJay)

Makes no sense to me when this is a personal blog. What right do SU have to state what content you put on your own personal blog? They don't employ you, they don't own you and I'm guessing that they don't pay for the blog either. You give them your time, which they pay you for when you sell, other than that they have no claim on what you do in your own time. I certainly wouldn't be dictated to by them.
SU could be shooting themselves in the foot here by limiting you with what you do.
I'm probably coming at it from a slightly different perspective being a Brit in the UK where SU stuff is very limited. The catologue is nowhere near as comprehensive as yours - it is also a lot more expensive (especially when you have to make your own stamps up!) so the encouragement is to find similar items by different manufacturers .... which is not difficult to be honest.
I am a member of a Stampers 10 group and it has been hard to find enough that I've liked from the UK catologue to fill a 10 month shopping list (a fair bit of stuff in our catologue has been retired from yours!)
I know SU demos in the UK are watching with interest but I don't think SU would legally be allowed to do this over here.
I would just like to say .... Butt out SU or pay your demo's a salary and for their blogs then you have a right to say what they do!
I guess you could always have another blog ....

Julie - You are the reason that I subscribe to about 100 other blogs and have enjoyed your wonderful creations. I have learned so much from you. Much of what I have purchased from SU in the US is because of what I see on your blog and other blogs. I am very disappointed in this company and have sent the following letter to marketing@stampinup to express my opinion about their recent decision.
"Dear Marketing Group -
I subscribe to many blogs of independent Stampin Up demonstrators and am hearing that Stampin Up has set an "all or none" policy regarding the use of Stampin Up products with products of other vendors. While no one has "quoted" the policy, it is evident that they are being forced to become exclusive or stop selling your product.

I write to you to encourage you to reconsider your policy. I gain an incredible amount of knowledge from your demonstrators. They share wisdom about your products and do an excellent job at documenting just your products with their creations. Seeing their wonderful creations has encouraged me to purchase Stampin Up products because I can take what they have presented and add my own touch to create something I am proud of. The first place I go while looking at their blogs is your catalog.

The world does not revolve around Stampin Up. I currently purchase Stampin Up products, Close to My Heart products, Creative Memories products, products from Michaels, Archivers, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and order a myriad of other products on the market from websites for scrapbooking and card-making. I don't need to purchase a "Big Shot". My scrap group already owns a Cuttlebug and a Cricut, but can use your dies in our Cuttlebug. I use "Nestabilities" and have created some beautiful projects with your cardstock and papers. I use several of your punches, as well as Fiskars, E & K Success punches. I love your "Mat Pak" and just recently purchased four for my friends as gifts. I use some of your stamps because I like the designs which are unique. Your stamping wheels are wonderful and don't compare anywhere else.

You are doing your company and your demonstrators a great dis-service. I encourage you to look inward at your business decision."

I hope they realize their marketing plan may very well jeopardize their business, not improve it.

Cheryl Hirzel

I am so glad you made this decision. As a long time follower of your blog and an SU demo, I have always enjoyed your work as being outstanding and inspiring in all aspects. Keep up the good work!


You don't need to purge all non SU! Sorry but I live in the real world as do my customers and I buy what I like and use what I like! Now, most of my stuff is SU, but I like alot of different companies out there and will not give them up.

Glenda Jones

I'm sorry you have to leave the other design teams as you are so creative and I have enjoyed (and will continue to do so) all your creations and all that you share. It was great seeing products from other companies too. I agree with others that your blog should be whatever you want it to be since you are paying for it and they aren't. Thank goodness all your tutorials will still be available. There are so many products that aren't available from SU so I think they are being a little shortsighted. I can understand their desire that you only use their stamps, but what about all the other items used in creating cards and pages. Best Wishes .... and thanks for all you share!!!

jeanne nielsen

Yikes! I see both sides of this issue as my sister is on design teams and I can't even link to her. On the other hand, I'm a SU demo and I definitely visit the blogs that promote the SU stuff. I understand that in this economy it's necessary to promote (or limit promotions to competition) their merchandise. So glad that you're sticking with SU! We'll all get through this.


I am happy to see your blog go back to SU! only. I've missed that. I've enjoyed your other creations too but since I am a SU! Demo I like to look at your SU! stuff - gives me immediate inspiration. Thanks and good luck!


Dear Julie

What a tough and terrible decision you had to make to satisfy SU. I love their products but I believe they had no right to tell you what to do on your Blog. It is YOUR personal Blog and you have the right to promote whom ever you wish. Could you not have just a SU blog and keep your personal one separate? Either way, I will still continue to visit your awesome site.

Ter :)

Doris D.

I love your blog and visit daily. I am excited to learn that it will be a SU blog only. I never could understand why an SU demo could promote other products unless it was to receive free merchandise. I am a mostly SU stamper and love when I see SU blogs. I will certainly support you. You are a talented stamper and a wonderful story teller. Thanks for all you do.

Anne S

I totally respect your decision, even though I don't respect SU's decision to put this out there. As someone said earlier - who are they to think that they can dictate what people say, do and think on their personal time, and personal blogs. It would be an entirely different story if they paid for your blog, and/or hosted it, but they don't. I really wish you didn't have to stop designing for other companies, but such is life. I will definitely still keep visiting your blog, as you provide wonderful inspiration no matter whos stamps you work with! Keep up the good work!

Erica Fields

I will continue to read your blog. You're so very inspirational. I saw your comment on Craft Critique. Are you sure this will really simplify your life? I guess it will take some getting used to. Why'd they have to do this so close to the holidays? Well, you should do whatever is best for you and take your family and time into consideration. All the best to you.


WoW! I'm confused? Isn't this blog a PERSONAL blog? So does SU! not want you to post about your family or vacations??? This is crazy! I'd understand if this was a blog published & paid for BY SU!, but the fact that YOU pay for it & are "solely responsible for its content" means SU! should step off. Not cool, SU! I love your blog & will still visit, but feel badly for you being made to choose.

Marie B.

Hmmmm, wow. I love your work Julie, with ALL the companies you worked with...I dunno WHAT to think about SU, except that I never thought they were all that and a bag of chips, too. I have a couple of SU sets that I bought from someone who was getting out of being a demo a few years ago, and I really haven't used them much...I wish you luck with your decision, and I will still read your blog!

Maria Williams

I am very sorry for your tough decision, but I am very glad to hear we will not be loosing you due to the new IDA. I LOVE your blog and follow it everyday!!! Your ideas and tutorials are fantastic - you are extremely talented! I get a lot of inspiration from you - Thank You!! :)


Someone a few comments earlier. mentioned Paperlicious' comments. Paperlicious also mentioned that SU is repeating through their list of questions and explanations that these other companies compete with their demos for business and that is why they are changing the rules but she then stated SU owns Clearsnap who also sells in competition to the SU demos!

Karen DellAngelo

So sorry for you, I WAS a demonstrator with SU but they cannot rule my life, they only pay me for what I sell for them, not my life, not by thoughts or my off hours. I love stamping and I love all the other products. Too bad they don't see the intertwinement(?) there is room for all! I'll support you in your decision.

Trish Brunkhart

You are one classy gal and I am proud to be a follower of your blog.

Tasha R

I love your blog and I respect your right to do what is best for you, but I just sent an e-mail to SU! with my opinion. I love their catalogs and look forward to the new releases, but some of the purchases I've made were becasue I was inspired by a blog that used SU! product along with other products/tools that I already own. I think the Demo's blogs use other products in a way that complement SU! products, not necessarily compete with them. Just my opinion. Good luck and I will continue to follow your beautiful and creative work!


I have read about others today who are very upset with SU! and this new policy, many who are leaving SU! because of it. I hope SU! will reconsider!! I think this is so unfair to all of you! I hope they are reading the blogs and comments today......Best of luck to you Julie.
~Shauna in CA (California)


I made the opposite choice - I deleted my blog entirely. I just can't be bothered playing stupid games and worrying if I am putting something on there I shouldn't. This new IDA hasn't hit the Aussie shores yet, but it is likely to happen, so may as well bite the bullet now.
Keep up the good work, hope this mess gets sorted soon.

Diane Klieger

You are one classy lady. You handled this with a lot of character. Your blog is one of the first that I followed. Even when you didn't use SU products I would look for an alternative that was SU based. Only when I couldn't find something would I invest in another product. Since SU has partnered with Sixxix some of those limitations have gone away. My thought is this too will pass as SU moves in a new direction and gifted SU demonstrators such as yourself will shine.

Account Deleted


Although it was painful, I think you made the right decision. It sounds like you understand the rationale behind SU's revisions to the IDA. I have been a SU demonstrator for 7 years, and I am astonished at some of the posts I have been reading today, most of which sound like a knee-jerk reaction to a well thought out business decision by SU! I love your work, and I am sure you will continue to inspire those of us who visit your blog for wonderful SU-related ideas.


Yup, I thought of you immediately. I'm so sorry you had to make such a difficult decision. Yes, it's simplified your life, but it wasn't exactly your choice. Your hand was forced and it just isn't right. I love SU products and I'm a Demo too, but I can also appreciate everything else out there in this crazy stamping community we are part of. I too think they will lose quite a few Demos because of this. Maybe it'll be a hard, but necessary lesson for them.

M. Dow  Chicago Illinois

I can't even imagine Stampin Ups thought process. I respect your decision, but I wouldn't let anyone tell me who I could associate with. Everyone has to make the right decision for themselves. Consultants will be leaving in leaps and bounds and SU will regret such a terrible decision. There are so many neat things out in "scrapland" who needs Stampin up! I"m out! I plan on giving them my opinion. You are so talented and to think they are trying to limit you makes me ill. They should be honored to have you as part of their team. Maybe they should pay you some extra for all the sales you provide them with. This is the land of the FREE and no one has to follow their dictatership.

Sylvie Greeniaus

I agree with those who feel that SU is being short sighted. Controlling your SU website is one thing but your blog! That's yours. They should have no jurisdictiom over it. You're in the same delima Kritina Werner was in. She worked at SU headquarters, also a SU demonstrator also used all sorts of stuff on her blog. Now I certainly don't know the whole story there but as far as I know she is no longer an employee of SU. Pity for them.
As much as I LOVE SU and there product line, they are not doing the right thing here! Can't they see that the more stuff you use the more you move from being a crafter to being an artist and that can't hurt anyone including them!
A blog is about Branding. You are the brand. You are using this avenue to create and nuture relationships with your followers. They should not be to control that. They don't deserve you. Hopefully they will see the error of there ways. I will write/call and lodge my complaint!
Americans! So much for the land of the free! Ha!

Tammy Fielder

wow... I participate in an SU monthly hostess club and I'm glad I never signed up as a demo! I will still participate in the hostess club to keep my creative juices flowing, but I don't want to be restricted! I was actually looking into the MemoryWorks direct sales company and am more inclined to join them now instead! They don't manufacture their own products but sell exclusive paper bundles and embellishments by all the very popular companies out there (Basic Grey, Crate Paper, Cosmo Cricket, Prima, Petaloo, Ranger, Tim Holtz, My Mind's Eye, Sassafras Lass, etc.) There aren't any downlines to earn from, just the 20% consultant discount and 20% earned from catalog retail sales. I'm thinking of it as a good way to get all the new releases that come out at a discount and maybe earn a little on the side if I hold a class or sell to friends. They don't have many stamps, just those clear ones by the big companies that go with their lines (like Basic Grey)... so you can buy all the outside stamps you want! They cater more towards the scrapbooker, not the stamper. MemoryWorks also sells Prism cardstock and many of the popular tools. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go check them out again right now.


Don't you have to pay for this blog? If that is true, then I suppose it would be only right, since SU is making you use only their products, then they should pay for your subscription to this blog. Since it is advertising for them.


I think that you made the right decision. Stampin' Up! is an awesome company. You are a talented part of that. Change is hard. Stampin' Up! has always done what is right & reasonable. When the smoke clears, I know that you'll be happy you did. I know I am.


Hi Julie,
I'm sorry for the dilemma that you and many other su demonstrators find themselves in. There are so many blogs in 'blogland' already that use only stampin up products, and frankly they are boring because it is page after page of the same old stamps constantly being repeated. Imagine what it will be like now - I read maybe 150 blogs on a regular basis and if only one third of these are su demonstrators, that's going to be a lot of repetition. I love the fact that you have used a variety of interesting products, and I love your work and your talent so I'll be happy to keep on reading your blog, but as I don't use su products at all, there will be many blogs which I just won't bother with any more. I think that su have shot themselves in the foot over this one. Also, I feel very sad for the other stamp companies you work with, because your work with their products is fantastic, and I will miss it. Su are obviously feeling threatened by all the great stamping companies out there, and I guess they feel that if they compete on a level playing field they won't stack up with other companies.

Michelle Ross


One or two things more...

Why can't SU realize that all the awards you've won and wonderful acknowledgements you received for you work reflects on them by association? You've never not given them their props when they are due and anyone who reads your blog knows you are an SU person. Very short sited of them. Next thing you know they will be telling you, you can't post on Split Coast Stampers. SU will be getting even less of my business from now on. Why should you limit your creativity with just them? Call everyone back you bailed on and tell them to keep the product flowing your way because you won't be limited and controlled by one shortsighted company!!

M from Alabama

Michelle Ross


Just have a different blog for all the others. You are not a direct employee of SU but business is business for them. I have enjoyed everything you present but frankly, I support my local SU person when I can. However, I buy the vast majority of my SU stamps on ebay, where they are more realistically priced. Hope you consider two sites I will support both!
M from Alabama

Jane Harrah

This is so not right on so many levels. I just love what you do, no matter who the stamps are from. So not right. Just not right.


As soon as I read the new agreement I thought of you right away. I am also a demo and am so happy that you have decided to stick with it. Although it's too bad that you have to remove the links, you could still post your other projects without providing links to the other sites. What a hard decision for you.. My thoughts are for sure heading your way..


I'm personal not very interested in SU and never go to websites which only promote SU....I like your blog but it would loose its appeal to me.

Can you not have a seperate blog for your other things you do?
I know of several paper crafter who have one for example magnolia only and then one for their personal stuff, lets face will not use SU products only from now will you show things you have made with other products??

One more reason for me not to like SU..they are in my eyes totally overrated.


I think there will be a lot of backlash because so many, many bloggers link to sites other than their SU. There are going to be an awful lot of unhappy demonstrators and if enough of them give up their SU -- well it just might change SU's mind. We'll see. In the meantime, it will be nice to see more SU from you -- you do such great things with their products.


I do undersand both sides of the story, BUT,when I see a SU!logo, IBC, mini & other sorts & the blog is by a SU! very talented demo, I scroll down the subject AND...items used in demoing are from $$$ store, CM, just to name a few. These might be good products, but, chances are you'll not get a SU! order from me! Just my 2 cents........thanks & welcome back to using all SU! products in upcoming tutorials.


I think we all know why they do it as a company. It's unfortunate to us crafters. I don't think any one company can offer all the products we like to use.


Jules, I thought about you immediately upon reading Paperlicious's blog yesterday. It seemed like a slap in the face to all the demos that have "branched" out. Everyone is feeling the crunch of the economy, SU shouldn't "penalize" their demos. I will continue to be a daily follower, wish you well, and sympathize with you. Your art is precious and I enjoy learning new things that you teach me. God Bless you. joanne


I'm a SU demo in the UK and completely disagree with this new policy from SU and seriously hope that we don't get the same one. I believe it is an infringement on your personal time and as you are not a direct employee of SU I find it really shocking that they are imposing these rules and regulations on their demos. I am glad you are staying with SU but I would also have been glad to see you stay with the other companies you are on DTs for. You have inspired me so much to buy both SU and ATS stamps and I don't see why you can't have a SU only business blog and a non-SU personal blog for anything else you wish to do. How can a company as huge as SU think they can dictate what you can and can't do in your own personal time with your own personal blog? What are they scared of? That your customers will go elsewhere to buy other stamps? - I'm sure they do that already with the amount of advertising and publicity these other companies get, just from online galleries. Glad luck with your decision, Julie


I am so sorry to hear that your creative wings have been clipped!!! What a stupid rule for SU to make. I was considering joining in Aug - I'm glad I did not. SU is not the only company out there and it's ridiculous to think you won't enjoy another company's products and want to share your creations. I understand the choice you've made, I just feel bad that you had to make it.

Carol E.

I follow your blog because you DO show products from other companies as well as SU.
I do NOT agree with the SU policies and am sorry you feel pressured to make this decision. If anything I am more inclined to NOT buy from SU anymore....just my opinion.


I am so sorry for you that you have to make a choice Julie.
I am gonna miss you at ATS but I will follow your blog with only SU cards and other creations ;0)

{{{Hugs}}} Janneke X

Linda Jones

I don't see why you can't have a seperate blog for your other craft interests and a seperate blog for su interests. In your seperate blog you can link to all your favorites as you used to and just leave your su blog for SU related things.
If you're worried about that not being allowed then have someone else start a blog for you in their name and you can use that but I don't see it being anyone's business if you have a blog seperate from your SU blog.


Yours is one of the blogs I thought of when I read the new policy...yes, I am a demo. I am sitting on the fence. I will decide if I am staying on by October 1st. I don't like the that SU if trying to decide what I do in my personal life (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc....) Workshops are one thing...
Anyway, I thought about you. You have numerous links so I wondered what you were going to do. You will have to remove everything!!!! All links, all blinkies, and any posts to anyone that promotes non SU products....just not right....
You are sooo talented and I love your blog, but I don't agree with SU ;(


I too am conflicted and believe it is only right to be able to use whatever products we want and give credit where it is due. Why do they get to dictate what we do in our personal time?

Bridget Danson

Hi Julie, I'm so glad that you have decided to stay with Stampin Up. Your work is an inspiration. I will keep my subscription to your blog and follow along on your SU journey. Thanks so much.

Jennifer Scull

this news from SU! makes me sad - sad that the company has chosen to go this direction and sad for the demos that are forced to make these choices. The most important thing is that you are doing what you feel is right in your heart.
Each of us has to come to that decision on our own, in our own ways. I can't support SU! in this, but that is just me. They are doing what they think is in the company's best interests; I am just concerned about the demos impacted. You shouldn't have been put in this position.

Diane  Cooper

Hi Julie,
Glad that you are staying on as a demo... Although you do beautiful work with any stamp, you certainlyhave enabled me on quite a few SU purchases! I am a demo as well, but without a blog, or other DT it doesn't affect me- but I don't envy those that have had to make a difficult decision. You can use your non-SU stuff as personal stuff! (or have another sale!)
I will be looking forward to seeing your stuff!


Julie. I am so sorry that you have to make this choice. Your blog is the first blog I fell in love with and have been following for almost 2 years. I love your wonderful SU creations. However, I am disappointed that SU has made this decision and is forcing you to choose and limit your creativity. I understand that you have a good SU business that you need to support and stick with. I just moved to a new city, so I just gave my SU club to my only downline who signed up only to take over the club. Since I don't have any new SU customers in my area, I choose to leave SU. It is such a shame that they can't see the value in the versatility of their products. Their stamps don't alway appeal to everyone's tastes. And they don't have ANY range of beautiful girls that can be watercolored (like Anyas, Whiff of Joy, High Hopes, etc...) and because of that, I have fallen in love with non SU stamps to get me "cute fix". But I only used SU cardstock and I love all of their embellishments, ribbons, and dies. Strange, isn't it, that THEY working with Sizzix, EK Success (Circle scissor plus), Tsukineko (Stazon and Encore! ink pads), Uniball, and Fiscars (Crimper)...but WE are not allowed to use any other company's products!! It's a double standard and I won't be part of it!
However, I still love your work. So I will still be here daily to see your wonderful creations!

Kim Howard

I will miss seeing all the different creations you have but will definitely be continuing to follow you as I think it's not always about the stamps you use, but the style you have.


I was wondering how you were going to decide. I know it's a huge decision to make. (((hugs)))


I must say that I think this new policy is too controlling. If it is a personal blog they should not be able to make a policy like that. If it was their blog and you were contributing to it, well, that's an entirely different story. Having said all of that, I am glad to see you remain with them as I enjoy seeing your creations with their products. I CASE you all the time for personal cards!!

Eileen McClean

doing the happy dance too that you are staying with stampin-up,thank you for all that you share,

Cindy Phelan

Interesting decision on SU's part. I can see how lots of demos will have to give this some serious thought. I give you credit for looking on the bright side with your decision! You make beautiful art with whatever you use and I'll continue to follow along and appreciate it.



Julie, I have also been a long time "lurker" and immediately thought of you when I read SU's new policy. I am doing a happy dance (as are tons of others), knowing you are staying with SU. You are such an inspiration to so many. Thanks for all you do, and thank you for your difficult decision.

linda provost

it's too bad that you don't live in a country that allows freedom of choice. oh, do!! i find their manipulation of you (and others) to be excessive and i will boycott their products until they change this policy. i have read about this on other blogger's web sites. i am disheartened that you have to bend to their will, but i do understand that the income is important to you.


Julie I must say I have "mixed" feelings on this subject. On the one hand I'm happy you made the choice that you felt was right for you. I chose to leave SU and that was the right choice for me.

It however saddens me that SU feels they have the right to "control" their Demo's and their own "personal" blogs. I'm sorry but no company should think they own you and to me that is what SU is trying to do.

I love their products and yes I will continue to buy them and use them. However they are not the only company out there that has great products/stamps/accesories and if I want to purchase and use them and mention them on my blog I feel that I should have the right to do so.

Sorry to be so long winded but it just irritates me that SU has made people make this kind of a choice at all.


I'm SOSOSOSOSO glad you are staying with SU! You are one of my favorite inspirations!

Elaine Case

As a SU demo I did not know of this change. IMHO I DO NOT agree with this policy. I feel SU has stepped over the line with their control. I love the SU products, etc. however, again, do not agree..........

Best wishes to you.



Julie, I'm sure this was a very difficult decision for you. I, too, figured you would decide to leave SU. What a very pleasant surprise to read this post! I've been a regular reader for a very, very long time! I've enjoyed your work but will enjoy even more not having to figure out what SU stamps I can replace your other stamps with when I CASE your wonderful creations! LOL!

May you be blessed by making this choice!


Frankly I am surprised that you chose this course of action. You have such a wonderfully wide range of creativity.

I think for you to box it all around just SU products, is going to be quite stifling.

I wish you luck!



Julie, while I feel bad for you and the others having the decisions to make on this issue, I am looking forward to your SUO projects again as that is why I subscribed to your blog originally. And I am so glad to hear that you will be staying with SU as some have decided not to. Thanks for all you do.

Tracey Thompson

YAY!!!! Julie I am so excited that you are going back to SUO. I am a Demo also and love to find blogs with SUO items on them. I have followed your blog from the beginning, even when you showed other stamp companies. I do still want to see your wight loss stuff, though!!! Congrats on your weight loss.....keep up the good work!

joni lawrence

Julie, I join those that when I first became a demonstrator I have been a faithful lerker of your blog! I always felt you were vering away from SU and when I saw the announcement yesterday I wondered what you would do. I'm thankful that you are returniing to your first stamp love! I admire your attitude with supporting their decision. Happy Stamping!!


(Should have Proofed before I sent!)
meant to type " may improve your sales..."
Blessings, Alison


Julie, I began following your blog when I first became a demo a little over a year ago. I will have to say that I have not followed it as regularly as I do others because you were not showing SUO. I am sorry that you have to give up something you love but look forward very much to seeing your blog dedicated to SUO. I will follow much more closely in the future.


Hi, Julie... This may be a blessing in disguise, since I may increase your SU sales and your income. I look forward to seeing the SU products more. Most of your blogs over the last few months have been with stamps from other companies or weight loss related and I'm excited to see more of your incredible creative genius and to see it applied to SU products! You are truly amazing! Alison


I personally feel Stampin Up has made a very bad decision and don't think this is a good way to treat their demonstrators at all. I'll miss seeing the variety you post.


I'm sorry for you, but I will be looking at your more faithfully again when you are showing only Stampin UP items. While I enjoy following your blog, it is frustrating when I don't have the tools that you sometimes use. Your ideas are amazing! I wish I had half of them.... Simplicity can be a good thing?!?!? That's what I keep hearing.

Barbara Joyce

Please think of this as a good thing. So many of your readers love SU, and will be so happy to see more SU and SUO on your blog. Your creations are beautiful and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.


I subscribe to your blog and am so glad you are staying with Stampin Up. I love your blog and I think I may even like it even more with more stampin up products on it. Thank you for all your hard work. I know it takes time do do a blog.


Julie, when I saw this policy, I instantly thought that you would be one of the ones majorly affected. It's a bummer that you have to give up all of the fun of playing with other stamps but perhaps it will force you to come up with even more awesome ideas for all of your SU! goodies.

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