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September 20, 2009


Joyce Spear

I'm so glad to see you're staying with Stampin' Up! Honestly, you are one of the most talented stamp artists I've seen!

Question: Are your "For Shop-o-holics" links on the left still allowed, or is it just an oversight that they're there? (This is not a criticism! I just would like to know, as I am a demo myself and thought we had to get rid of our store links... and I'm hoping I'm wrong!)

Joyce Spear
stamperjoyce at aol dot com

Lynn Birus

Hi Julie,
I'm thrilled you are sticking w/ SU as a demo! Those products and the way you use them are what brought me to your blog. As I understand it you CAN use other products, you just can't sell or promote them. I get this policy bc I used to work for a publisher of children's reading materials. Believe me, they did not want me demonstrating or promoting other peoples products. You will continue to be the amazing, creative person you are and we will all be here clicking on Paper Pleasing Ideas day after day! ((Hugs!))


Julie--- I enjoy all parts of your blog and it doesn't matter what you decide to do personally---it is your business and your choice. I will continue to be a regular reader---unless you stop stamping all together! All the best!

Staci Miserlian

I, for one, will love it to see your blog SU! only! You ROCK those SU! products! Keep on stampin' the good stamp. :)


I think it is awesome that you are staying with SU!


Julie, First I am very happy that you reached an agreement with SU that allows you to finish out your DT contract.
Second I sincerely hope that I was not one that hurt your feelings with the comments that I made in the post you talked about as that was not my intent.
I still believe that each one of us Demo's and non-Demo's alike have to follow what we believe is the "right choice for us" in regards to the new SU policy. I chose to leave SU and that doesn't make me (wrong) for choosing that route as some seem to think. I still love SU and will use their products and even post cards on my blog using them. The point is that each of us has to do what we feel the most comfortable with regardless of what others think.
I'll be back visiting your blog as always and I hope you'll pop into mine from time to time as well. Big Hugs


Julie, Praise God, with Him you can do anything!


Julie - I am glad that you seem to be a peace with your decision - the only right decision is the one that works for you. I've enjoyed your blog for years - when you were just SU and when you started to branch out. As a fellow Canadian - I enjoyed when you brought attention to some of the Canadian options - and I have bought some of these stamps because of you. I will miss that - but will still thoroughly enjoy your blog.


That is great news, I am so pleased for you, and mostly of course for us, your ardent fans.
I love seeing your amazing creativity.


Julie, I'm so happy for you and all of us newbies (I still consider myself a newbie) to crafting that you have worked things out with Stampin' Up. I love your blog and you are so inspiring!



I'm so glad you all came to a win, win agreement.

Hugs to you,



I began following your blog before any of your amazing design team arrangements, and I've followed you since. I'm not about to run off now!! Actually, while I realize everyone has their perogative and free choice, I personally choose to love Stampin' Up!. In fact, I was in the process of unsubscribing to the predominantly non-SU blogs I follow. But we all know you can't please everyone! Thanks Julie for sharing so much of your life with us-- especially your God-given stamping talent!

charlene wiley

Julie, I just wish you the very best, I know its been very hard for you. I sure hope you have your blog that we get each day I love it and think how young you are but so wise. Love ya Charlene


I'm so happy for you that everything worked out so well!

robin davis

Well said.


I love your positive attitude! Definitely shows me who is your leader!! I believe you can be an incredible witness through your stamping!!


HI Julie,
I wanted you to know I have been a follower of yours for quite some time and love love love your work. I am sorry you have had to go through so much lately but am thrilled you will still be doing tutorials etc.
I have to say that stampin up is what led me to you as I had just started buying them and that is how I found you. I love that you had samples and tutorials using them. I cannot express how happy I am that you will still be part of my daily activities :)
ps You are 1 very classy lady :)


so glad it all worked out for you, whatever products you use it will be good!


Julie, I think you would be fantastic no matter who you are stamping for and I love reading your blog! Thank you for all the wonderful cards and demos and for all the scripture - and I feel that God will bless you and see you through and it will definitely be the "right" decision as long as we pray and ask him to guide us where He would have us be! I don't think we could stiffle your creativity even if we put a basket over you! Thanks for all the inspiration and Please keep it up.

Julie Saylor

Wooohooo! As a fellow SU Demo who plays with all kinds of products, I am so glad you decided to stay with SU! Looking forward to seeing even more of your creativity with SU!

Gwen Mangelson

Just so you know, in the world of corporate business, the first contract you signed is the ones the courts will recognize. Anything after that is null and void-
just thought this might be of some info for you- I do agree that those posts were disturbing- espeically when anyone not in the company really doesnt understand, and in the corporate business world when you work for a company a hospital etc you are their representative and they do have the rights we all agreed to when signing a contract of any kind. I think the public is taking this way out of context and really doesnt have their facts straight and it saddens me to see all the bad mouthing going on. Kudos to you!

Cindy Cook

Good for you. I think you are making a tough decision but the right one. I would watch your blog regardless because you have some great ideas no matter whose product you're using.

Janice C.

Hi Julie- I am so happy to hear that you worked it all out. I am sorry to hear about the hurtful comments you received. I stamp almost exclusively with Stampin' Up! and love their products.
Have a great day!

Doris D.

Thank you for your honest opinions and comments. I am so glad you will remain with Stampin' Up. I am a loyal follower and come to your blog every day looking for ideas and your creative blog helps me. I will always check your blog daily for inspiration with cards and your comments about family, your weight loss and Christian teachings. You are the best.


hooray! glad that the blog is staying, glad the creativity is flowing, and as always, i take your idea's and info and use them with MY stamps, be they stampin up or someone else.
my wonderful directions and creativity was enticed by stampin up.
good luck.


Great info. & it's a win-win for everyone, esp. YOU! I think such talent should be shared with the world. Now, off we go into the world of ink, paper & dreams...

Lisa Brown

This is great news, Julie! Congratulations! Look forward to more of your fabulous SU! creations! BTW, your blog banner is awesome :)


I'm so glad things have worked out for you and I guess it is a reminder for everyone... a few quick words can be so hurtful . Hugs from Michigan


Hi Julie, I am another one of those people who very seldom comment but in this regard...I have to say congratulations. I think you made a very wise and positive decision. SU is really great and they care for their people. As Shelli mentioned I am sure this was a very difficult decision for them but again I am personally so glad you made the decision you did. I love your blog and am totally impressed with your weight loss! You ROCK Girl!


Hi Dear,

It's great when things work out isn't it.
I am so happy for you even though I don't "know" you and still :-)

What a strange thing to say about your creativity. Once a creative person always a creative person and I really do believe that stampin'up has "enough" products for you to stay creative LOL

Good for you :-)
Hope you'll have a nice day


YESSS!! Good news...I am happy for you and'll continue to discover all your the creative ideas and projects that you share with the world. Amicalement.

Jo R.

Of course we're gonna like, no, make that LOVE it! Your blog and your creativity are fantastic! I check in on you every day ;)


I am glad you were able to find a solution that worked for you. Stamping is all about finding the best way for you to be creative and at least SU has not asked its demos to stop using all other products.


Looks like all the SU people are glad for your decision. I will continue to follow your weight loss.

Shanda Stirk

Hi Julie - I have never commented before but have been enjoying your blog a few months now - I really enjoy reading it. SU does seem to be really supportive and I am glad you could work things out and it is unfortunate that people were so negative. Thanks for sharing all you do with all of us. shanda

Rhonda Miller

Happy to hear things are working out for you. Your ideas are great no matter whos stamps, etc... you're using. I love the inspiration I recieve from checking out your site. Thanks for sharing your creations.

Julie Carlisle

So glad that things are working out good for you. I always look forward to what you post...even pics of walleyes!! I swing by your blog everyday. :- )

Pam Clay

Well, I would have kept reading your blog no matter what your decision! 'Nuff said.

Anne Lawrie

Happy to hear it's all working out for you, Julie. I was wondering what your decision was going to be since I haven't noticed a lot of SU! lately.


Stamps, paper, inks and acccesories do not make creativity, therefore, they cannot stifle ones creativity. Creativiy comes from within and when you got, you got it....and my dear, Julie, YOU GOT IT!! And I thank you for sharing it with us :) I feel honored.
....Sharon :)

Sue from Oregon

Yeah MOM! I love SU! It is what started me on my stampin' journey too!


First I am going to be completely selfish and say that I am SO GLAD you are staying with SU! I would still eagerly read your blog if you weren't but I know personally your use of SU! products has been of great creative inspiration to many people who are SU! only and there are lots of people who would miss that.

I also want to commend you for how you handled this whole thing in the public. There were plenty of other people who were very outspoken about their dissatisfaction with the whole contretemps and sadly I believe they have damaged their reputation. You were honest but graceful and - dare I say it - very *Christian* in your discussion and I believe that will come back to you hundredfold.

Thank you for all that you share and for being one heckuva classy gal! We all look forward to much more of your work and I am sure there was a HUGE collective sigh of relief and happiness when people read this post!

Enjoy the day!

Crystal L.

I just read back on your comments, and yes, there were some very NEGATIVE comments! I'm sorry that you had to go through that! Sounds like a lot of knee-jerk reactions, too.

I really am glad that you're staying with SU. It's great to have such wonderful creativity on the team! :) Honestly, though I like your other creations as well, I don't pay as close attention to them as if someone has only SU on their blog. THAT draws me in, because I too am a demonstrator, and one that is constantly looking for inspiration!

Thank you for all your work!

Rachel Arambula

Julie, congratulations on your decision. as long as your happy that's all that matters. i love all your creations and i don't care what stamps you use i will still continue to visit, as your creations are always amazing. Have a Wonderful Day!! :0)


Good for you! Personally, I'm so HAPPY that SU has done this. I LOVE seeing ideas on how to use my SU product and so many SU bloggers have steered away from that over the years as they have joined other design teams. I found I was frequenting fewer and fewer blogs as I tried to find those who showed mostly SU. As a demo for "another" company, I have never understood the comment that one's creativity is stifled by sticking to one line of product. In fact, I have found the opposite to be true...I was MORE creative when I had fewer items because I actually had to CREATE rather than rely on on the gadgets and gizmos that I currently have at my disposal to make my projects look good.


Thanks for sticking to Stampin' Up. I mostly buy Stampin' Up since they have the best quality product out there. Most competitors offer low quality acrylic stamps that I just don't care for. If I invest money in my stamps I want them to be excellent quality and I want the stamps to hold up for years to come. Acrylic may be easier to use but the quality is unacceptable. Also, I don't think that it is a coincidence that Stampin' Up has teamed up with some of the leaders in the craft industry. Just to mention two EK Success & Ellison and let's not forget Ronald Mcdonald House. I have to say that I do believe that Stampin' Up made a fair decision, it is a choice to be a demonstrator and when you sign up you should respect their rules. I just see it as any other company that you work for. They are not going to want you to represent anyone else except for their company. Keep up the good work Julie I will definitely continue to check out your blog. ;)


Good for you Julie! It is great that you worked something out that works for YOU! I hear you about the "stifling" comments. I had a couple of those comments (and e-mails) too and felt the exact same way. Have a super Sunday!


Well i don't know what everybody else think and to be honest I don't care. I AM JUST SO HAPPY You can stay with ATS till your term is ending ;)

hugs and cuddles


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