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December 26, 2009


buy propecia

This year was our first year away from the kids and grandkids and I told all my family not to buy any gifts for us - but

Lara's Laugh Lines

I never knew how much I loved hockey until I moved from the "True North Stong & Free" to the "Land of the Free" 10 years ago. Hockey was rarely mentioned in the sports pages even though we live in Chicago!! Thank the Lord there is such a renewed interest in hockey here now that all those great Canadians are playing for the Blackhawks! We even get to see games on the local stations. Woohoo!

I'm lookig forward to watching the games New Year's day, especially because I will get to see all those Timmies commercials. GO CANADA!!

My favourite Christmas sister-in-law mailed me a HUGE tin of Timmies coffee! A real taste of home! :)


I got great sheep skin slippers that are warm but don't make your feet sweat. But the best gift this year is I found out I am going to be an aunty. I am sooo excited.


Merry Christmas, Julie. My husband surprised me with a Kindle...but the best gift of all was a reunification of our family - an estranged daughter and two grandchildren.


What a great gift your husband got you! I had a fabulous Christmas - my DH surprised me with a trip to Alaska that we are going to take this July. I also received a Watchcraft watch and antique bird from by BFF...

Tara Kieninger

Hi Julie - I got a new laptop too plus an external flash for my camera. The hard drive on my old laptop was nearly full (with photos) and it also ran slow when I tried to use Photoshop and My Digital Studio. Can't wait until I get this one all ready to go. Hope you enjoy your new laptop and that 2010 is a great one!

Tara -


This year, one of my favorite gifts was made by my 4 year old granddaughter. She carefully picked out gifts for us and hand painted them herself (a mug, a little santa and a 3 santa carolers). Color choices were priceless. Unfortunately, 2 out of the 3 items broke on the trip out here (not totally the Post Office's fault) but one made it just fine. Just knowing she did it all herself was worth it all.

Glad you got a new laptop. You will love having that for sure!

Heather Leech

Merry Christmas, Julie!
Just a lurker normally (love your blog!) We are huge hockey fans. We LOVE our Canucks almost as much as we LOVE our Canadian boys! We went to a couple of games when the tourney was in Vancouver.
Congrats on the laptop! Wish I could convince my hubby that it was a necessity.... but it really isn't. Maybe next Christmas. A GPS will have to do this year (and tickets to the ladies Olympic Gold Medal hockey game! Can't complain!!) All the best in 2010!
Heather Leech


Hi Julie,
They are into Hockey alot here to in our village mostly girls btw who play it ;) But for me I like Footbal more ;) hahahaa
ohh I got some lovely Makeup from hubby for xmas and I gave him a Harmony remotecontrol so he can program all the remotecontrols into 1. And I got so many presents from friends that I have never ever seen that I feel really blessed by getting to know them all the last 2 years :)

Hope you have a terrific New Year's eve!

hugs Ria


You must have been a very good girl this year, Julie! Wishing you many blessings for the New Year! Also, thanks again for changing my life when you introduced me to Isagenix!


Julie Merry Christmas! Congrats on the laptop. This year's Christmas was not quite what my husband and I wanted for xmas....I lost my job so there were no presents, no tree, and because of our spirits no decorations..if it were up to me I'd hibernate until Jan glad yours was great though I'll take joy in that. Love your blog and thanks for sharing with us.


thinking about you during the special holiday season. I had boys in hockey, so we would have been to see many of the games so close by.
You'll love your new laptop. That was my last Christmas gift I received from my spouse three years ago. I lost him suddenly by heart failure and so your gift from your hubby reminded me of the same gift I received.

Hockey Tips

Canada finished the game 16 - 0 they stomped Latvia. You are very lucky to live so close, too bad you are not a hockey fan or you could check out some really good hockey games.

Kadie Labadie

It was sunny and in the 70's today in the Tucson area. This year was our first year away from the kids and grandkids and I told all my family not to buy any gifts for us - have the grandkids make me pictures that they colored (and I'm having them framed for my studio). Even though it was just my hubby and me for Christmas - the four gifts that I received this year were PRICELESS.

Keep up the good work on your weight loss - so PROUD of you (and Hubby). Stay warm and enjoy the rest of the holidays. Kadie in Arizona


Hi Julie-Happy Holidays from-Block Island,RI-a little Island 12 miles off the coast of RI-We have about 980 hardy Souls in the winter and about 15,000+ in the summer-enjoy visiting with you each day-Wishing you and your family a happy,healthy and Blessed 2010. "HUGS"

Susan G

Hey Julie! Hope you're enjoying the games. My hubby did the TV broadcasting for that tournament 2 or 3 years ago when it was in Vancouver! It was a blast! Love it when Canada strikes gold! Hope you're not freezing too much - we're just fogged in today. No snow. Just came home and survived the boxing day madness. Glad to be home again where it's warm and all the leftovers are! Cheers. Susan

Gail S.

Merry Christmas Julie from Nebraska! We have snow (blizzard) and cold here so we had a white Christmas. I love your blog and read it most everyday. Keep it up (and your weight loss) {{{hugs}}}

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