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December 08, 2009


Maria Carr

Thanks for reminding me how Fairbanks, Alaska would be when we lived there 20 years ago!

Caryl P

Boy I hope they pay those teachers a LOT!


Julie, here in Wisconsin, that frigid of a temperature would cause the schools to close. Thanks for the conversion from Celsius to Farenheit :-) I love your picture even if it is deceiving, as it looks like a nice day. That is VERY cold, although I'm sure you're glad that it is not windy. But just cuz I have to complain a little, Wisconsin is looking at 10 to 12" of snow coming within the next 18 hours, with wind gusts up to 50 mph so, our schools will be closed tomorrow.


Julie, Did you ever see the movie "New in Town"? It's about an executive that moves to a remote Minnesota town. It's actually filmed in Winnipeg,'s hilarious!! You HAVE TO see this one.


I CANNOT even imagine!! I now live in South Florida (moved over the summer from North Florida). It will be 87F on Thursday!! I still sweat while taking the dog for a walk. It is horribly humid. North Florida at least gets down into the 30's during the winter. But we went swimming in the pool on Thanksgiving!
Sending you some warm thoughts!


I love when you share this kind of stuff with us - I esp. liked the Hoar frost pics. Absolutely beautiful!! I have been in -20* F. but not as cold as what you have! Yikes! Stay warm - it gives you an excuse to just stay indoors and that makes more time for crafting! ( :

Becky Jo

I can't even imagine it being THAT COLD! I would not be able to move let alone breathe. Reading this column makes me wonder where the global warming is???? I'm chilled just thinking about -40 degrees. Keep warm!!! Hugs from PA - USA!!

vickie Doswell

Okay now I am going to quit whining! It froze for the first time on the 3 Dec and has been cool during the days (40ish) and 30's at night and I thought I had it bad. I was in Canada last year and it is beautiful where you are but I couldn't handle the cold winters.


Yes....that is why I am happy to pay the taxes out here in BC LOL!!! We have -7 at night and only -1 during the day, but for us that is cold. I would die in a pile, or should I say freeze in a pile, if I had to contend with those temperatures!! Poor little critters outside! Stay warm :D

Robin Craig

I hear you Julie. It is -11 here today in Northern Ontario. We are supposed to get 20 centimetres of snow tomorrow. And of course nothing will be shut down. Life as usual in the winter. Brrr. We have sun today too, in fact nothing is more beautiful than sun and cold weather. Everything just freezes in time. I was in Winnipeg on Christmas day last year and I noticed there was nothing to stop the cold wind from blowing.


oops... my 1st comment should have read... So I totally get the weather up your way.


Julie, Your entry today reminds me of when I was 13 and living in Seattle it snowed one day and shut down the city for 2 days. We were excited because there was no school.The next year my family moved to SE Idaho, the first snow came and my sisters and I thought great no school!...Not! it wasn't until it was -40 degrees that they finally closed it down and it was because the buses couldn't run. So I totally they weather up your way. (PS we moved back to Seattle the next year, Yeh!)

Stacy I.

Thanks for sharing what it's like in your part of the continent! I enjoy hearing about it. And the hoar frost explanation and pictures were very interesting too. I'd never really heard what that was though I've seen it mentioned in books.

And of course I love your stamping ideas! I'm very, very excited about those new unmounted SU stamps too!!

Hope your birthday week improved significantly from your birthday post. :)

Thanks again for your great blog!

Stacy I. in Maryland, USA

jamie schnirch

Julie, how do you keep your cars running in that kind of cold? I know my relatives in Missouri had it so cold one time that their cars just quit working on the freeway, and the state troopers had to take them to a nearby coffeshop and wait till the cold abated.
We are done to 13 and 14 degrees farenheit, which is cold for us here in the pacific northwest. And, surprisingly, it's a dry cold! LOL
Stay warm and safe!

Nancy Park

Living in Florida for the past 35 years I can't even imagin 32 degrees much less colder than that. We are expecting a cold fron this Thrusday and Friday and the temps will be in the 60's. That will mean we all will don our winter sweaters and coats.


Holy cow - I thought Wisconsin was the frozen north!


Now that's cold...but you people are tough up there in Canada...and oh, so generous. That Canadian air is due to swoop down on Michigan and stir up some trouble here in the next few days. You share your talent, you share your weather:). Just kiddin' Love you, Julie. Keep those pinkies and tootsies warm.


Okay, I'll stop complaining. However we did break records from the 1930's.
It was only 9degreesF at my house.

Anita Aurit

oh my goodness, and we've been whining here in Northern Idaho because with the wind chill it's been -13 below, sheesh, in comparison to you guys, we are having a warm spell! Thank the Lord for thermal curtains, fireplaces and thick fuzzy socks!


Oh Wow and I am complaining about it being 32 F out today, I will try not to complain anymore :)


You just gave me some perspective, Julie. A little while ago I went out to the garage, it was so cold I came in and checked the weather. It was 34 degrees but felt like 25 and my lung still feel frozen! For southern California that is cold!

Elaine Allen

Julie -

You just make me smile!

Elaine Allen


...and here I thought 8 degrees was cold..nothing compared to where you are. I think I'll take your advice and wait until summer to come visit LOL

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