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January 01, 2010


Jenn Brown

I love the name Caleb. My sister-in-law is expecting, and we are all hoping for a girl, but blue is for girls, too, right?!


Hi Julie! I don't have any children but definitely want some in the future. For boys names, I love Spencer, Preston, and Cooper ... although we named our dog Cooper ... so that's out! LOL

Caryl P

Congrats on 3 AMAZING years! a teacher it is very hard to choose a name that doesn't remind you of a student. But I've always love the name John, with the intention of the nickname Jack. Funny because I had a difficult boy like that one but boy did he make me smile! And it was my granddad's name who I never got to meet...I know that would make my dad happy too. Just have to convince the husband now.......


I am a grandma so no more for me. But I have 4 grandsons and a set of twin girls. I like Billy (my sons name) then the names of my grandsons are Jacob Ray, Shane Nicholas, Ty Andrew, Lucas William. Another favorite of mine is Donovan (my fathers name)

Cindy Hopkins

Hi Julie! I have two sons...Wade and Colton...I love both of those names. If I were to have another boy I like the name Luke. My niece is pregnant and having a boy who they will be naming Carter. I'm sure we will be having a shower for her so this would be a great treat for us! Thanks for all your hardwork on your blog and the tons of inspiration you give us!

Joey Tipping

Hi Julie. My only daughter had 3 boys each 15 months apart. The eldest will be 4 this week. She chose wonderful names for them : Caleb, Justin and Benjamin (nicknamed Bendie by the two older ones, cute, huh?)I just adore those boys!!
You are looking just wonderful! Congratulations on your weight loss.
Many blessings to you in the new year.


If I were to ever have had another son, his name would have been Jacob Thomas. Alas, he is not to be, but perhaps one day, I'll have a grandson named that..never know.

Trina Leeson

I wanted Noah for our son, but my husband was dead against it so we both begrudgingly settled on Jonah and it suits him, it means Dove and he is (sometimes) peaceful for a 22 month old. If I did it again, which I am NOT I have 4 children, I would choose Malachi.

Calie Greeneaf

My boys are Joshua and Tristan. If I would do it again (...and I am NOT), it would be Caleb.
Congrats on your weight loss. You look great, and you are a great insperation.


My grandson's name is Emory, named after his father, who was named after his grandfather (who died before he was born). Three great and wonderful men!

Carri McMullen

LOL Its funny that you metion boys names because here in BC the new years baby was a boy and they named him Fin. A popular name since the show Glee, but not sure if I like it. I have always been fond o the name Trey, but my hubby would not let me use it and our son was named Dustin.


Well, my friend, a year ago I didn't know you and now I'm so grateful for you! ;) We gave our son the best name we could think of - my dad passed in 1998 and he was a wonderful human being with the name of Simon. My father-in-law who is still with us - Phillip. Our son, Simon Phillip, turned 3 years old today! He was St Augustine, Florida's, New Year's Baby for 2007! =)


I am a grandmother of three BOYS; Noah, Evan and Carson. My daughter is due any day now and we wont know the sex until he/she is actually here. Not sure of the name yet but thinking they are leaning towards Raelynn if its a girl. Still undecided on a boy's name yet so reading these suggestions was fun! Thanks for all the inspiration you give us!!


I have 2 daughters. They were supposed to be boys. My husbands family has no girls for over 10 generations. We picked Joshua Douglas for both, but they turned out to be the only girls in the family. Now we have a grandbaby on the way, and we will see what he or she is in June.


My grandson's name is Kaleb, I also like Zach & Josh.


Well, I would love to have one more child but I'm too old! But if I did have a boy(I have 1 girl) I would name him something that began with a "C" or "K" and middle name with a "B" after my first name(Brenda). We have a Caitlynne Brooke, Kylee Breanne, Christian Blake( my brother's children. My little girl's name is Cassie Leeanne. Leeanne is after my brother and my sister in law who now is deceased.


A huge congrats to you on your Blog-iversary Julie! You are an inspiration! My niece is having her second child and just found out it's a boy and they want to name him Liam. My favorite name though is son...named after my grandfather!


A good friend of mine is expecting her second child, she thought it was going to be another girl, but just found out it is a boy. my friends and I are trying to provide her with lots of options because she had been planning on a girl, and had girl names picked out. I love the names Nathaniel and Liam.


Congratulations! And many thanks for sharing your talent and creativity! I have two girls and one boy. My son would love to have another brother, When we explained to him he'd have a fifty fifty chance of having another sister, he decided he didn't want to chance it! LOL! We're done having kids, but I've always loved the name Colton.

Happy New Year!

G Timms

Congrats on your anniversary. My grandson's name is Leyton,at first Iwasnt sure about it. But now I love it as much as I love him.


No more children in our nest either! But I love the name Delane for a boy. Congrats on your anni's looking forward to many more blogs and ideas from you.

Angela Fehr

We're done birthing younguns, but I have a huge cache of names I wished my husband had let me use. Like Declan, Kane, Jace...


I already have 3 boys, but if I had another I would name him, Jackson. Thanks for a chance to win an awesome prize and Happy Blogiversary to you!


NO MORE BABIES FOR ME! My daughter's son's name is Liam, he's the sweetest little thing. You are looking terrific in your latest photo. keep up the good work.

Linda Peterson

Well, I am 59 so hopefully witll not be having any more children, but I love the name Beau.


If I was to have another baby and I'm not(hee hee), I'd name him Russell which is my mom's maiden name. Please keep the wonderful ideas and inspiration coming!

Pat Jandacek

My first great-grandson is a month old today. His name is Zephyr; he has a 3 yr. old sister named Moxie. I don't know where the inspiration for their names come from but both babies are adorable.


Julie, my daughter just had a baby boy......Evan.....cute as a button. But then again, I'm his grandma so of course he's cute. Happy New Year to you and your family.


Congrats! The name I was going to name my son was Ethan (he ended up an Elizabeth!)


Congrats and Happy New Year! I am planning soon to have another baby and with my luck Ill have another I have a few friends who are expecting as well..this would really help me out with showers! Thanks and keep up the good work! And you look amazing.. good job!


Well a friend of mine just had a baby boy on Dec 14, And they named him Dawson. I love all your neat ideas and technique tips. Plus you look great!!

JoAnn Burnham

Happy New Year. My grandson and his girlfriend are expecting a boy in March and my daughter and I are giving them a baby shower. This would work great for that. They are naming him Casin Michael. Thanks for the chance to win. I really enjoy visiting your blog and I can see why you have reached so many posts. TFS
JoAnn (


Congrats on all those hits and three years of blogging!

My son is named Jeffrey. If he had been a girl her name would have been Jennifer but we didn't use Jennifer for any of our three girls. It is a good thing since Jeffrey married a Jennifer!


Julie, Congratulations on your accomplishment!!! How has my New Year begun...I got a call from my oldest daughter this morning from the hospital. We are awaiting the all important call that she has given birth to her first baby. We know it is a boy, but his name is being kept secret until that all important call!! God is always SO good to each of us. Blessings,


Well I found out over Christmas that my sister is expecting, maybe she will have a boy. I think Christopher is a great name.

Terry were to do it over again (and I would have to second think that now that I know what I got myself into LOL only kidding) would be Justin John and call him Jay Jay

Mary Campbell

Congratulations! Three years of blogging and for all the great hits. Love your blog and all you post. Boys names: my hubby is Jeffery nicknamed Jeff. Sons, Jonathan and Justin. Grandson, Jett. Granddaughter on the way, due in May. Katelyn MaryBeth. The MaryBeth is after me. Yay!

Mary Campbell
jjjcamp at hotmail dot com

Joi McKinney-from Texas

Don't think I'll be having any more children since mine are 19 & 20, but I have friends who are starting to have baby showers for their children & I know this blog candy will come in handy. I actually have a friend who will be planning a baby shower in I can also pay it forward. Thanks for your generous candy! Some boy names I like: Travis or Matthew
Joi :)

Patty Stabile

How funny...when I was pregnant I thought for sure it was a girl. Boys names were easy Thomas Richard, my hubby's middle name & we both have uncle Richards. During the emergency c-section, the doc says "it's a boy". I told him "are you sure, better check again". Everyone laughed!

Monika Thiessen

I have no boys...but was blessed with 2 girls...Well my brothers boys are Xaviar, Montgomery and Desmond!
Keep up your great job creating! I love your blog and by they way you Look great on your profile photo...
Happy New Year

Rosemarie Menassas

My last child (of 4) was supposed to be named "Samuel John", but every time we called him that he cried his little heart out, so we switched it to Kevin John, after my favorite uncle. He is truly a gift from God, (My other kids are Norah-Jane, Sandie Marie, Scott James) and I wouldn't change any of their names if I wer to do it all over again


I have two boys - Nathan and Ryan. If I were to have any more boys, I would be stumped as to what to name him. When I was pregnant with my other girls, the boy name was pretty hard to come up with (good thing they turned out to be girls!).
But if I would have to choose, I would pick Andy or Matthew.

Debbie G

I was blessed with 5 Daughters, no sons though. But I did have a boy name picked out Jonathan Sterling after my Grandpa.


well iam am expecting but have no idea if it is a girl or a boy..we have three girls right now. WE have always kept the sex of the babies as a surprise for us. I was sue december 26th but it has decided to wait until the new year to bless us with his or her's presence. the boys name we have had since the first baby is Ayden. This is the name we agreed to right away...the girls names were not so easy. I even like it for a girls name actually as i type i like it better than the girls name we picked out. may have to convience DH though.


Aaaaw! How fun. Congrats on all the blog milestones Julie!

We've hoped for a baby brother for our only son to play with for a while. Not sure it will ever happen. but, just in case, I guess it's good to be prepared with a name, huh? I like so many boys names. I think my current fave is Sam. Not sure why. It just popped into my head. :)

Laurie Erwin

Although our baby, Bryce, is now 18 I still have LOTS of scrappin' about both of my boys so could always use good SU stuff! Moved 2 months ago from California to Northern Wisconsin (brrrrr!) and need scrap stuff to get me through my first winter.


Well, we were never blessed, unfortunately, but had we had a son, he would have been named, Patrick, after his wonderful Daddy.
If my hubby saw this right now, it would still bring tears to his eyes, even after 26 years of marriage .. ;-)
Thanks for asking ..
Happy New Year!


If we had a boy we would have named him Darryl. This was my husbands birth name before he was adopted. It always had special meaning to us. We have two girls and we are so happy and wouldn't have it any other way!!
Happy New Year to all.


Happy New Year to you!!!
I love the name Jonathan....Not having anymore, but looking forward to my grandbaby, not sure what sex yet!!! thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.

Rene Stansell

Hi Julie,
As an old Scot my boys names are...Cameron and Stuart, they are having children now so I will need that scrapbooking pack hee hee
Rene from OZ xo

Vanessa B

well, Ive already got a William (Bo instead of Bill) and Michael (Mike but only cause Mickey didnt stick,LOL) so maybe Brewer would be nice :-) Happy New Year and Thanx for the chance to Win!


My son and daughter-in-law are having their first child and my first grandchild 1/18/10, same day as dad's (my son).


I love it!

Joyce Lawrence

I like the name Kamal for a boy!

Linda Q

My sons are Matthew Mark, Scott David and John Reuben. I have 3 girls, too, so let me know when you are giving away a girly pack! LOL!

Denise Jensen

My favorite boy name is Azariah. My oldest grandson. Azariah is the name of Abednego (the story of the firey furnace in the book of Daniel) before King Nebuchadnezzar changed Azariah to Abednego.
Azariah's dad's (my son's)name is Jeremiah... and he has another son I thought should be something like Zephaniah or Zechariah or Nehemiah, in keeping with the "iah" ending of thier names... but no, they named him Gage...


My daughter is having a baby boy this month and is considering the name Jackson which would be a compliment to my husband whose name is Jack.

Julie Turner

I love the names Spencer and Braden... but only after my very favorite *Alec* my sons name!

Fort Worth, TX

Raeman Marie-Anne

My son's nmae is: Gaetan
Happy newyear!


I have a friend who is having a boy in April. It would be fun to throw her a shower and use this kit! :)


My son is named James Francisco after both of his Grandfathers! He is funny as he will not let people call him Jimmy or Jim it is James...but his favorite Auntie can call him Jamesey!


No more planned kids for us but if I had a boy I would name him Keller, after my mom's family (maiden) name.

Carolyn Carney

My daughter is having a baby and if it's boy she is calling him Lorenzo ( I am hoping for a boy).
Happy New Year.


My Son's name is Nicholas and I love that name wouldn't have wanted any other name.


I like Beckett for a boy! Happy New Year!


I am done having kids and raising them, but love all the boys in my life. Bill, my hubby,sons Aaron and Jim, Son in Law, Jim and I am pleased with 5, yes 5 grandsons-Judah, David, Jay,Asher, and Ki. LOTS of guy love here! :0)


i wanted my son to be shannon allen, however he became james allen after two very wonderful men that had been in my life, if i had been able to have another and it was a boy, he would most definatly been shannon!


If we had children, especially a boy, we would have called him Connor.
Happy New Year Jules.



I love the name Oliver for a boy


Nicole Barker

Wow I am the first to comment, that is such a rare thing! The name of a boy if I should have another would be Gabriel. I would love more children but my hubby says "no"! *L*

Happy New Year!

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