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January 03, 2010



My goal is to deepen my spiritual growth with more Bible study and to organize and use my craft room more to brighten others day.

Shana S

I'm looking forward to get more creativity in myself and to keep making cards!!


I'm looking forward to learning new card ideas and keeping my weight down to where i'm at now. I also have problems with anxiety and i so want to work on my anxiety level with working on cards more this year.

Angela Fehr

I'm looking forward to spending time with my parents who are moving in nearby. And hoping my annual crop with my BFF works out this spring!

Carri McMullen

Hello and congratulations on feeling better and the weight loss. You are an inspiration as we all would hope to be as successful as you. My goal is to lose weight and get back to work as I have been ill. Thank goodness for card making.

Lynn Forsythe

I'm looking forward to working less (at my job)and working more (at my Stampin' Up!)so I can reach some of my personal goals. Thanks for the chance to actually see this written down - makes it more of a reality. And thanks for the chance to win.


I'm looking forward to continued creativity and spending time with my 3 grandchildren.

Keep up the good work with your weight loss, you look terrific.


I look forward to getting a JOB....lost my full-time job 6/07 and now my part-time job of 14 yrs lost on 12/ WORK would be great!!! 2nd TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!

Dawn Thomson

Hi Im looking forward to spending time with my family!


Health and Happiness, I think that is what I am looking forward to this year. I wish that for everyone. I know you will reach your goal this are looking good!

Kim Prince

This year my goal is to be and stay healthy! I spent 2009 SICK...almost the entire year. I would love to go back to work and have a normal life! lol


I am anxious for a better year - health wise and financially. After reading several of the comments on this topic, I could ask for much more - but we must take each day as it comes and take time to 'smell the roses.'
wishing you a great year too! I know you will do well with your weight loss - your look GREAT!!

Martina Hart

Hi Julie
Looking forward to artists retreat in March and taking classes from Judy Wise for three days.


I had a lot of changes for me at the end of 2009 and so 2010 has me looking for a more positive environment. I know in my heart I made the right decisions, I would just like to actually see that in 2010.


I'm looking forward to a year full of weddings! My nephew, my son, my daughter and my niece are all getting married in 2010!! I'm making the invitations for my son and my daughter's weddings and helping with my nephew's invitations. It will be a busy but fun and exciting year!!


Happy New Year! I am looking forward to loosing 40-50lbs by trying to eat healthy and exercising.

Susan G

2010 comes with lots of hope for me. I'm putting myself front and center so that I can be a better wife & mother. I've forgotten over the years that if you're not happy and optimistic, then the others around you feel that. I'm going to approach this change by taking better care of myself, i.e. have a healthier eating plan, focus on an achievable workout plan by putting it down in writing and showing it to my family to be accountable and then making time for my inner self with reading, scrapbooking, card making, and decluttering my home! And then I will forget the small stuff and focus on what's really important in my life - family & friends. Thanks for letting me put it down for the world to see! and these blog candies are a real treat too! Almost forgot... tickled pink & oh so proud to have the opportunity to watch my daugher perform in the opening ceremony of the 2010 Paralympics as a dancer! Go Sarah!

carolyn s

I am also looking to reach my goal weight and stay there. I am going to Curves and eating healthy and I have lost 48 lbs so far. I have 50 to go. It has been a long journey so far, since July, but it will be longer yet. I am so excited that waht I am doing is working, and I am changing my life for the better.

Good luck on your journey, you are looking great.

Betty B

I would like for 2010 to be better with health. Family has had a rough year. Thanks for the chance to win.

Jen Guarino

This year I am looking forward to getting to know My God much better and really learning how to let His will lead my life. 2009 was a year of chance and I could not have done it without Him. I know that if I let him lead me fully and completely this year, no matter what happens we will be taken care of!


I'm looking forward to surviving!! LOL! My DH just deployed for the year and now I'm parenting our 6 y/o DS . . . . alone. . . well, long distance at best. :) Yes, I'll survive, but will my DS? Bwahahaha! ;)


The family resolution is to attend Sunday School and Church on a regular basis. I am looking forward to learning and teaching my kids about God, hus, hopefully drawing my family closer in 2010.


We have been woking towards moving to the country for over a year and God willing this will be the year.

Susan G

I'm looking forward to losing the extra pounds I've put on over the last few years. I joined Weight Watchers in November so I've already had some success. I just want to stick with it enough to get back to my goal--and stay there this time!

Thanks for offering the cards and stamp set.

Sherry Conrad

Hi Julie,

I'd like to get som things done around the house. I'd lke to tile some of my rooms andpaint the living room/dining area. The painting I can do but not the tile. Hope it works out. I could use blog candy!!!


I'm looking forward to a couple things...getting into a regular workout routing, getting more organized and keeping the house clean!
PS--you're looking great!

Trudy Oliver

In 2010 I am looking forward to spending more time with friends and family and staying on top of my cardmaking and getting them in the mail on time. I also want to eat better and lose some weight.

Chris R. from Iowa

Getting well and staying well and to be happy. With that comes more hair and losing a bit more weight and staying there. Hubbie has had a lot of problems this past year and maybe I am hoping he will be happy, well, and home more too. Then, all the "other stuff" like volunteering, working and such can fall into place. Happy New Year to you and good luck with your goals. You look awesome in your new picture! Good job!

Chris R. from Iowa

Jocelan Perry

Iam looking forward to losing about 60 lbs and also stay at my goal.Also I want to keep my goal of doing a RAk every day.Happy New Year.

Laura Hit

My goals this year are simple, but hopefully life changing. I look forward to losing my baby weight and treating my husband with lots of respect and putting him above myself.

cindy ziliak

I am looking forward to watching my two grandaughters grow and explore all the wonderful things life has to offer a 4 yr and 8 yr old!

Paula Sanchez

I want to get better organized, especially in my craft area! I am getting a Cricut(should be here in a couple of days!) and I want a place to put it so that I can play and learn everything there is to know about Cricut!!!!

Lyn Phillips-Maine

I am hopeful for a quieter year. 2009 held several unwanted events and the loss of a loved one. so my hope is for a quiet year of healing,

I am looking forward with a positive attitude and a lot of hope. God has helped me through the last year and He will only make this year better.
God Bless you.


I am looking forward to having more time to craft and organize my house. I have cut back on my hours at work, and I have decided to use that time to organize my house and make more cards/gifts.

Sheri Franklin

Congrats to the ladies that won! :)
This year the thing I am MOST looking forward to is a trip to New York City with my oldest daughter. A couple of years ago she got herself into some trouble, but it seems she learned some valuable lessons and did much growing up and maturing. This is a school trip, but I think that it will give us both memories to last our lifetimes! :)


In 2010, my dh and I have vowed to get organized and better time management. We're sitting down this week to put our plan in motion.
Happy new Year


I'm looking forward to losing the last 20 pounds!! Getting a jump start on all my craft projects and staying organized and motivated. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Rosemarie Menassas

Looking forward to having all our men and women serving in wars overseas come back home safe and sound in 2010. Dreading? The turmoil that will be unleashed on our streets with the advent of the winter olympics in Feb. I NEED to travel that highway to visit my son and will not be allowed to. Grr! Looking forward to March and peace again.


i'm looking forward to a holiday alone with my husband, the first since 1984....woohoo...

Vanessa B

I really want to de-clutter and get organized this year...and Im starting with my craft room!


I am just starting Isagenix so I am looking forward to reaching my goal and staying there. As well as preparing for my daughter's wedding in 2011.

Patti J.

I had a gift of a cancer-free diagnosis in December, so I am looking forward to a new me! I'm going to lose weight, become more organized, and find time for me. Happy New Year, and God Bless YOu!


Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to a permanent move from Pennsylvania to Venice, Florida - but God's plan shall prevail.

Crystal Dailey

I graduate from college with my bachelor's in nursing science! Also, I have a goal of being accepted to the Master's program to gain my nurse practitioner certification! Wish me luck on my 2010 goals!


I am looking forward to getting my liver transplant so I can live a better life!!!


I am looking forward to spending alittle more time with the 6 & 7 year old grand daughters this summer, such as camping, roasting marshmallows, and playing games. Maybe cutting back abit at work getting ready for retirement. And, I would really like to finish some scrapbooking albums I have started.

Sandra K

Hi there Julie!
I'm looking forward to making the best of opportunities, instead of things just sliding by me.

Marilyn Spence

I am so looking forward to losing about 75 pounds and staying there as well. Also, I am very focused on paying off some debt, possibly all of it...and I am not forgetting that my health is number 1...I want to be free from alot of medicine as well. Happy New Year.


I start a new job in 2010 - looking forward to a new challenge/adventure!

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