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March 10, 2010


converse en france

happy.Interesting Read That He was an icon in the business You was about to embark in that started your journey as an entrepreneur. Some turn away at the mention of the Amway business, but the principles you learned back then were and still are timeless.

heidi holko

Julie- You look amazing! keep up the awesome work! Hope you r an inspiration for others :-)


You look fantastic! Do you have to work out too while drinking the shakes or only being in the progam will give me that nice figure?


Julie, I haven't been on for the past month but looking at your pictures is amazing. How fabulous you must feel cause you just look incredible! You'll make your goal for sure.


Julie - i've been keeping track of your progress through your blog - but these pictures truly SHOW the HUGE difference you've made in your body. good for you!

Lori Burkitt!!!! You look totally AWESOME!!!! Way to go for you, Julie. You truly do look amazing and should be very proud of yourself.


Absolutely fantastic Julie...well done you !! the pics are a great super boost....keep going you can get there and remember that
*Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels*


Congrats! You can do it!!! I emailed you a few questions, you're such an inspiration!


W-O-W! Those Before-After(current) pics really do tell the story don't they?!!
You're doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work. It's paying off.

Allison B

Wow! Congratulations! You look incredible and are such an inspiration!


WOW!!! What an amazing loss. You look absolutely fantastic. I just wish I had the will power to do it! You're a true inspiration to everybody. Keep going you've only got a little bit to go! How long has it taken you to lose all that weight?


You really look great Julie. You should call yourself the incredible shrinking woman. I applaud you and all your hard work!


You look great. I know your skinny jeans must feel good! Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration!

Sandi Street

You look great, you've got me thinking about it.


Ups! I meant the third pic!!! The second one is your husband! hahahaha


Congratulations!!! You look great! I was looking at the pics you posted the other day (when you went snowmobiling), and I was going to post then to tell you how great you looked on the second pick, but I was afraid you were going to think that I was weird! hahaha

Enjoy your new you!!!

Amy Ely

You look fabulous. I hear stamping is a great way to distract yourself from food.......LOL! Keep up the HARD work!

Lacey Stephens

This is absolutely awesome! I am down 10 pounds now in 2 months. I had a rough week in February where my daughter hit her head and was in the hospital (eating fast food 2 meals a day). Then again I was sick recently and just needed some comfort food. But other than that, I really love how easy it is to do!
Congratulations on being so close to your can do it!!


you look fabulous...congrats on your hard work and dedication.


Way to go, Julie!! Have fun shopping for new clothes :D

Lynne Hurlburt

OH MY do you ever look awesome, I am so proud of you. Congratulations. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Stephanie (steffie 1027)

Julie, you look marvelous, spectacular, wonderfully skinny! Congratulations on your weight loss & keep up the good work!


Wow, do you look fabulous! And I am going to say "Congratulations" ahead of time, for meeting your goal, as I know you'll make it. Do you feel as though you will have to work hard at keeping your goal weight? and do you think you will have to stay on Isagenix forever?


I LOVE Isagenix and was so happy to run across your blog a few months ago. It is so exciting and motivating to watch this particular portion of your story unfold. Congratulations and keep up the great work!


Great Job, I bet your energy level as risen as much as you dropped in Inches. I too am only 2-lbs from my goal wieght. It has been worth the struggle.... boy the sound of cookie sounds good. I guess Ill go stamp something and get my mind of that darn cookie.


Way to go Julie-You look Awesome-keep on keeping on !! or keeping OFF ;))

Becky Jo

Congratulations, Julie! You look wonderful and I'm sure you feel 100% better. Keep up the good work and I know you will reach your goal. Hugs!!

Barbara V

Congratulations look fantastic! Losing weight is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. I loved the picture of the skinny lady caught in the outhouse!

Evie C.

Congrats...well worth all your efforts! You look fabulous. And now, probably time to replace that photo again! of your newer, svelte-r self!


Oh yes! You look great and have done a great job! I have noticed and have been meaning to comment on that but I always get wrapped up in your creativity, when I visit your blog. Sorry :) Keep up the great work and thanks for inspiring me!


Hi Julie...
I signed up about 6 or 7 weeks ago and have been doing the plan for about 3 weeks. I can't wait to look like you! I have lost almost 10 pounds even eating normal on the weekends! Only 15 to go. Thanks for inspiring me with your art and your healthy living.

Edna Burgess

You go girl!!!!! Congratulations. That's something I really need to do, but just don't do it. I know how hard it must be and I give you tons of credit. Keep up the good work. Not only do you look great, you make good cards too. LOL Edna


You look great. I'm so happy for you! Keep working; you'll make your goal.


So so proud of you Julie! It has been fun to watch the MORPH into the NEW YOU! You have done a great job and are an inspiration to so many people out there! God bless you!

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