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October 31, 2010



Hi Julie,

I, too, have been following your blog for a long time. All I can say is ditto and Amen to all the above posts!

I log on each morning and check to see how you are doing and say a little prayer for you and your boys.

You WILL get through this....and I know that all of us feel the same.....when you are feeling like being creative...we'll LOVE seeing it. When you just want to do nothing and just BE.....we'll be here waiting and praying for you.

We all want what's best for you and your family!




Each day will be different and you will be full of emotions, but you will find your way. You are an amazing person who is full of kindness and generosity and I wish you and your family strength over the coming months. Would it be okay if I sent you a Christmas Card this year?


Elaine M

Julie, all of us will be here for you no matter how long it is until you can get back to your craft room. You have been such an inspiration over the years. You will need "me" time more than you know--those are the times you will feel Russ's presence most. While you are sad, it is still a joy that he will always be in your heart and left you with so much love to keep you warm.
Hugs, Elaine M in Illinois

Brenda in Indy

I will be making some of those bags. What a great idea. The loss of such a loved one takes a while to process. Do whatever you need to get through this. Be sure to take time for yourself and let the boys talk through what they are feeling as well. I hope you have someone to talk it through with too. Daily prayers for you and hugs.


Keeping you and your boys in my thoughts and prayers.

Your lunch bag is so neat, love what you did with the stenciling.

Becky Thomas


Walked in your shoes 2 years ago. Let the tears, laughter, hope, anger and genuine confusion all lap at your feet. Some days getting out of bed was challenging and somedays I had the world at my feet. Be kind to yourself. We all are praying for you and your family. It is hard putting together a new normal when you liked your other normal. Hugs!!


julie, sit, cry, sleep and do whatever else you need to do to get through this difficult time. i lost my dad 2 months ago and still have those moments as well. you're in my thoughts and prayers each day. we are all here for you. take your time to heal.


May Gods love surround you and your sons in the weeks and months to come.. your strenghth is inspirational and God will see you all through... lots of prayers from Tx.

Cathy B.

Dear Julie,

Your creativity will eventually return. You just need to take care of yourself and your boys right now.

God Bless You.



Still lifing you up as I am for Becca Freeken another Blogger at Amazing Paper Grace who just lost her husband yesterday. You two ladies have been such an encouragement in the faith that you have.
Be Strong in the Lord. Take time for yourself. We will wait on you.

Nancy Grant

Awesome project Julie! I love simple and pretty things.



You were one of the first stamping blogs I visited a few years ago. I am just catching up on my Google Reader and am seeing your terrible news. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your husband always sounded like the most amazing husband and father and friend. Sending you my deepest condolences... He lives on through you and your boys.

Becky Jo

Thank you, Julie! Love the bag and I will consider it sent to me by you! Glad you had some "me" time as I'm sure you did need it. Looking forward to seeing your new creations when you are up to it. As always you and the boys are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs & Blessings!!!


Julie, I too, feel so close to you. I would certainly miss your current personal updates as I have followed your blog daily for over two years. I am sure all these comments add some 'lift' to your days, almost like greeting cards in the mail box for you. Remember you have so many great friends out here, and that you are keeping us in our thoughts and prayers.
Your children and your church and other interests will keep you going too.
I lost my best friend/husband 3.5 years ago and it is still very difficult. Russ is watching over you and the boys from 'above' and will always be there for you.
Some time after I lost my spouse I found the shades for his eyeglasses that we hunted for everywhere. They were in a coat pocket of his. I just wanted so bad to tell him I found them as we always made jokes about missing items. Finally, I just laughed about it!!
In time you may want to have a girlfriend over and do things you like together. Watch T.V., eat popcorn - whatever. But now you just need your 'own' time.
My love and hugs and prayers to you.

Linda L

Hi Julie,
Glad to hear you're taking the time you need for yourself. GOOD! That is so important in the healing process. Thanks for keeping us posted on how you and the boys are doing! I continue to keep you in my prayers.
P.S. The bag is cute, thanks for sharing!

Diane L

Such a pretty lunch gift bag Julie!
Do exactly what your heart tells you to do,it's the only way to deal with it!

You are all forever in my prayers!!


Cute project, Julie! Take care of yourself...thinking of you.

Robyn B.

It funny that I don't know you personally, but still feel the urge to see how you are doing. My friends say that I'm too concerned for others sometimes and that I should just mind my business. I'm not a nosy person nor a person who likes gossip (unless it's about my favorite tv shows) but you have been through an extreme trama that may never feel like it will get any easier. Someone told me that you know you are getting better when you find yourself in a funny situation that your husband would like was just as funny and when you think to tell him, you just smile. No tears, no hanging your head down and no stuffing ice cream down your throat. Just a simple smile with a little giggle and you're on your way.
I think of you everyday and I look forward to your posts on your creativity. Creating always made me smile (at least for a little while). Take care

Lori A.

Take your are obviously such a sweet and caring person. I absolutely love that bag!


Julie -
You are amazing to even think about anyone else! You have SO many reasons to think about yourself and your family as we all are thinking about you. Your bravery is remarkable.
Your creativity is something else - as is your soul...


Julie, I have been a stalker on your blog for quite some time, but have not been here in quite awhile till this morning. I was so sorry to read about the loss of your husband. I will continue to lift you, and your family up in prayer~

Anne S

Adorable bag! I'm always looking for cute, inexpensive but WOW packaging! This definitely fits the bill! Thanks so much for the ideas!

Lynne Gilson


I have been following your blog for so long that you feel like family to me. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and your family and that you are constantly in my prayers.

In Him,


Take all the time YOU need Julie, that's most important at this time! Your project is lovely...thank you for sharing it! I'm praying for continued comfort & peace for you! :o)


great idea for using those lunch bags!
Glad you had some time to just relax, recharge and remember, hopefully all the good times.


What cute packaging, Julie! You are definitely one in a million that I am personally thankful for. My prayers are with you and your family. Take your time and do what you need to do.


You are such a special person to be blogging and worrying about everyone else. You are on my mind everyday. Sending you hugs!

Love you bag. What a cute way to decorate it.

Patti J.

Only you would be thinking of us at this time. What a wonderful person you are, Julie B!!! Love your bag, and so will the teachers - great idea! Your crafting will be therapy in time to come, but don't rush it. Take time for you, for the boys, and for reliving the amazing memories that you and Russ created. You and your family are in my prayers, always, dear friend! Hugs!

Lynne Hurlburt

Good Morning Julie: You need rest and tears to help in the healing of your heart and soul. Take all the time you need for you and the boys. BIG HUGS {{{{{HUGS}}}}}Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne


That would be great for those teachers.
Take the time you need in your journey. We are thinking of all of you.Sending you my prayers too!

Tina DeLong   West Jefferson, Ohio

Praying for you and your sweet boys to have a better week this week and an even better one next week.
HUGS from Central Ohio.

Just B

You do need that dear. One must grieve. It helps you get along better later. Give yourself a break. Peace.

Tammy Q Howell

Very cute! Hope your heart is filled with warm memories and the hope our Lord Jesus Christ! Praying for you and your family.

Terry Molineux

Oh Julie you have such a big heart. You are a great person to be thinking of us at this time. I can hear the healing in your what you need to do we will be hear when you are TOTALLY ready. Love to you and the boys! And know you are still in my thoughts and prayers daily!!!!

Inky Hugs,


Absolutely, sit, look, cry and sleep.

How gracious of you to think about sharing stamping in between all that.

Your crafting was gorgeous as always (and will be again when the time is right).



Lifting you up as you go through each day. We have so many blessings, Russ was one of many in your life.

Thank you! For sharing your creative journey as well as your heart.

We are with you and He is carrying you.

In His precious name Jesus!

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