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November 18, 2010



I appreciate that there is a hospital bracelet in your picture. First of all, it's not that noticable, especially since your wedding band is such a focal point. But, I think that this is a lovely picture that sums what a marriage is. "To have and to hold, in sickness and in health..." You honored your husband beautifly and that this is your last photo together is very poingant. You have tremendous strength; I don't know if I could do the same. God bless you and your children!

Sherri Pilon

Hi Julie,
I am a quiet follower of your blog and have cried many tears with you! As I look at your last picture it brings back memories of when my dad passed away 3 years ago. The night he died my mom, 2 sisters and I took the very same picture that you did! I love it and when I see his big hand beside ours it reminds me of his love and guidance that he gave us growing up! I know that you will also treasure Your picture .. maybe for different reasons, but it will always be special!
You and your family are in our prayers! I'm glad that you have your faith to help you, it really does make things easier to bear!


Julie, it's absolutely beautiful! I think it would look fantastic enlarged and hanging on your wall! You are a very strong woman, Julie, and I admire you a lot.

Lisa H

What a treasure :)


This is beautiful. TFS


Beautiful and calming photo!!


Beautiful. Hand-in-hand. perfect way to remember your last moment together.

Marie Gamber

This is such a wonderful, magical picture, julie. It makes tears come to my eyes. What a wonderful, wonderful moment to catch in time.

Kelly Worcester

This picture speaks more than a thousand words. So many things captivated in this one, simple photo. Isn't is incredible that just a picture of hands can tell such an amazing story!? I am so happy you have a visual of such a personal moment to keep for the rest of your life! Thank you for sharing. Kelly~ Bangor, Maine


What an incredibly special photo. And such a great way to take it. It will look amazing on your wall and hold really special memories for you.


Jane Ralph

What a touching photo! I agree that it needs to be added to your wall of memories.

I love your blog and your is a great inspiration for me.

Natalie S

This brought me to tears. Simply beautiful!

Barbara Dondero

Truly an amazing photo that is one to be treasured for all time. I am so impressed that you thought to take it at such a difficult time....just as I am so impressed by your strength and sharing with all of us! Your faith and your strength will get you through.


This is a very beautiful photo and very touching. It would be so precious enlarged and added to your wall photos.

Crystal L. (Crafting & Rambling)

Ugh. What a special sweet brings tears to my eyes. And I ABSOLUTELY think you need to make it part of your collage. BEAUTIFUL!!


Beautiful picture. Julie, you're an amazing and strong woman. God bless you always.

Lori A.

That is a beautiful picture.


Beautiful...perfect picture!

Cindy Otto

What a precious memory! It is worth a thousand words. Keep cozy in that blanket and know all of your stamping sisters are praying for you.


What a beautiful, meaningful, and symbolic photo. Blessings to you and your boys.


What a very calming beautiful picture Julie. Your strength is just amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey of life with us. As a single parent myself I know how hard it will be for you and I can tell that you will be great at it! My trust in God has been rekindled reading your blog.

 Joyce Stewart

A very touching intuitive of you to think of taking it at such a traumatic time.


What a beautiful photo Julie, you are right it is one to frame! Lots of love

Diane L

You have the best ideas girl! I love this photo,it is so meaningful! This brought tears to my eyes,fabulous pic! It'll look beautiful with your bl & wh photos!

Debbie M.

What a beautiful and stunning photo! You have to hang it with your others, it would be a shame not to frame it. Never would have noticed the bracelet, thought it was his sleeve. Have a peppermint mocha for me!


Lovely photo and memory for you to cherish. And...only you would know that was a hospital bracelet--looked like a shirt cuff to me. But that will remind you of that special moment (and your love for each other) forever.
Love and prayers,
Diane (from Singapore)


What an absolutely beautiful picture. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! Hugs, Lynette


This is such a beautiful photo Julie - it speaks volumes.


Julie you are amazing...


Such a wonderful picture. Captures him forever. Captures your love forever. You and your boys will have this picture to remember the man and the love. Your are a good and smart photographer.

sherry beeson

Julie, this picture is just so sweet....
Yes, it should be on your wall! AWESOME idea!
You are such a strong person, girl!
Hang in there and glad you are taking time out for yourself.

Becky Thomas

Such memories, Julie. I remember the last time Jeff and I had a day together. I had gone home and grabbed the boys and our Yorkie. He smiled so sweetly when he saw all of us. Sadly it was the last time we all spoke as a family. You remain in my prayers and just know better days are coming.


What a lovely photo, and a sweet memory.

Seems like you've sent that weather my way...

Evie C.

What a fantastic are so brave to post your innermost thots with us. That you are still so close to that difficult time, yet you chose to open your heart. Wishing you all the best as you heal and go forward. Take care & much Aloha!


I love that picture! And honestly, I love that you can see his bracelet. It is not obvious, but it is there. That was reality at the time, and your love is still evident at that time! I think it should be the centerpiece of all your photos! I LOVE IT!


you are AMAZING Julie! I think of you and your boys often and am in awe of how special you are. Beuatiful picture and special memories. That is what pictures are all about. Hugs!


would be great enlarge and on your wall all your loving thier. u are such a strong person do not know if i could . prays for u and your sons .

Mary Cardini- Anderson

Your photo is beautiful Julie. I think it is wonderful that you captured the memory of holding your husbands hands. How many of us think to do this for any reason. Thank you for reminding me that capturing each moment in time is so important.

Mecah Dow

The photo speaks volumes! Beautifully done! Definitely a treasure.

Linda Peterson

This is the most beautiful picture!


You have touched my heart.Praying for you to have the strength to carry on alone.


Julie - I just love that picture. I am sure as you look at it you are reminded of Russ's love for you. It will look wonderful blown up in a frame.
You are a beautiful women inside and out.
Lovin' Hugs

Jude Armstrong

Wow such a beautiful elegant picture ....yes i personnely would add to your wall of photos.What a lovely reminder of some happy memories of you both.
Keep strong and hugs to you all
hugs judex

Kimberly S.

I LOVE this's very special! This will look FANTASTIC enlarged on your wall! It's such a cherished memory for you all! ((HUGS!))


Beautiful picture that will be treasured a lifetime!

Chris Blake

I love that picture Julie. It is so simple but it says so much. I think of you often and say a prayer for healing. Grief work is hard work but the Lord does not let us stay in that state forever.
In my thoughts always....
Chris Blake - Kennebunk, ME


Looking at that pic brings tears to my eyes. Such a wonderful idea and thank you for sharing that special moment. You continue to be an inspiration, but remember that it's ok to have your moments.

Kathy Benko

Oh, Julie what a cherished picture. I would definitely enlarge /frame it for your wall, great idea. You will never forget that moment. Take care my friend. Thinking of you always.

Edna Burgess

A very touching picture. Edna

Linda L

Hi Julie,
That is a beautiful picture! What an amazing idea for a lasting memory. I love the idea of it enlarged on your wall. I continue to keep you and the boys in my prayers.


this is a beautiful photo julie..
i think that you will cherish it forever..

Elaine Moore

What a wonderful picture - I know it'll be treasured

diane mcvey

The picture is just beautiful. What a wonderful idea, and I know you will cherish it forever. You are amazing...big hugs to you from me. . .

Sonia Jung

Beautiful Julie..just beautiful. Now I've got tears in my eyes just thinking about you. Many hugs to you and the boys.

Darla Watson

What a beautiful photo! You and your family are in my prayers!

Kelly Schelske

This is a fantastic picture Julie. The hospital bracelet it barely noticeable and could easily be the cuff of a sleeve...I would absolutely blow it up, it's wonderful!


What a beautiful moment captured forever. Love. You are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Shannon T

Such a peaceful beautiful picture. An amazing memory of your last moments together. Your strength is amazing, just remember it is ok not to be strong sometimes and lean on your family and friends.

Conni Frankl

absolutley beautiful!! What an awesome picture!! Treasure it always


What a precious picture! What a wonderful idea to frame it - it will be beautiful. Blessings to you and your boys! I have wanted to get another card sent out to you -but it has not happened yet... I do still love seeing your creations! Hugs for those tough days!


Wonderful idea Julie!! It is an amazing way to remember him by, these are things that I wish I would of thought of, God Bless you and those precious boys hugs


Such a great idea to take that picture! I love how it turned out.

I admire the way you are handling your loss, and I have learned a lot from you.

You and the kids continue to be in my thoughts.


Simply amazing Julie ... this brought me to tears.

Barbara Peck

it is a beautiful picture. What a treasure to have of a special time. Sending warm wishes from the south.


Your picture is wonderful! I got chills reading your comments! I also agree that the enlarged photo will be appreciated through the coming years. You have all been in my thoughts and you show remarkable strength...don't know that I could do the same.


Beautiful picture!


Absolutely FABULOUS picture!! What a wonderful idea you had to take it. I didn't even notice the bracelet until you mentioned it. Could be the cuff of a sleeve. Think it would be wonderful blown up and framed.

Believe it or not we may even get some snow out here on the west coast in the next few days - needless to say the kids are excited :) Not much from what they are predicting and it could all turn to rain before we even get there, but something that is a novelty out here anyway :) Enjoy some of that peppermint mocha for me!

Heidi Gore

What a beautiful picture for you to remember the day you gave Russ' hand to God's.


Julie - This is gorgeous. I am normally just a stalker here but can I just tell you how truely amazing and inspirational you are. I lost someone I loved once...coming up on 12 years ago now and I got through it and I handled it and was strong for the kids but I am really not so sure I was so graceful about the whole thing. I am in awe of you and your strength. You are doing so many special things for you and your boys. I know you have your moments but I just wanted to let you know that I am lifting you up in prayer. God Bless. Amy

Colleen Gurgul

Love the picture Julie. Will look great enlarged and a great treasure. Enjoy your cozy time, definitely the weather for it. Glad I didn't have to go out today.

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