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December 22, 2010


Ellen Wright

Your Dutch Blitz sounds like a card game our family played called "Nuts". Very fast-paced in pairs or singles. Clip your nails and take off rings! Sequence, Uno, Skipbo, name just a few.

Gail S.

I got my 14 yr. old grandson Settlers of Catan for Christmas. It was on his wishlist and I figured a board game was a good gift. I get tired of seeing my grandkids with the electronic games.


Settlers and Ticket to Ride are both our favourites too! I've never heard of dutch blitz though, so based on your tastes, I should probably try it straight away!

Lori A.

We love to have family game nights/days. We love Settlers of Catan! Such a fun game. We also like Valley of the Pharaohs and a new one we we just got, Tobago.
Uno is always a fun one, too. My 7 year old son and I love to play that. :)

Phyllis Wittenbach

Drove over 50 miles just to get this game (Dutch Blitz) for my 18 year old daughter for Christmas. (Not that I minded - there were other things in the Amish town that I wanted also.)

Hope you and your boys have a very Merry CHRISTmas!


Shelley Williams

I love Ticket to Ride! It is so much fun. I will try the Dutch Bliss. I think that sounds like so much fun, too. My family are big board game nuts, especially my daughter and her husband Greg.


I love Dutch Blitz & Ticket to Ride (though I haven't played the Nordic version) I have a group of friends who get together atleast once a month to play board games. One of our friends is a BIG gamer and has introduced to many games I'd never heard of before. We use many of these games at the daycare where I work and the kids LOVE them! Carcassone is a good one - works well from ages 5 and up. Pandemic is ALOT of fun, Alhambra, Power Grid, Chinatown, Mamma Mia, Cartegena, Puerto Rico. We have a local "small" game store here in Surrey, BC that carries many of these. If you are interested, you can check them out at -The owner of the store is great at explaining games to you and helping you find what you are looking for. He also has an area for you to "rent" games to try out and if you buy it, your rental fee goes towards the cost.


We love so many games, but one of our favorites that I haven't seen mentioned is "Apples to Apples". Teens especially love this one and it is so very very easy to learn.

This year I bought a game called "Bubble Talk" that has been highly rated and is similar to Apple to Apples.

Fun topic. Thanks for bringing it up and have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.

Carri McMullen

What a great idea to share family traditions with us readers Julie. We are already feeling like a part of your extended family with all that you have shared with us. OK, so my kids are grown but we love to eat home made snacks and play Pictionary on Christmas Eve. Girls and guys always mkes it more fun, but only when the guys are ready to get Beat!!


Settlers of Catan is one of our favourites too. If you like that I would also suggest Carcasonne ( I think I might like it more than Settlers, but they are both great games!

Lost Cities ( is a wonderful two person game, but can't be played with larger groups.

We have also just got Pandemic (an interesting cooperative game) and I bought my husband Power Grid ( for Christmas based on rave reviews online and a recommendation from the staff at the store.

April D.

I also love sequence as I can see quite a few others do. That game is awesome. Another game I love is Quelf! This game is a must have as it is sooooooooooo much fun. This game will get anyone laughing. You do have to play it with the right crowd as it gets you doing weird things like getting up and dancing for 30 seconds with whoever is on your left, reciting a poem backwards, balance a spoon on your nose, talk like a gnome who just burnt his cookies(so funny when my brother in law had to do this one as he is great with impersonations) for the rest of the game or until you land on a new blue card. Oh, that game is so much fun. The first time we played it it started out with us laughing so hard just at our character names and their descriptions then when the game got going we were laughing so hard constantly through the game we were crying and our stomachs were hurting. This game is game of the year to me...soooo much fun! Would definitely recommend it for everyones game closet!!! Another fun one is Mexican Trains and Fundomino, Catchphrase is awesome too. Also still love the classice Milborne and uno as well.


My 14 year old daughter and I usually play a game when she gets home from school while she is grabbing a snack before settling in with her homework. Our favorites are Farkel, Yahtzee, Uno and Racko. On the weekends if we have a big block of time we love to play Scrabble. When we play Scrabble we allow ourselves use of the Scrabble Dictionary so that we can improve our game and word base.

Roxanne Isaac

Love ticket to ride. Another one of our favorites is Carcossonne.

Wynn H.

We also love to play games. We each have personalized notebooks keeping score for Farkel and Hand & Foot. I am going to share the info about Catan as it looks like one that would be a hit with our tweens, teens, and adults. Thank you for sharing.

Angela Fehr

We love Catan though I haven't played with the expansions yet. Another by the same folks is Carcassone, lots of fun!
We always get out the dominoes for a game of Chickenfoot - Wade's dad always wins when we're at their place!
I bought a game called BANG this summer but we're still figuring out how to play it - you need a big group so haven't had a lot of opportunity. And Cranium is always good for laughs.

Marlene peters

Wow, those look like the layout of my families games but you need to add one more. "The Bean Game". Great card game fro 2 people or 10!

Darlene Cope

My family LOVES to play board games too. WE play dominoes,Rummikub,Rack-o,Uno,Sequence, Scattergories,Catch Phrase,and just recently,Blokus. But we love all games.I remember getting games from Santa and that's what we would do Christmas night, play all the new games. One memorable Christmas, we played Chinese Checkers and just after we got all the marbles through the middle of the board,someone spilled a glass of soda on the board! We had a good Christmas anyhow and I am sure you will provide for your boys the same. I admire you so much and I say a prayer for you and the boys most every night, that God will put his arms around you and give you strength to carry on another day. Blessings to you and your boys!

Janet Smith

Our Swiss cousins introduced us to Ticket to Ride - Europe and US versions. I love it and will certainly bring it out for Christmas enjoyment. Uno is another favorite - a little easier for the younger ones to enjoy.

Terri Zimmermann

I got Settlers for the kids (teens) for Christmas! Also purchased an extenison pack, since we're a family of 6 :) Also a cool game, though not in production any longer (I got mine on ebay) is Rail Baron. I wonder if RB is like your fav, Ticket to Ride, which I will most definitely look into, Thanks!
Merry Christmas! Love and blessings to ALL!


We play games with anyone that comes over, including our two granddaughters, 15 and 19. Our favorites include Sequence, Pinochle, Golf (a card game played with a deck of cards), Scrabble, and many more. I have been hearing about Settlers of Catan but wasn't sure if it was something my girls would like. I'll have to check it out. Also....Ticket to Ride. Thanks!!

bonnie weiss

You know Julie, that's exactly what families need to do, these days. Board games are a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. "Ticket to Ride" sounds cool ... guess I have another thing to add to my next shopping list!


Our grown son has introduced us to Catan, Settlers, Pink Pigs,Dino Hunt,Ticket to Ride and so many more.We have so much fun when he and our DIL visit or when we visit out there.


I'm afraid I'm totally addicted to Phase 10 at the moment! Some other favorites are Sequence, Skip-bo, and Blokus. Love playing games! Always a good time with lots of fun and laughter! :o)

Kerry Andres

Interesting ~ We are a games family too Adding to the list of already mentioned favourites Scrabble, Pit, Racko, Canasata, Kaiser, Tile Rummy! Thanks for introducing Ticket to Ride I'll have to Check this one out!!

Mary Hansen

Wow, what a timely post on your blog. I am looking at the holiday spending time with family and games are an awesome way to spend time. Love UNO, we like Jenga, Scrabble, Monopoly and Catchphrase. All in USA

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