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December 27, 2010



Julie I'm so happy that you and your boys had a good Christmas. I too have been following your blog and you are a big inspiration to me and your strength is truly amazing. I pray Gods blessings on you and your boys in 2011!

My favorite memory this year was being about to Skype with my son and his wife on Christmas day and watch them open their presents. My son is in the Air Force and this was the first time in 25 years that he wan't here. Also money was short this year so we focused more on reason of Christmas and that made it all the more special!

Hugs to you and your family,

Angi~Mistress of Mayhem

Been following your blog for some time and just wanted to let you are such a blessing to those whose lives you touch! I am amazed at your faith and am always uplifted and inspired when I stop by here. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

Betsy Dionne

My favorite memory of this great Christmas is of my grandson (True, age 20 mos.) sitting on his new toddler size couch with his (21 mos) cousin. They looked like a king and queen on a throne checking out their land holdings. Kids are so precious. Some times we forget to stop and enjoy their beauty

Terry Schultz

Julie, recently joined your blog world and admire your strength during your husband's illness. Sounds like you were able to keep Christmas as "normal" as possible for your boys. As the parent of a boy and a girl (now both in college), our motto was "You can never have too many Legos/Barbies". I continued to buy my son a Lego for Christmas up to his turning 21 and I think he missed not putting anything together this year. Luckily, my daughter outgrew her love of Barbie long ago!
Thanks for your inspiration...


My favorite Christmas memory from this year was cooking for Jeff's family and some add-ons! It was my first official Christmas meal and I loved it. Things went almost exactly to plan and it was just a great day!!


Glad to hear you had a good Christmas, I received lots of paper crafting goodness :) But my most treasured was having my daughter home from college and just doing fun stuff togther. She is getting married this summer so this was our last Christmas to have her all to ourselves.

Patti J.

My favorite Christmas memory would have to be 1980. Our house had burned in early August, and DH was burned nearly 80% of his body, and not expected to live. Talk about a stubborn man! What fun it was to take him home just in time for Christmas! Cannot wait to see what it was that you circled in the flyer AND your new dog! DH and I didn't do anything for each other this year. Our local no-kill shelter is going to have to close if there are not upgrades to the sewage sytem, so we donated $1k to begin the remodeling. We'd rather help those poor pups!!! Now, we only have to raise about $24k - know any great fund raising secrets??? Have fun snowmobiling, and be sure to post pics! Hugs....

Mo Moss

My very best Christmas, altho all of them have been wonderful since marrying my husband. The particular year I would say was my favorite was the time we got so much snow. We still had my rottweiler, Katy, and the three of us went for a long walk in the snow. It was so beautiful, so peaceful, and the memory of Katie was priceless. After getting home from our walk, we went to our daughter's house for desert. It was her first Christmas with her husband. There are many memories of my years growing up with my brother and parents. I could go on forever. I think the great thing that has happened to me is the fact that I learned the true meaning of Christmas and it is HOLY. GOD Bless you and your boys and have fun with the snowmobiles. Make memories everyday, they are so important to look back on.

bonnie weiss

Aww....snowmobiling...that takes me back to my early years when we were first married and we used to pack up every Friday night and head north for 2 days of snowmobiling with lots of friends. I could hardly wait for Christmas Day to be over so we could get going north!I guess my favourite memory from this Christmas would be the day I had to myself, doing some Christmas baking that I had not done for at least 5 years. Of course, it's all gone now!

Sounds like your boys were happy with their Christmas gifts! Those squeals of delight and smiling faces sure make for some great memories.

Looking forward to seeing your new puppy, Julie!

Terry Molineux

Julie you are truly blessed and what cute boys to have their uncle take them shopping to buy you a gift!!! So what was it?

My favorite memory of xmas was the year all four siblings had asked for a bicycle. My Dad worked two jobs and my mother took on a job that year because things were getting tough with us growing up needing clothing and you know how expensive clothes can be even back then!!! LOL anyway on christmas eve we always exchanged little gifts of clothing and one toy and then there wasn't anything left under the tree so we siblings got together and was saying this was really tough on our parents this year...lo and behold when we woke up christmas morning there was a note on the christmas tree to follow along....took us to another room with another note taking us to another room and then telling us to do things we found gloves, then hats, then goggles, then follow this string downstairs to our basement which was the family room and the youngest to the oldest had to go into the room alone with a band around our eyes and we couldn't peek (and back then you listened when you were told to do something!!!) the last one knew the way because we did it three other times. Then a recording went on (or so we thought - our parents were hiding) told us all to pull our bands down and there sat four beautiful bicycles and helmets...We were screaming and jumping up and down and flashes were going off everywhere. We had snow on the ground so we couldn't take them out but we were allowed to take turns and ride them in our basement for awhile...I will never forget that moment because I knew my parents couldn't afford it but they found a way!!!! that is truly the meaning of xmas!!!

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