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December 24, 2010


Gail S.

Oh my goodness! Great card! Yes, we need a tutorial!


OMG a Tutorial would be REALLY helpful! LOL


totally cool card can't wait for the tutorial on this one. I think a large ornament or a Santa face would be good.

Wendy T

How about an ornament punch of the new SU! red glitter paper? Looking forward to the tutorial...thinking I could use this to make graduation cards for some special seniors this year!

Mary Havlovic

Totally cool card Julie. I look forward to your tutorial on how to make the Card. Have a good time in Florida with your boys!


That is the COOLEST card I've seen in a long time. I can't wait for your tutorial! I will check back frequently.

Theresa Rafter

Hi Julie, I follow your blog all the time and I love this card, I love anything different and this is certainly different. I can't wait for your tutorial.
I'm a little out there but I would love a photo on it and send it to someone special as this is a very special card, Theresa

Erica Fields

WOW! What a way to start off the New Year. Whatever will you do to follow this tute?? OK, I'm not trying to rush you. I know it will take me a while just to get to it.
Happy New Year Julie. You are indeed an inspiration to so many people.

esther schattschneider

Very cool, Julie! can't wait for the tut...perhaps an ornament punch on that front piece...or another large snowflake...Blessings to you and your sons, and I want to thank you, too, for being such an inspiration with your witness...


Merry Christmas!!
Those cards look so neat, but sometimes I have a hard enough time with a front I can't imagine trying to figure that out, but I would like to do one for my sister!


Julie, I have to admit...I have never seen this card before. I cannot wait for your tutorial. My club gals will be blown away with this one. May God's grace and love shine upon you, and your boys this Christmas. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me through your love for God!! Blessings, MaryS


Wow, I have not seen this before, what a card. I am looking forward to the tutorial on this one. I'm thinking a scallop circle with the stockings stamped in the center from A Cute Christmas, colored appropriately of course. God Bless you.

Jan Pippin

WOW WOW WOW I am at a lose for words...this looks so neat...can't wait for your instructions....enjoy your boys...if you blink they will be grown....time does prayers are with you...Jan


OMG - how cool is that??!! Can't wait for the tutorial. You rock!

Enjoy time with your family. Merry Christmas and my the peace of the Lord be with you all.


I have made several of these cards. I made a couple in Halloween and a few birthday. There a lot of fun. You can really get hooked on making them.
I'd put more buttons on the top.


Wow, Julie, I love your card! Looking forward to the tutorial. Maybe on the front of the card, you could put a another Bible verse, or a punched out ornament, or a poinsettia. There are so many possibilities. Thanks for sharing. I pray for many blessing for u & your boys.

Peggy Maier

I'm looking forward to your tutorial - I've wanted to make these "forever" - I think I'd put a punched poinsettia as a decoration in the space you're talking about (or even a large snowflake).


I have read your blog daily for a long time, even though I don't post comments much, I enjoy stopping here. I did want to take the time to wish you and your boys a very Merry Christmas! I hope you have a day full of laughter and joy and blessings. You arena strong lady and an inspiration. God bless!

Lynn Forsythe

What an amazing card Julie! Can't wait to see the tutorial and make it myself. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a blessed, peaceful and fulfilling new year.


I think the North star would look beautiful on the front. This is amazing. I can't wait to see the tutorial.


Julie such beautiful colors in your card. I think it is so amazing. Great to emphasis the never ending story of Christ. I agree with Robyn from SO CA a north star would be wonderful with the rest of the stamps on the other flaps of the card. Amazing. Just like YOU! Hope you and your boys are in circled with love this Christmas season. Thinking and praying for you often. Merry Christ-mas.


Wow, What a card. Can't wait to see how it is made.

Rhonda Nelson

What a wonderful card. I can think of all sorts of possibilities. Like Valentines, Mothers day, Graduations. Looking forward to the the tutorial.


Merry Christmas. That is a wonderful card and I am looking forward to the tutorial.

bonnie weiss

Wow, that's some card, Julie. I'd have to get a good night's sleep before attempting that one! A chipboard Christmas tree, cut out of aqua or another colour in your paper, would be kind of nice on the front.


Merry Christmas to you and your boys. You are in my prayers.

The card is beautiful. Given the inside image, I would put an angel or a church or something liek that on the front. Or do you have a baby Jesus in the manger type stamp?

Robyn, So CA, USA

I would put something on the front that would be the lead in to the card....maybe a North Star? I am so looking forward to the tutorial. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and may what ever you need be yours...hugs to you and yours!

Lisa S.

Hi Julie - I just wanted to say Merry Christmas. I wish blessings upon you and your boys now and in the future. You are amazing. - Lisa S.


This card is fabulous! I am SO wanting to make it! I think that ornament punch would look great on the front - not sure if it's too big or not cause I don't have one yet. Maybe that small scalloped punch with the stamp from the 'so many scallops' set -the 'celebrate the season' stamp. Then you can stamp it again and punch out the circle in the middle. And some glitter. What you've done is beautiful though! Hope you and your family have a good Christmas!

Karla Reader

Good morning Julie.
Great card. I think a candy cane that was embosssed, or covered with crystal effects would suit the paper and mood of the front of this card. :)
I wanted to tell you that I continue to pray for you and that I recognise this Christmas will be very tough for you and your boys. We'll keep praying for you.

carolyn s

Julie, this is an awesome card. I would put an ornament on the space you were asking about. Maybe the Delightful Decorations one that says JOY. Thanks for all that you do to inspire your readers, both artistically and spiritually.

Merry Christmas


Happy Christmas Eve! Oh, wow! Neat card! When you post the tutorial, I'll have to try it! I think I'm brave enough ... . I can't think of a thing to put on the front of the card, except maybe a Christmas tree or snowman? I do think it looks nice the way it is. :)

Mary R.

For a Christmas card, I think I'd use the ornament punch with a matching stamp. It woul be cool for Valentine's Day with the heart embosslit.

Hope you and the boys make it through this first Christmas without Russ okay. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Edna Burgess

It's a beautiful card, but confused just how you put it all together to do it. Hope I can do it after your tutorial. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Edna


Looking forward to the tutorial. On the front I thought of a snow globe, ribbon wreath or Santa,

Tracey Thompson

Holy Cow! That is the coolest card, evah!!! Can't wait to see the tutorial. :)

I think about you and the boys every day and I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas! You are such an inspiration to all.

Elaine Allen

Awesome card Julie. Can't wait for the tutorial. Wishing you and the boys a peaceful Holiday.

Elaine Allen


Wow, I can't wait for the tutorial.

Shelley Williams

I cannot wait for the tutorial. A great use for this would be an anniversary card, where you could say so many things to your spouse. Also, it would be great for a Wedding card, and you could put great tips and advice on each panel. I hope you post it soon, so my friends and I can use it. We love you and follow you all the time. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Sheila Keyman  said

Amazing! Looking forward to the tutorial--you always present them so well, they seem easier than they look! Thanks!

maurita wilkerson

Well!! We must have tutorial on this one!! Can't wait for sure!

Melanie Sullivan

I was thinking an ornament, but I like the idea above about the wreath. It does look like a door.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Very cool! Loooking forward to the tutorial. For the cover of your card, you could maybe put a punched out Ornament done in the Contempo stamp set.
Merry Christmas Julie to you and your boys.
Ter ;)

Barb W

Julie, what a fantastic card. I can't wait for the tutorial - this is going to be a Mother's Day card for sure!!


I Loved making this card! I made a few for Christmas and people just LOVE them!


Love it....look forward to it!

Think and pray for you often


I love this card and really want to know how to do it. Can't wait for the tutorial. Thanks

Denelle Bauer

I'm thinking maybe the ornament punch would work in your blank space...hmmmm? This is an amazing card and can't wait to see the turorial. I'm looking for something different for my next workshop and this would be fabulous! Thanks for sharing; can't wait to see how it's made.

On a more personal will be in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas!


Wynn H.

What a great card. I think a photo ornament to match the paper would be lovely on the front. Merry Christmas.


I think a Wreath on the front door is always welcoming to all the pleasures inside-Merry Christmas Julie to you and your family. Peace !


Julie, I am sooo glad to see this card. This past Sunday, my grandson was looking at his card from VBS and asked if I could make one. I said, "Yes," thinking I could find the instructions. I've been searching and couldn't find them. You are a GODsend- in more ways than this. You are inspiring to me and so many others! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Robbie Rubala


Can't wait for the tutorial! This is an awesome idea.



Looking forward to your tutorial. I think a large snowflake would look nice on the front!

Patti J.

Am excited to see the tutorial! Thanks so much for the video - it's great! I think a wreath would look great - it really does give the impression of a door opening! Hugs!

Angela Hagan

I have had the DVBS tracks also and even the blank ones. I am SO glad you have been able to figure this one out! I never have been able to. I am really looking forward to your tutorial. Thanks as usual Julie!!


That is really cool! Thanks for sharing Julie.

I think the front needs a large flower - for christmas you could do a poinsettia.


Wow! I am so looking forward to the tutorial! I've never seen a card like this and would be so awesome to know how to make it! Have a Blessed Christmas.


A wreath! It looks like a front door, and it opens!


That is a really interesting card. I actually have never seen one like that. I'm looking forward to seeing your tutorial! I love the idea of putting a star in that spot. Since that card is for Christmas!

Kim Kowal

Looking forward to your tutorial!! I have one of these cards but never could figure out how to make it. They are awesome cards. Have a very Merry Christmas Julie!!

Pam (PeeJay)

Lovely cards. There are a lot of tutorials out there for this card style. I made one way back in 2009 but they've been around a lot longer than that.
For your front square you could use a large star?


I remember seeing a tutorial for this a long time ago, but never got past doing a mock-up with computer paper. Looking forward to your instructions. Maybe they'll get me moving again on making my own.

Lista Shattuck

That is a really neat idea! Can't wait to see how it's done. Have a good holiday.

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