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December 28, 2010



Beautiful rottie! My DD had an American rottie named Molly. Molly passed away recently - she was almost 11 years old. She was a beautiful dog and we all loved her very much. You can read about her here:

Rob had wanted to take her to the vet to have her put down the day she passed, but my DD was having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions and wasn't sure if they were the real thing or not. As it turned out, it was false labour and they welcomed their 3rd daughter on Nov. 2nd which took the sting off losing Molly. Their oldest daughter, Sierra who is 5 1/2 still talks about Molly and how much she misses her. My DD still misses her as well. She lost her running partner and when she went out for her 1st run after the baby was born, she cried almost the entire time.


what a gorgeous dog:) best wishes to you and your family in 2011:)

Angela McKay

Congratulations! My rottie was the dog "love of my life"! They are such amazing dogs! Your boys will have a best friend for life!

Mary Havlovic

What a cute doggie!

Mary P

Beautiful dog you have. Great companion for the kids too. Enjoy him.

Pat Jandacek

Very handsome - and well-behaved to boot! Can't beat that combination. He'll be happy with you and the boys and all of that BIG outdoors! Happy New Year!

karen adams

wow! too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how could you not love a face like that!?!!!!!!!!!!

karen adams

Heide Dronchi

Such a sweet baby! Love his cute face.
How old is he?
I too have a new baby, Got him in Oct, I have not had a male do in quite a while and I forgot how sweet males are.
Enjoy him!
Happy New Year.


That's one BIG baby! Rip looks quite dashing already. Best wishes to you and your newest addition. May he bring lots of love and joy to your family.

Nan Dunbar

Beautiful Rip, hope he will be a wonderful pet and protector. I had one for 8 years, and they can be very protective. Also, because of the big bones, my vet recommended a thick pad for my Stormie to lay on, they will get big callouses on the elbows, if not cushioned. One of the sweetest dogs, I have ever had, and got her at 4 weeks old. Best of luck, with your new friend. hugs to you and boys, Nan

susan bender

aaawwwwww so cute

Jean S

He's just BEAUTIFUL! I hope he brings many happy moments to you and the boys.

Cindy Vernon

I have been a reader of your blog for a long time but I don't that I have ever left a comment. I have been so busy that I haven't been on since the pics of you in a sari so I was so sad and surprised to find that your husband lost his fight with his illness. I hope that you don't find this inappropriate but I am so moved, writing this with tears in my eyes of your strength and your children's strength. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with peace and love.


Congratulations on your newest family member! He is just adorable! And he looks so lovable!!

Elaine Allen

Oh Julie -

What a sweetie, I just love that smiling face. Have fun with him.

Elaine Allen


Awww he's a dogable. Such a loving face. Your dog will bring joy to you and the boys. We have 2 Siberian Huskies who are our Furbabies.
Ter ;)


He's very handsome! How many months is he?


He's ADORABLE! Enjoy!


Wow he is a big boy, sounds like the training was worth it!

Patti J.

Awww...what a beautiful pooch! Will look forward to seeing more photos as he settles in! Bet the boys are so happy!!! Keep us posted!

Edna Burgess

Beautiful dog and I'm sure the kids will enjoy him. Plus you'll feel safe with him in the house.


Congratulations on your new baby he's soooo cute! What a nice way to bring in the New Year, you all deserve it so much... Have Fun with him! Looks like he's smiling:) lol

Shelia Carter              Florida

What a beautiful dog! We have had 3 rotties
in the past. Currently have 4 cats as we can't have dogs where we live. Soooooooooo
much miss having a rottie. As previously said they are GREAT dogs! He will give you and the boys alot of love!! Happy New year to all of you!!!


He's absolutely gorgeous! We had a Rot when my boys were young and absolutely loved her. What a great love and protector she was. So happy for you all to add such a wonderful member to your family!

Mo Moss

I raised rotties for years. They are very smart. I, too, had one in the house and was able to go anywhere we were. No beds, no couches, etc. You will not find a better pet, yet protector, A wonderful choice for you. It is amazing how devoted they become. I envy you having a new one. I now have King Charles Spaniels and a lab. But, miss my favorite breed.

Kim Kowal

Beautiful new addition to the family!!Sounds like the training was well worth it. Enjoy Him!!


You will so love rotties = they are an amazing, loyal, loving breed. We've had rotties for years (currently have 3; 2 girls 3 & 5 and a baby boy 7 months). Congrats on your new baby!

bonnie weiss

What a DUDE! Congrats on your new four-legged family member ...wishing you many years of enjoyment with him.

Laura Harvey

Beautiful animal. Good training but I prefer dogs who are free to walk around the place and make it their home just as their owners do. To me this is perfect training for a "professional" animal (like the police dogs) and not for a pet in a home. Just a personal choice I guess. I wish you well and hope you and the boys enjoy and love him very much, you all deserve it!


Congratulations..!! He is sooo cuteee... Big hug from me... :)


He is just soooo adorable. Great news with the training…. he's certainly going to be one of the family
Happy New year to you and your family. hoping that 2011 with be a better one for you
Hugs rozzy xx (((hugs)))

Diane :)

He's a pretty baby! Congrats! D :)

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