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January 12, 2011



sorry about that, the snow this year is really cancelling alot of people's plans


February will be warmer then now, it is 55 degrees here right now!! Soo cold! And they dont insulate homes the way they do up north so it makes it colder. I know that when you do come it will be the perfect time of the Lord and we will have EVEN MORE fun, know that I love you and call me whne you have time to chat. I WILL SEE YOU SOON!!!!

Just B

don't fret - we're freezing our butts off down here in sunny Florida! Probably just as well you didn't make it down right now. Keep smiling : )


What a pain in the butt. BUT I love the way you have named it right...disappointment! So many people get all dramatic about things like this. Like others have said, enjoy the extra time you will have with the boys in your own area and then feel the warmth of the sun on your back when you reschedule.

Hugs to you all - must be tough around two disappointed little ones!



I'm so sorry about your flights. I know someone in Atlanta GA and they had significant snow and then icy roads. Maybe you are suppose to go later and it will be even better!! Think warm!

Rosemarie Menassas

What about a weekend at Fantasyland Hotel in the West Edmonton Mall. Maybe Westjet has a quick flight over from SK?


Julie, Sorry to hear that you are stuck back home. I'm in Miami and although it's definitely not as cold as it is where you are, I can tell you that it is not beach or pool weather here in Miami. Our high was in the 60's this afternoon and very, very windy which makes it feel even colder : (

Mo Moss

I say go to the hotel with a waterpark. Also, my in-laws say it is very cold there, not pool weather. I like to go there in mid March. When you get home, the weather is much nicer here in PA. Guess you still have bad snow in March. There is a reason for everything. You do know that. Enjoy the Rottie, I miss mine. He will be glad you did not get to go. Inspite, of what I write, I still feel the disappointment for you and the boys. God Bless


How about some good old fashion fun? Sledding, snowball fights, snowmen, hot chocolate maybe toast some marshmellows or make smores. Where is that Canadian spirit? I got up this morning and when I saw snow it made me feel good. I love winter.

Therese pierro

So sorry about your trip. I live in Ocala fl and it is freezing here. Down into the 20's for the next couple of nights. Wait until April or may much nicer weather then. Movies and popcorn sound like fun.

Mary Davidson

How disappointing! It's quite cold here this week...relatively speaking. Definitely not beach weather. They had a little blurb on the news the other day that Legoland isn't opening until October, so you might want to check into that. Stay warm!

Pat Jandacek

Oh, I've been thinking how disappointed you would be with the Florida weather right now. Of course it's better than what you have but it's not swimming pool, beach-type weather! So, major disappointment now but so much better when you finally get to Florida (fingers crossed).


At least you and the boys weren't stuck for hours or days at an airport.Just think will really enjoy it when it is rescheduled . Think of it as more time to plan instead. Happy thoughts to you!


I'm thinking that God intervened, so that when you do get to go to Florida it will be nice and warm.

Edna Burgess

Sorry to hear about your unwanted plans. But there is always another day to enjoy all the Florida fun. It's cold there too right now, so hopefully it will warm up by the time you to. Edna


That is a disappointment! I hope all will work out fine. Better than being stranded away from home, right?


Better luck soon. I hope the trip is even better when you do get to go.

diane mcvey

BUMMER!!! So very sorry the weather ruined your trip. I know the boys are disappointed, as well. Doggone it! I guess it would be worse if you were stuck in an airport for days, least you are HOME! :D
Have fun, and I hope you get to go SOON. At least you have something to look forward to in a little while. I hope it all works out for you! ***HUGS***


Aaaaaw man! I'm so sorry your travel plans were canceled due to the weather. What a bummer! Don't lose hope. Some of the best vacations I ever spent were at home. If it's meant to be, you'll find a way to reschedule so you can play in the sun.

Erica Fields

Awww, Julie,
that is disappointing. I ordered some stamps from Flourishes, on 12/29/10. They are based in Pensacola, FL. I got an email from them stating that the weather has resulted in huge delalys. I spoke personally to one of the owners and he has said that most of Florida hasn't seen anything quite like this in decades. Take heart in that at least you aren't in the middle of the mess. I'm sure you're better equipped to enjoy your weather where you live. Enjoy your big puppy and your boys with DVDs, popcorn, and of course crafts :D
Cyber hugs,


I was thinking the same as Beth, maybe just an overnight at a hotel with a pool. Just a quick fix. Keeping fingers crossed for your vacation reschedule


Sorry about your trip, I hope you are blessed with an even better one when you can finally go. I did have to laugh at your choice of photos though....big towering mountain Saskatchewan?? ;^>

Lauren Y.

Oh, so sorry that you have to change plan!
Have fun stamping then!

Patti J.

Oooh...the indoor water park overnight idea sounds like fun! Julie, I'm so sorry that you and the boys don't get to take your trip. I know how much you were looking forward to it. However, I know YOU, and even as I am typing this comment, you are finding 100 good things that have blessed you by missing this trip! Have fun rescheduling, and counting those blessings! Hugs!

Jane. New Zealand

Sorry - but that did make me laugh. The amazing contrast of the photos.The situation is what tv shows are made about!!!. I am genuinely sorry about your disappointment hope it all works out


Sorry you didn't get to go to FL. You and the boys will enjoy being home, you always do; AND, I'm sure that you'll enjoy FL when you do get there...and you will .

Stay warm and safe.

Tammy Q Howell

So sorry, how disappointing for you, the boys, and your friends. Hope you can make that one up soon!


Sorry to hear your trip got postponed. Hope you can reschedule soon!

Beth M

Sorry to hear that your trip was postponed. Might I suggest a night stay at a local waterpark hotel as a little pick me up.

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