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January 07, 2011


Jenny Chilton

My heart goes out to you Julie and your precious family. You are an inspiration to others who are dealing with life's difficulties. You have shown people how to be strong and to look forward and remember the past with wonderful memories. Life does go on and you are truly remarkable.


Julie, your post just tore at my heart. I think of you so often and am truly amazed at how you're holding up... and I know it's because of your beautiful faith in our awesome God. Looking at this picture, I see that you have had many wonderful blessings in your life, and I know He will bless you with many more. You are an inspiration and I am honored to call you my friend. Big hugs and love, Lia

Mary Cardini- Anderson

A very beautiful photo Julie.



Julie, I have been following your blog for a long time now, though I have never commented before. I prayed with you while your husband was sick, and cried with you when he passed away. Shortly after that, I was diagnosed with cancer myself, but a very easy one to deal with. I have looked at your example of faith and grace in the midst of trial through this. I lost my mother to cancer almost four years ago and my godparents also all within 16 months of each other. You are right - we must be thankful for every day! We have no guarantees about our time here, but we do have promises for our time after that we can't even conceive!


Julie, what a beautiful family picture to treasure. And yes it is difficult to believe Russ is gone from that picture. I don't know if you have Michael's in Canada. They have this process where you can take a small photo and make a beautiful oil. I know you have a friend in FL who might be able to look into it for you. and if she can't I would be more than happy to get the information and cost if you are interested. May the Lord keep you in his care during this new journey in your life. Sandy

Kim Kowal

Beautiful picture Julie!! Your faith amazes me!! Thanks for being such an inspiration!!


beautiful pic Julie! Some wonderful memories. Yes we have to remember that life does change sometimes way to fast. Just like being pregnant and 9 months later the baby is out. We have been blessed with our 4th and last child on jan 6. Every day is a blessing and what comes with each day we should never take for granted. I have followed your post for a long time now and you have given me a lot of hope for my future. Keep the post and updates coming because you are truely an inspiration to others. love , heidi xoxox

Tammy Q Howell

Beautiful family and beautiful memories. So happy that you had such a recent family photo. Trust in the Lord and He will sustain you. I often tell people that life is short and enjoy it now!

Laura Isham

A gorgeous family photo, Julie. Your strength, openness, and faith are more of an inspiration to me than you could ever know. Thank you for sharing.

Cindy Smith

It is indeed a beautiful picture! You and your boys are in my prayers.

I wanted to share this bible verse with you--

Look to the Lord and his strength;
seek his face always. Psalm 105:4

God bless you!


Such a wonderful and your boys will remember this day forever.

LaToya G.

You are one AMAZING woman!!! Your boys are so lucky to have such a strong mom. Your family continues to be in my prayers.

Sandra K

A precious picture.
Thanks for the reminder to just take the days we are given and live them well.

Madeline Parlee

Very nice picture and thanks for sharing that with us. Yes he looks so healthy there. This picture will be a treasure for ever. Yes God is our strength and stronghold and only He can carry us thru these times. Had you known you likely would have been fearful but He gives strength for the day, not enough to last us for a month. Reminds me of the manna He gave His people in the desert. Blessings


Beautiful photo Julie!! Thank you so much for sharing it. I admire your strength and courage. Hugs to you and the boys!

~Shauna in Calif.


Beautiful family picture. Yes it is amazing how quickly things can change, it makes you grateful for every day and moment. I too am glad you have God to rely on, I always feel sad for those that don't have him in their lives!

Diane L

That is a gorgeous family photo Julie!
I know everyone tells you how much of an INSPIRATION you are to all of us,I enjoy reading your posts everyday to give me strength!
You are one awesome lady!!!Thanks for sharing your good times and hard times!!!

Kathy Mc

Your boys may not quite realize the value of this photo now, but they definitely will as they grow older. What a beautiful portrait of your family. As others have mentioned, you are truly an inspiration to all of us. For those who have never experienced the loss of a loved one, they have no idea how important the prayers and support really are. When I see and read news stories about criminals, I often wonder why the Good Lord didn't take them first!


Julie what a wonderful memory. You are such a blessing to me with your testimonies. My dad was diagnosed with AML one month before Russ passed away. I have been wondering if that is what Russ had. It goes so fast.

Sue from Oregon

What a treasure of a picture!

Patti J.

Julie, you are such an inspiration to so many. This is a wonderful family photo. Russ and the boys are so very handsome, you you look beautiful. What a blessing that the church decided at that particular time to do photos. You have a memory that you will cherish forever. Hugs and blessings...


I am so glad you have this picture. He does look the picture of health. Shows you who really is in charge, doesn't it? Can you enlarge this picture and hang it in your home?

Terry Molineux

What a blessed picture. GOD took the love of your life for a reason that we will never know but look at those precious boys!!!! They are to cherish!!! I have to healthy daughters and love them dearly but oh boy would I have loved a son!!!

You are truly an inspiration to me. I continue to think and prayer for the three of you.

Edna Burgess

Such a great picture to keep and cherish. You're boys will be so glad to have it always as a good reminder of their dad.

Queen Mary

God bless Julie.


What a beautiful photo of you all. You are right - he looks fit as a fiddle! Just goes to show that you never know what is round the corner.

I really appreciate that you have shared this picture - although I didnt know Russ, it means that even I have good pictures of him in my mind.

Your boys look like they have grown so tall since this picture! The later pics you have put up make them look so much more grown up!

All the best


Pictures capture precious memories that help our hearts hang on. You are blessed to have such a handsome family picture. Gabby :)


Julie .... this family photo is PRECIOUS as is your testimony of our Lord's comforting and strengthening help. I lean on Him at all times and He never fails! GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS!

Thank you, Julie, for continuing to share your heart with us .... may the Lord richly bless you and your boys today!

Evie Shambley

Every since I read your post right before Crhistmas, I was saddened. I didn't know until then what had happened and was so sorry. Life is short, and I thought of you and the boys during the holidays. Take care and May God watch over you and the boys and keep you safe.


People's lives have been changed because of the testimony that you have shared here on your blog. God has been glorified time and time again! Good has come from bad! My prayers for you continue! :o)

Neena Johnson



What type cancer did Russ have? The Lord needed him to continue his work. One day we will understand.

Mary Hansen

Great picture to keep in your family album! Thanks for sharing...


thanks for keeping on, keeping on. It helps me to remember where my thoughts should be and not where they sometimes are. You are an inspiration. thanks again

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