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February 09, 2011


Gail S.

Hey the plant is green, if it was in my house it would not look all perky & healthy!
You are innovative for sure. Maybe if I adorned my plants (when I have some) with pretty paper they would look happy.

Kathy Mc

Definitely innovative and absolutely adorable, but there's also nothing wrong with being obsessed over papercrafting. Keep it up!


Definitely innovative! Thank you for passing along creative and beautiful ways we can recycle and make the most of what we have.


Innovative. It could work the other way too -- what a great way to give a cutting to someone else!

Evette K. Ciampo

Great idea gf........keep them coming..I sure need more ideas as my brain is always in reverse. LOL ekc




Definitely innovative! You do such clever little projects.

Mary Hansen


Kathy White


 Joyce Stewart

Innovative indeed. I have cocoa tins, this and that tins all covered in co-ordinating patterned paper holding all sorts of things in my craft space. Odd shapes and sizes are brought together with the same paper on them..I hate to dispose of something I was at a store something like the waste cardboard box container I spied a long (about 18") narrow white very sturdy box....I took the lid off it and on it's side it will be another little 'shelf' for whatever.

beth g

Innovative! You can change it out with the season! St. Patrick's Day is a comin'
Great Blog

Sandra K

Beautiful container and healthy plant.


Innovative, definitely, innovative. Soooo pretty too. I wouldn't mind looking at that every time I walk by.

susan bender

love your idea and using different papers for different occasions, and you have a new holder. Love your site

Linda L

Hi Julie,
I vote INNOVATIVE! But that could just be because I've been known to alter a container or jar myself! hee hee! But seriously, it adds to the beauty of the plant, so it's a good thing!

Brilliant idea Julie! Love it!


very creative and very talented. Keep up the good work. You are very much appreciated in all you share with all of us.Thank you for being you and sharing with us all. God's blessings to you and yours

linda provost

obsessed, definitely.....but i mean that in the nicest way possible. your obsession leads to wonderful creatvity that the rest of us enjoy and learn from. keep up the good work!!


Great idea, really dresses it up :)

Sherry Beeson

Love it!
Just when I thought I could 'throw' something away....NOT! hehehehe
Great idea! Thanks for sharing!
---P.S. I've never been able to keep an African Violet alive.....wahhh---

Jana Terpstra

innovation at it's best!


Definitely innovative. Love the results


Keep up the creativity!I too have light bulb moments and save all sorts of containers to embellish. Do you think it's the "mother earth" syndrome that a lot of us woman have?


Definitely innovative! Love the idea!


DEFINITELY innovative!!! I often use mine for making ice - when you need some for a cooler....
Your idea is much more creative, and could make a cute gift, too.

Estelle in Hernando, MS

I'm with you on that.......I often re-purpose containers...... I have some at the moment that once housed lunch meat that have found their way into my craft area to hold embellishment etc. and they stack so well. So. I would say that you are both innovative and obsessively so! I grew in in the WW2 era where we saved everything! LOL

Lynne Hurlburt

I would say alittle bit of both ha ha ha j/k Great idea. TFS Have a good one!! Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne


Innovative for sure! You always have great ideas and I really enjoy checking in with your blog every day. My light bulb moments are few and far between so I love getting ideas from people like you.

Becky Jo

I, too, think both Julie! But that's what makes you YOU! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas! Hugs!!

Sheila Keyman  said

A definite "good one, Julie!!" Looks a lot classier than the cottage cheese container!

Lisa H

Melissa used to do this too, or a version of it. a wonderful idea!!

Patti J.

Innovative, for sure! I have a cottage cheese container full of cocoa mix. Nearly every single night, DH says, 'do you need to put the cottage cheese in the fridge'? Maybe I should cover it up too! Thanks for the idea!


So cute!!!
Thanks for sharing
Hugs, Myrna

maurita wilkerson

obsession is the mother of innovation?! great idea!

Karen Kontrath

Innovative of course!:)

Pam H

Well ditto all the above. It is Beautiful.
Love it. Love you.


I think it is a wonderful idea!!!

Jennifer Ingram

OMG - love it, love it, love it.

Tammy Q Howell

Innovative! And what a great way to use the DSP!

bonnie weiss

Of course it was a good idea...who likes those look at those ugly labels on the plastic pots when you should be looking at the plant inside. I had to laugh at Nancy's comment about the toilet paper roll ... she must be a true crafter too!


I do the same thing with my containers.I hate the labels showing!


In the first picture I thought you had gone so far as to cover all the extra toilet that I would call obsessed! haha Your plant pot is lovely! Have a happy day!:o)


Definately Innovative but obsessively so! And that's OK, your obsession provides joy and pleasure so it's all good.

Terry Molineux

I think it is very creative. I wish I had your talent in so many ways....You are the best and that's is why I never miss a day of your blog! Thank you for sharing!


Both, and that's why we love you. :-)

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