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March 06, 2011


Linda Cloer

TOOOOOOOO FUNNY! Hard to contain myself at work!!! Thanks I needed that!


Oh my! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Tears are streaking down my face. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!!!!!!

B Cowell

Have a fantastic time in Florida! I can just hear the boys when they find out they are finally flying to Orlando! Also thanks for the video...we all need a good laugh every now and then and that certainly got me going! Bon Voyage!


Wonderful wonderful news....hope you have a great time together. AND...that video made me laugh so much - showed it to my hubby and I just know he is planning who to do it to!


Cindy L

Have a wonderful time and a safe trip. I'm sure the boys will be super excited.


sure hope it all works out for you all this time!


Oh My Gracious - the video is so very funny:) Thanks for sharing, I desperately needed a good laugh.
Have an absolutely wonderful and your boys deserve it. I went to DW after Leadership a couple of years ago and LOVED it...would love to go back:)


Good for you! Hope you have a fantastic time and leave the stamping and blog in the background for awhile. Enjoy yourself and your boys and oh my, they are going to be SO excited when they get to the airport! Have a wonderful time and can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back.

Susan K

Have a WONDERFUL time! I live in the Orlando area and our weather has been BEAUTIFUL.

Kim Kowal

Hope you actually get to go on your trip this time. Have a blast!! Don't worry about us, this is your time. Enjoy being with those beautiful boys and just have fun!!

Eileen Bartsch

Hey Julie, do not worry about posting. Only those that have experienced what you have(which I have not) will truly understand, but that's okay. You deserve this break girl as do your boys. Soar like the eagles to Florida and just spend time together. I am in awe everyday at how you are doing, although I know it is but by the "Grace Of God "I still find it hard to know that one can move on. You have and always will be an inspiration to me. Love you girl Eileen!


I hope you don't get snowed in this time! Enjoy your trip!

Evette K. Ciampo

You all have a wonderful visit to the sunshine state ya hear? That video sure made me laugh. TY for the chuckels. Will share it with more people u can be sure. Looking forward to those pictures from Florida. Safe travels.

Sharon B.

Have a great time! Had to share that video on my FB....that is hysterical!! ....and probably a good thing it was not in English :O)


So glad you have this trip planned. I am actually going to Disney next week and am looking forwatd to it. Have a wonderful time with your boys!


I am Icelandic and they are letting the one guy think that he is doing this so hard... and he is pissed ;(


I can hardly wait to show this to my grown sons, they have such an odd sense of humor like I have. Too funny!!!

Angi~Mistress of Mayhem

Best wishes for the trip! That video was a hoot! Thanks for sharing the laughs!

bonnie weiss

It's probably good that we DON'T understand what the prank recipient is saying ... too funny! Wishing you a safe trip to Florida, great weather and oodles of memorable times!

Nancy Park

Have a great time here in FL. I live about 45 min to an hour from Orlando, on Merritt Island (home of Kennedy Space Center). This is the perfect time of year, this is the season I live for, Windows open, birds singing and the air feels great!!!!!!!!ENJOY!!

Kathy Benko

ROFL, that was so good. Thanks for that.
Have a super time in Florida, hope its warmer there.

Lynne Hurlburt

Hurrah for you and the boys. Have a great time. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Mo Moss

Have a great trip, enjoy the weather and be safe. The boys will really be excited. I would love to see their faces when you tell them. Enjoy, and GOD Bless


That video is soooo funny! I was laughing so hard that it brought tears to my eyes! I hope you have a wonderful time in FL. Enjoy the warm sunshine, and I hope you and the boys have "the experience of a lifetime," just like they advertise! :)

Melanie Sullivan

Oh my gosh, I laughed until tears ran downmy face. Girls would never do this to each other, but boys have such a weird sense of humor.
WE were headed to Universal this week, but have to cancel due to our own family cancer crisis. Have fun and enjoy it.


I don't think my son quite got it - but said it's funny. The pranks that people pull on their friends! Have a WONDERFUL trip - you guys definitely deserve some fun, and a break from the cold. Even if they have low temps it will be much warmer than it will be at your house! Take care.

Hulda P

lol!!! Yes this is icelandic and at first the guy to the right is just explaining the game and then there's just a lot of cursing from the middle guy.
Have fun in Florida!


Hi Julie, That video was funny. I live near Orlando and we are expecting beatiful weather. It should be in the high 70's - low 80's. Enjoy.


I hope you enjoy your trip. You and the boys certainly do deserve it. Have fun!
Not sure about the video. I don't think anyone getting bashed over the head, with anything, is too good an idea so I didn't find it funny. Perhaps I've got an odd sense of humor :0)


Hope you all have a fab holiday - you deserve it!

Oh, and Disney World are currently advertising the the UK around kids' reactions whenthey find out they're going! I bet the boys' faces will be priceless!

Billie Taylor

Have a great time on your trip. Thank you for making me laugh so hard this morning. I love this youtube video.

Katherine Gowan

I never thought I would laugh so much at 10:23 in the morning. The tears are rolling down my cheeks. Definitely have to show this to my boys, who are grown men now, but who will get a good laugh from the video as well.

Patti J.

Yay!!!! You are finally getting to take that trip! Hooray for you! (A week later, and we may have gotten to say hello - we go on the 18th and return on the 28th or 29th...Have a wonderful trip - hugs!

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