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April 13, 2011


Homeowner Insurance

Love the colorful boots! You go girl!

That's awesome Julie!

Robin Barwacz

Looks like you have been MIA for a while. Hope that you are OK. You have had a rough couple of weeks and you are in my prayers. Take care and God bless.

Adele in Las Vegas

Rock on, Julie! There is nothing you cannot do, my girl!

Sandra K

Love the boots. I think you are too clever to have got that working. Great job!


You go girl!

Estelle in Hernando, MS

Great boots! Russ would be so proud of you! He is sitting in heaven smiling sdown and telling everyone around him "That's my beloved wife!"
You are AWESOME!!!!!



Diane L

You go girl! Russ must be sooo proud of you!


You Go Girl! Every day is a new hurdle, but you can do with God's help!


You have great boots! And great strength! Way to go!




Wow, you are Amazing. You GO GIRL!!!


So glad it worked for you the first time around, Good for you!! you can do it!

tina in nh

YAY Julie! Way to go girl! The things we think we can't do....Pat yourself on the back. Russ is smiling and so very proud.


Yay, Julie!

Evette K. Ciampo

U go girl. Great job Julie for a first. We women can do anything if we put our minds to it. I personally would rather not, not lazy but have no strength due to arthritis, but since you are alot younger then I....TERRIFIC JOB!!!!!!!!! First loading snowmobiles, right? Now water control. Wow. Your boys are going to be so proud of their mom. Hugs and God bless.

Shox r4

Nobody can go back and start a new begining, but anyone can start now and make a new ending.


P.S. LOVE the boots!


The things you are learning to do, Julie, are incredible! You will be entirely self-sufficient before you know it...if you're not already. Russ and his Dad would be so proud of you!!


Congrats! There is nothing like success to bolster ones courage. You can do it! May God bless you and keep you.




Julie, when I read this blog and saw the pictures I could have just picked up the phone to call you and tell you how clever you were to get this done - especially the cords tied to the shovel!! There will be many other jobs to do when you could say, I wish Russ was here.The boots - yeah, I want a pair like em!! Take care....enjoy the outdoors and the warmer fresh air.My hugs and prayers to you.

Pat Jandacek

Love those boots! Great job - and no easy task!


Yay for you!

Kel is amazing what things we can do when we thought we could not! The boots are styling!

Sonia Jung

Great job Julie! You can do anything! :)

Billie Taylor

You are the bomb! Amazing! You're a great example for your kids too. You Go Girl! I find it scary to do stuff I haven't done before. You're an inspiration.
ps Love your boots. It's all about the shoes!


Good job! LOVE your boots! Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you and the boys.


You go girl!!!

I've never done anything like that as my hubby always does it. Great job.

susan bender

ooooh, you're good. I am impressed

Edna Burgess

Yea for you! You're braver than I would be. I'd have had to call someone to do it for me. Hang in there. Edna


YAY for you...AGAIN! At least you've got COOL boots! We went splashing through puddles to check our trees and I had to wear a pair of UGLY rubber boots! lol :o)


Rock on, Sista! Way to go! Just love it when a plan comes together! So proud of you! Blessings to you!

Lynne Hurlburt

Just love the boots. Way to go girl!! Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Evie Shambley

GOOD FOR YOU!!! It is amazing the things that we can do when we Have to do them. I'm proud that nothing stops you from trying. Hang in there. Yeah!

 Tracy Gilbert

That's awesome AND I LOVE the boots!

You are amazing Julie! Russ is smiling from heaven!

Tammy Dunlap

We have to do the same thing here where I live. We have a dry well though that are pump sits down in and moves the water lower down our field.


You go girl!! Sexiest farmer around with those boots on too :)


Awesome big girl boots! Need is the the mother of invention. You rock!!

Tricia from Texas

You're just Rockin' Awesome! (and the boots are darn spiffy, too!) Congrats on your newly discovered talents, and thanks for sharing your world with all of us.

Lynn Smith

It's amazing what you can do if you have to isn't it?


Boy, u never woulda thought you were a town We is proud to you!

Mo Moss

You are amazing. I would not know how to even start, You must have been out there with Russ a few times. He sure has had a proud day up there telling all what you did. Love to hear from you

Patti J.

Russ is smiling from ear to ear!!! Proud of you Julie!


Bravo... you must have felt proud!

Liz Rempel

You go girl - God will never give us more than we can handle. Lovin' the boots too! Happy Spring in SK!!!


I am lovin' those boots! Every girl ought to spend some time on the farm and get her some good lookin' boots! Way to go! The trees are thanking you already!!! :-)

Laurie Zoellmer

WOW....good for you!!! Your hubby would be proud of you :)


Only one word for you...AMAZING!!!

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