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April 04, 2012


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Looking good. Such a great idea and holds lots of inks.

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I'll be looking forward to some of your awesome inspiration. Have fun organizing!

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Hallo Ich bin so aufgeregt, ich fand die Blog-Seite, ich fand Sie durch Unfall, während ich auf Yahoo war auf der Suche nach etwas anderem, auch immer ich bin jetzt hier und möchte nur sagen, ich danke Ihnen für einen fantastischen Beitrag und ein rundum angenehmer Blog (ich liebe auch das Thema / Design), ich habe keine Zeit, um durch sie alle im Moment lesen, aber ich habe es mit einer Bookmark versehen und fügte auch Ihre RSS-Feeds, also wenn ich Zeit habe komme ich wieder zu lesen viel mehr, bitte halten Sie die fantastische Arbeit.

Crystal L. (Crafting & Rambling)

We'll be moving shortly too, and in the new place, I'll have my own stamping space (yay!). At this point, I'm so overwhelmed with how to set it all up, I've been putting off thinking about it, lol. However, I DO know that the task of paring down will have to happen for me, too. ;-) I actually really want to, but have such a hard time not saying...JUST IN CASE I NEED THIS SOMEDAY... ;-) Good luck! :)

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I'll be looking forward to some of your awesome inspiration. Have fun organizing!


I was so excited to drop by your blog today and see a new post! I can't wait to see what you create! Welcome Back.

Debbie Wicklund

Looking good. I just got one of those tape holders to store my ink pads in. Such a great idea and holds lots of inks.


Can't wait to start seeing your creations again... I have really missed your blog!!!

Karla - So sorry for your loss! I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through.

Peggy Maier

Wow! Looks like you'll soon be organized & ready to craft! You're going to have a beautiful room - blessings on you & your craft room!
God is good!!!

Michele Mattson

I follow your blog from time to's nice to see your family moving in a positive and forward direction. Looking forward to seeing you be creative again really soon. I'm also a SU demonstrator...really love the internet & how it allows us to connect with people we would never meet otherwise. Have a great day!

Melissa in ky

So very glad that you and the boys are happy again.Can hardly wait to see your room all set up and your creative beauties. Have a blessed Easter. God Bless.

Queen Mary

Nice to have you back!


I am SO glad you are coming back! I have checked in regularly and came *this close* to removing your blog from my favorites, but decided instead just to pray for you and your new hubby as you get settled into your life as a new family in a new home and keep checking back! So hooray! I'll be looking forward to some of your awesome inspiration. Have fun organizing!


hi, i was wondering where you got all the cabinets. can you send me info thanks

Linda L

Hi Julie,
Nice to see Paper Pleasing Ideas in my inbox! Looks like things are coming along! I'm looking forward to see how you set up your new 'playroom' ~ heehee! And all the creative things I'm sure you've got stirring in you!
Have a great day!

Donna Bagwell

I love your cabinets. Where did you get them? Can hardly wait until you begin posting again.

susan bender

it looks so nice, can't wait till you are back posting

Cindy Otto

So glad to hear you're back! Thought you vanished off the face of the earth. Miss your posts and look forward to what you create with all you new goodies!!!!

Evette K. Ciampo

So very happy u are back with us gf. Missed you but am sure with new hubby and moving you have been super busy. Thanks for staying with us all. WE HAVE MISSED U!! Great beginnings of a super room. Keep us posted on things u are selling. U know to buy is our middle name. Do I not speak to most of u out there???? Hee hee hee. God bless and great to read your blog again. evette k.

Karla Reader

Your room is looking great. It is so nice to see that little "Paper Pleasing Ideas" heading in my inbox. Feel like I am missing a friend. But I must say, I have been very pleased that you have felt free to take time to focus on your new family and fitting into that groove. In the last 7 months our family has been reshaped as well. For the good and for the bad. We welcomed twin boys to our home last August and had our world rocked almost 7 weeks ago when our oldest was killed in a car wreck. I know how it is to see my stamping stuff and wish to be there, but it is not that time in my life right now. Before the car accident, I looked at it longingly, but lacked the time. I now also lack the desire. Anyways, didn't mean to get all heavy on you. I am really happy for you and your new life and want to encourage you to take as much time as you need to settle in. All the best to you.

Sandi Street

I'm so happy to hear from you. The room looks well underway. Cheers and Happy Day!!

Linda Peterson

Cannot wait to see your creations once again! It is going to be fun watching how you organize all of your supplies. I need all of the ideas I can get.


way to go Julie. Be glad to see what you create once you get your room up and running. One day at a time...lots of things are calling for your time.


Congrats on getting so much done with 2 little ones and a new husband. You are amazing. I wish my craft room looked this good.

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