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Wow! I love the pics of the pants and the shorts. I wouldn't have imagined that you could lose that many pant sizes in such a short amount of time. You go girl!
You're an inspiration to many of us.


look at you!? you should be so proud. you look wonderful!



Keep up the great work! You really do look wonderful. I can't believe how much weight you've lost in such a short amount of time. You are a walking ad for the weight program you're on. I just had a quick question for you. I gave birth to my second son 4 months ago and still trying to lose the baby fat. Is the weight program safe for nursing mothers? I'm still nursing my son but would like to participate in the program you are in. Is it safe for me to do so?


Wow, what a difference in such a short time. Keep on, keepin' on!

Joyce B

Lookin' good, Julie. You go girl! At the hospital where I go to work out there is a sign on the wall that says:
Your success begins the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal.
I love this, especially when I'm just starting my treadmill time and would really like to just forget it. Ha.
Continued success.


wow, is it ever starting to show in your face now! way to go!

Fran Bosse--Stony Plain,AB

Way to go, Julie!!! You look awesome!


I just came across your blog via Carol Doyle and I haven't got past your first entry and am now reading your weight loss story. This is awesome, so proud of you. I will continue to follow you and your success. Now back to view your stamping pages.

Makeesha Byl

Fabulous Julie! You are looking so great, and it is wonderful to watch your progress! You are so inspiring, and a big congratulations on your change of lifestyle! All the best for the rest of the way, I will be lookikng forward to seeing the skinny photos soon! Keesh x

Anne Kelly

I just had a chance to check your blog on your weightloss,,,fantastic you look great,will now check out the site for the product


Julie...I have been trying to order next months product, but it keeps charging me for a renewal fee. I'm not sure how to negate the charge. Where do I go from here. Do I call them direct? I want to get the product before I leave on my trip. I leave the 17th of July. Thanks.
Patti C


Julie..thanks soo much for the phone call. You were a great inspiration to me that day. I'll definitely keep you posted especially after my hike in the Alps. Hugs to you....Patti C

Joanne Bates

Julie - I send sent a facebook friend request for your facebook page.
You are looking great with all the weight loss in such a short time. Keep it up - I can tell by your 'smiles' - that you are feeling good and liking the smaller clothing sizes!!

Donna Ross

You look fabulous! Based on your success, I signed up and just received my first month's order yesterday. I was in the process of unpacking it and had it spread out on the counters of our master bathroom when our pest control service arrived. After sparying our home he stopped to ask me if I was starting a home based business and wanted to know more. He left his email so I could send him more info. I have a feeling this stuff will sell itself!

Thanks Julie. I've been following your blog for quite a while, and I'm always amazed at how much you inspire me. I'm hoping this program will inspire me as much as your wonfderful cards!


Karla Reader

So proud of you, you are looking great.


Congratulations!!!! You're looking fab girl.....keep it up!!!!!!

Julie Carlisle

Look at the curvy shape!!! You go, girl!

Diane Cooper

Congrats Julie- keep it up!


Congratulations Julie!!! I wish you all the best, not that you need by the looks of your new photo! Too bad our money wasn't at par because I would join you on the weight loss trail. Keep up the good work with your diet as well as the card making.


Ok, You sold me! You look great! I was just on the Jenny Craig diet, but that is getting very pricey even though it worked great! This seems like a nice cleansing diet and a no brainer thinking about what to make for breakfast and lunch. Wish me luck! Just ordered it!

Venessa Benson

You look awesome! I'm friends with Cindy Hildebrant-Biermann and she told me about your awesome progress!

Keep up the great work!!!


What does it taste like????? I can't drink things that will gag me!



Good for you. Keep us updated! many of us are in the same boat but a bit skeptic having already tried soooo many programs. Wishing you all the best.


You go Girl ;)

You look great!

Hugs, Janneke


Wow you are looking fabulous. Keep up the good work. I know from time to time it's like a roller coaster, but there are some many of us supporting you.


wow, that is great. i wish i could lose all that weight as well. i think i will have to give this a try...

Jean McNally

Hiya Julie,

I've been an avid follower of your blog for ages now, and just love all your wonderful skills when it comes to all things "crafty". That having been said, I'm gobsmacked at the response you've had re your weight loss regime, - congratulations and do keep it going. I'm in the UK, - can you tell me if the product can be shipped here from the USA? and if poss, can you let me know the cost of the products? with many thanks and

Best wishes


So brave of you to share your story. It is appreciated! Keep up the great job!

Erica Fields

How interesting...thi company is based only 30 miles from where I live and I've never heard of it.
You go girlfrind. Are you trying to exercise as well? I will definitely continue to follow your progress.


That is so wonderful for you. It's super amazing that you lost so much already. I think you look great! Keep up the good work.

Darlene Castor

Way to go girl! I started a "food plan" on April 20th and I have lost 16 lbs...I asked my doctor if I could come in every other week to weigh in, so I feel accountable and he said yes. When I weighed in last Friday I hadn't lost any more, but I didn't gain any either. I'm so glad you started this, I feel more encouraged to try harder...
PS love your stampin' site-I visit everyday!!

Rebecca Ednie

good for you! I am only 5'3" and weighed over 200 lbs due to taking steroid medication. They say steroid weight is twice as hard to take off! 6 years later, over 50 lbs is still off. You can do it! I could still officially stand to lose 10 or 15 lbs but I am happy with how I look and I'm as healthy as I'll ever get with my medical condition. Just wait til you lose 30 or so lbs then try to carry 30 lbs around for even a few minutes. You won't believe how you actually carried that around 24/7!

You rock girl.


You look amazing! Congrats girlie, keep it up!
Now...I'm gonna take your inspiration and apply it to myself!
God Bless!

mary lambos

You Go Girl!!!

Jill Haddad

Good for you!!! Not just for the weight loss - which is fantastic - but declaring your starting weight and picture journey. I considered doing something like this on my blog - and even took the "fat" photo - but so far haven't had the nerve to post it. Keep up the good work!

Julie C.


You go, girl!!! Keep it up...when the going gets tough...turn to your photo gallery. My hubby lost 45 pounds last year and wears a size 32 waist jeans now! He started exercising, watching what he eats, and gave up his daily Blue Bell ice cream!!! He's a lookin good....and you are too!


WOW this is amazing...can you contact me through email as I have some questions to ask you about the products and how to buy them...thanks


Julie ~
Congratulations on improving your health and your life! Good luck on your journey.
Jean ~

Maria johnson

Congratulations Julie! You are encouraging. I have been so depressed about my weight for to long and have finally started to do something about is the first day of the rest of your life and to live healthy is the way to go. I know how hard it is! congratulations on the good work. I look forward to seeing your progress.


Wow! Congrats!! You look great! I am needing to lose weight too, so your success is a great motivation. :o)

Good luck with reaching your goal!

Cindy J

GOOD FOR YOU!!! You are certainly brave!! Most would not be so open....women are usually very weird about their weight, especially if they are over weight. You're an inspiration for all of us that need to shed a few pounds.....or more :-D


congratulations on your weight loss! as a nurse i am happy to see you are taking care of your health. as a dieter, I know how hard it is to take it off. good luck!


great job julie, i went to there site it is quite expemsive how much to go through you or are you not selling it
thanks debbie

Sue DeMaria

YOU GO GIRL! As a nurse and the wife of a bariatric surgeon I applaud you for making a choice to be happier, but most importantly to be HEALTHIER! You have two young boys that want you around for a very, very long time. Keep up the good work

Lisa Brown

Congrats, Julie! That is awesome!


Congratulations and Good Luck to you! Just take it one day at a time.

Caryl P

You go girl!!! Good for you not only doing this, but also posting about it. We'll support you and try to keep you motivated!


Way to go with the diet. It is always so encouraging to be able to lose weight. I love watching the Biggest Loser and seeing them lose the weight and gain confidence in themselves as well as loving themselves.

Didn't read everything about the system you are one - crazy busy day here. I was hoping to find they do the total package - i.e. has to be a lifestyle change -- making healthy eating choices, cooking choices and exercising. Diets come and go, but changes in lifestyle keeps things going in the long run. Hopefully this is what this company is promoting.

Best of luck and thanks for sharing your journey with us!! I look forward to seeing your progress and sharing in your joy as you reach your goal weight :D

Bobbie Massey

Losing weight is hard, Congratulations. Don't let others sabatoge your efforts. I have lost 60 pounds since January 16 on a medically supervised optifast. I now see the doctor everyother week and have lab tests the other weeks. My diabetic doctor says I am buying five years of life by losing this weight.

lindsay look fabulous...which of their products are you using? husband has been on herbal magic since october and has only experienced moderate weight loss...he would be interested in this for sure...

Sandra Paul


I am about the same weight as you was so 225lbs. I started to take more care of what I eat and do more exercise. To see your blog it did give me a little push to continue. As I am writing now I am preparing myself to go to swim. Want to swim 80 lenght

Susan H

Congrats Julie!!! Way to go!

Kelly S

Congrats on your weight loss so far Julie, that's awesome!

Germaine Ferrao

Wow, congratulations on your weight loss!! Well done!

Maria Getz

that's fantastic! I'll keep checking to see your progress. Good luck!!

Nancy E

Congratulations on the loss so far!!! Keep up the awesome work!

I successfully lost 63 pounds on WW in 2000/2001 and gained back about 35 pounds after my Dad died in 2006. I have tried and tried to do it on my own since then and keep giving up.

I went back to Weight Watchers on May 12th and will weigh in tomorrow night. In two weeks I lost 5.4 pounds and am feeling more positive about my efforts than I have in years.

Here's hoping we're both successful!

Teri Boyungs

Great job Julie. You look fantastic. Keep up the good work, and remember if you fall off the wagon, jump right back on. I am also on this journey right along with you.



Congrats on your weight loss so far! I know it is hard to do, but keep up the great work! You didn't put it on overnight and it won't come off overnight! My hubby lost 60 lbs by eliminating carbs from his diet! He has maintained his weight for over 2 years!
Good Luck!

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